Hyundai HD 65/72/78 fuse and relay

Hyundai HD 65 72 78 is a series of trucks with 3 and 6 seater cabins, produced with various modifications and wheelbases. In this material, we show the locations of fuse and relay boxes with diagrams and assignments for Hyundai hd 78 72 65 models. Note the cigarette lighter fuse. In conclusion, we offer for review the operation and repair manual for Hyundai HD 78 72 65.

Hyundai HD

The execution of the boxes and the number of elements in them may differ from the one presented. Check the assignment with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

In the Hyundai HD passenger compartment, in the lower part, there are 2 boxes: a fuse box and a relay box.

Blocks in the salon

Fuse box

Photo for example

Passenger compartment fuse box


Hyundai hd fuse box diagram


115A Working light
25A Headlight relay
310A Fan and air conditioner regulator
410A Brake, tachograph (EU), cold start switch
515A Glass cleaner and washer
65A ABS electronic control unit
75A Power take-off
910A Prestarting heater
1110A Vehicle speed sensor, reversing lights
1210A ETASK, instrument cluster
1320A Electro glass lifter
1410A Stop – signal, sound signal, data connector
1510A Cab tilt switch, hazard warning lamps
1610A Rear fog lamp
1710A Locking (unlocking) the door with an electric drive
1815A ABS valve control
1915A Heated outside mirror
2120A Fuel heater
2310A Tachograph, ETASK, audio system, instrument cluster, interior lighting
2415A Start
2510A Headlight left (low beam)
2610A Headlight right (low beam)
2710A Headlight left (high beam)
2810A Headlight right (high beam)
2910A Left rear lamp
3010A Right rear lamp
3110A Fog lamp
325A Electr. control (EC1)) engine
3315A Condenser Fan Relay, Air Conditioning Relay
3415A Heater fan
3510A Voltage converter
3615A Instrument cluster, audio system, cigarette lighter , clock

The fuse number 36 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

The photo

Passenger compartment relay box


Box near the battery

An additional high power fuse box is attached to the outside of the vehicle, next to the battery.

Power block


  • 30A – Ignition lock
  • 30A – Air conditioner
  • 30A – ABS
  • 60A – Generator
  • 40A – Headlight relay

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  • When HD County does not working with OBD2, does it has any fuse that relate with it??

  • Hi there,I’m having problem with my Hyundai HD65 horn. Where can I get the power source and mount a new horn switch?

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