Mazda 323 f ba bh – fuse and relay

The fifth generation Mazda 323 was produced in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 with both gasoline and diesel engines. This model is known under the names Mazda 323 f, Mazda 323 ba, Mazda 323 bh. In this publication, we will take a closer look at fuse boxes and relays Mazda 323 f ba with diagrams and the purpose of their elements. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Mazda 323f ba

Check the assignment with your diagrams on the protective cover of the unit. Various designs of fuse and relay boxes are possible.

Passenger compartment fuse box

Located under the dashboard, on the left pillar behind the protective cover.

Block in the cabin


Photo of the block in the cabin 323 ba

Legend from the block cover

example of a diagram from the block cover in the cabin


Block diagram in the cabin


215A ROOM – Interior lighting, luggage compartment and cosmetic mirror lighting
315A S / ROOF – Sunroof
415A METER – Instrument cluster
530A P.WIND – Power windows
610A HORN – Sound signal
810А R.WIP – Rear window wiper and washer / rear door glass
920А DEFOG – Heated rear window / rear door glass
1010A A / C – Air conditioner fuse
1120А FOG – Fog lights
1210A R / FOG – Rear fog lights
1310A ENGIEN – Engine management system, anti lock brake system
1420A WIPER – Windscreen wiper and washer
1530A P.WIND – Power windows
1610F TAIL – Dimensions
1815А RADIO – Radio, Stereo
1910A TURN – Direction indicators
2010A M / DEF – Heated mirrors
2115А STOP – Lamps of stoplights
2315А CIGAR – Cigarette lighter
2430A H / CLN – Headlight cleaner
2530А D / LOCK – Central locking
27Spare fuse
2940А HEATER – Heater, air conditioner

For the cigarette lighter, there is a fuse number 23 at 15A designated as CIGAR.

Engine compartment fuse boxes

Installed on the left side of the engine compartment next to the battery.

Fuse box

For example

Type 1


Option 1


  • HEAD – Headlights
  • INJ – Engine management system
  • MAIN – Main fuse
  • AD FAN – Air conditioner fan motor
  • IG KEY – Ignition system, fuse for various purposes
  • ABS – ABS
  • BTN – Fuse for various purposes
  • COOLING FAN – Radiator fan motor
  • HAZARD – Hazard warning lights, turn signals
  • A / C – Air conditioner
  • ST.SIGN – Engine control unit

Type 2


Option 2


R1Relay, electronic engine control unit
R2Cooling fan motor relay
160A Interior lamp, heater, air conditioning, central locking, door mirror heaters
230A Alternator, powertrain control unit main relay, diagnostic connector
380A Battery Power Distribution
430A Trunk lid lamp, instrument cluster illumination lamps, multifunctional control unit, front dimensions, rear dimensions, electronic gearbox control unit ^ 6), fog lights, fog lights
550A To the ignition switch circuit
660A ABS system
730A Headlights
815A Stop – signals
910A A / C Compressor Electromagnetic Clutch
1030A A / C Condenser Fan Motor
1210A Signal to start the powertrain control unit
1315A Alarm
1430A Cooling fan motor


Relay elements are optionally installed both in blocks and outside them and on the left and right sides of the engine compartment (relay for cooling fans, heating, ABS, glow plugs, etc.).

Blocks with relays


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