Hyundai Veracruz ix55 – fuse and relay

Hyundai ix55 is also known as Hyundai Veracruz in some countries. Years of production: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 and 2013. In our material we will show a description of Hyundai Veracruz fuses and relays with photo examples of the execution of boxes with their diagrams and locations. Separately, we note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Hyundai ix55

There may be differences in the material presented and your Hyundai Veracruz ix55 boxes. Check the assignment of the elements with the corresponding diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

Passenger compartment fuse box

Located under the dashboard behind the protective cover.

Block in the cabin

Photo for example

Block in the salon - photo example


Block diagram in the cabin ix35


AUDIO 210A Audio, rear socket console and relay, digital clock, BCM
C/ LIGHTER20A Front cigarette lighter and socket
A/BAG210A Airbags
A/BAG 115A SRS control module
A/BAG IND10A Instrument cluster (airbag warning lamp)
B/UP LP10A Reversing light relay, TCM, Electro chrome mirror, Reversing alarm control unit
CRUISE10A Multi-function switch, PIC immobilizer module, driver / passenger seat heating switch
ATM CONT10A ATM Key Lock Block, 4WD ECU, BCM, Multi Function Switch, Semi-active Engine Mount Control Module
CLUSTER10A Instrument Cluster, Alternator, BCM, PIC Immobilizer Module
START10A Burglar Alarm Relay, Power Tailgate Control Unit
EPS10A BCM, rheostat, main / auxiliary switch for electric glass lifter
A / CON10A Front air conditioning control module, blower relay, rear air conditioning control module, rear air conditioning relay, rain sensor, sunroof control module, electrochromic mirror
FR S/HTR15A Driver / Passenger Seat Heating Switch
RR S/HTR15A Heated rear window
IMS10A IMS Control Module, Tilt & Telescope Module, PTC Heater Relay, Power Tailgate Control Module
H/LP, AQS10A Low beam relay, AQS sensor
FR WASHER15A Front wiper relay, front wiper relay
RR WIPER15A Rear wiper control module, rear wiper motor
TAIL LH10A Left headlight, Left rear combination lamp, Front fog lamp relay, Tailgate lamp
TAIL RH10A Headlight right, Combined rear lamp RH, Glove lamp, Lighting
DR LOCK20A Power glass lifter main switch, power tailgate relay, tailgate actuator
STOP LP15A Brake light switch
H/LP WASHER20A Headlight washer switch
FUEL MEMBER15A Fuel cap switch
RR FOG15A Rear fog lamp relay
FR WIPER30A Front wiper motor
TILT & TELE15A Oblique – telescopic module
DRL15A DRL control module
P / WDW LH25A Driver safety glass window control unit, left rear electric window lifter switch
P/WDW RH25A Front / rear power window switch, right
MIRR HTD10A Heated left / right outside mirror with electric adjustment, Heated rear window
P/SEAT30A IMS control module, driver / passenger seat manual switch
KEY SOL10A ATM Key Lock Solenoid, 4WD ECU, Reverse Horn, PIC Mechanical Steering Column Lock
DEICER15A Windshield heater relay
S/ROOF15A Sunroof control module
RSE, SMART KEY10A PIC Immobilizer Module
ROOM LP (MEMORY FUSE)15A Instrument panel, power window master switch, door lamp, room lamp, data link connector, BCM, door switch
SPARE10A Spare fuse

The cigarette lighter fuse is designated C / LIGHTER 20A.

Engine compartment

Main box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery

Main unit


IGN 140A Ignition switch (ACC, IG1)
IGN 240A Start Relay, Ignition Switch (IG2, START)
I/P B+150A Fuse (DR LOCK 20A, STOP LP 15A, TAIL LH / RH 10A)
I/P B+250A Fuse (P / SEAT 30A, KEY SOL 10A, SUNROOF 15A, RSE / SMART KEY 10A, DEICER 15A), memory fuse (AUDIO1 15A, ROOM LP 15A)
P/ WDW40A Fuse (P / WDW LH / RH 25A)
BLOWER40A Blower relay
RR HTD40A Rear window defogger relay, fuse (MIRR HTD 10A)
ECU30A Engine control relay (ECU DSL 20A / IGN COIL 20A, ECU2 10A, SNSR1 15A, SNSR2 15A, SNSR3 15A)
ABS 140A ABS / ESP control unit, multipurpose test connector
ABS 240A ABS / ESP control unit, multipurpose test connector
TPMS10A Semi Active Engine Mount Solenoid
B/ ALARM10A Alarm horn relay
F/PUMP20A Fuel pump relay
A / CON10A Relay for air conditioning
IGN COIL (GSL)20A Ignition coil # 1 ~ # 6, capacitor
SNSR 1 (GSL)15A ECM (GSL), MAF Sensor, Oil Control Valve, Immobilizer Module, PCSV, VIV
SNSR 2 (GSL)15A Fuel pump relay, oxygen sensor # 1 ~ # 4
SNSR 3 (GSL)10A Nozzle # 1 ~ # 6, condenser / radiator fan relay, air conditioning relay
ECU DSL20A ECM (DSL), heater # 1 PTC relay (DSL)
SNSR 1 (DSL)15A Fuel metering unit, exhaust gas recirculation drive, immobilizer module, EVGT drive
SNSR 2 (DSL)15A Fuel pump relay, rail pressure control valve
SNSR 3 (DSL)10A Condenser / radiator fan relay, air conditioning relay, lambda probe
ECU 2 (DSL)10A Brake Light Switch (DSL)
H / LP LO RH15A Relay for the right headlight (low beam)
H / LP LO LH15A Relay of the left headlight (low beam)
H/LP HI20A Headlight relay (High)
FR FOG15A Front fog lamp relay
HORN15A Horn relay
SECTION10A ABS / ESP control unit, ESP switch
DIAG10A Universal test connector
TCU 2/ GLOW10A TCM, Brake Light Switch (GSL), Glow Control Module (DSL), Fuel Filter Warning Sensor (DSL), Air Mass Sensor (DSL)

On the positive terminal of the storage battery, there can also be a power fuse box in the form of high-power fusible links.

block on battery

Additional box

Mounted on the right side of the engine compartment.

Additional block


GLOW80A Glow plug control module
PTC HTR 150A PTC Heater Relay # 1
PTC HTR 250A PTC Heater Relay # 2
PTC HTR 350A PTC heater relay # 3
F / FILTER30A Fuel filter heater relay
C/FAN40A Condenser fan relay No. 1
R / FAN40A Radiator fan relay
PT/GATE30A Power rear door control module
RR BLOWER20A Rear A / C Relay
AMP30A JBL amplifier
P/OUTLET30A Console and rear socket relay

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