Hyundai ix35 (Hyundai Tucson 2) – fuse and relay

Hyundai ix35 2nd generation also known as Hyundai Tucson 2 was produced in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and delivered worldwide. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this material you will find a description of fuses and relays Hyundai ix35 (Hyundai Tucson) with box diagrams and their locations. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Hyundai ix35

Check the actual assignment for your model with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

Wrong generation? Check out the description for the 1st generation .

Passenger compartment

It is located under the dashboard; to access, remove the protective cover in the direction of the arrow.

Block in the salon hyundai ix35


Block diagram in the cabin


AUDIO 1Audio system, audio-visual head unit with navigation, converter
Cab lightVSM, air conditioning ECU, data link connector, vanity mirror lamp on the driver’s / passenger’s side, directional lighting lamp, interior lighting, instrument cluster (indicator), ignition switch illumination and door open sensor, automatic lighting control sensor and photocell, cover trunk lighting, interior lighting relay, air conditioning ECU
MODULE 3(2)Auto headlight range control module, BCM, headlight range control switch, left / right headlight range control actuator, electrochromic rearview mirror, ICM relay box (rear left seat heater relay, rear right seat heater relay), electronic key ECU
StarterEngine Compartment Relay and Fuse Box (Relay 4), Transmission Range Switch, Ignition Lock Switch, ECM, Electronic Key ECU
Airbag indicatorInstrument cluster (indicator)
CLUSTERInstrument cluster, alternator, console switch, BCM, audio system, seat belt warning switch, ISG switch, AV head unit with navigation
Heated steering wheelSpring loaded contact (heated steering wheel)
MODULE 4Engine compartment relay and fuse box (relay 1, relay 11, relay 14), diesel unit (relay 2, relay 3), air conditioning ECU, ionizer on the instrument cluster, sunroof motor, rain sensor
POWER OUTLET 2Cigarette lighter  and front power outlet, rear power outlet
AUDIO 2Amplifier, electric door mirror adjuster, electronic key ECU, VSM, converter
AirbagSRS ECU, passenger airbag indicator
MODULE 1IPS ECU (ON / START input), 4WD ECU, DBC switch, multifunction switch, steering angle sensor, ESP OFF switch, brake light switch (petrol engine), rear right (external) parking aid sensor, front left / parking aid right sensor, TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), front left / right (center) parking aid sensor, intelligent park assist ECU, converter
Rear PTFICM relay box (rear fog lamp relay)
Front glass cleanerEngine compartment fuse and relay box (relay 12, relay 13), front wiper motor, multi-function switch (wiper)
Heated front seatsConsole switch
POWER OUTLET 1Cigarette lighter  and front power outlet
Reversing lightsRear left / right (inner) combination lamp, electrochromic rear-view mirror, VSM, audio system, audio-visual head unit with navigation
MODULE 2ВСМ, ECU of electronic keys
Rear glass cleanerICM relay box (rear wiper relay), rear wiper motor, multi-function switch (wiper)
Top hatchTop hatch motor
IG 1Engine compartment fuse and relay box (fuse – F23, F24, F25)
Air conditioningA / C ECU, blower motor
Heated rear seatICM relay box (rear left seat heater relay, rear right seat heater relay)
Right electric glass liftPower window main switch, passenger power window switch, rear right power window switch
MirrorsElectric door mirror adjuster
Electric driver’s seatDriver’s manual seat adjuster
SMART KEYElectronic key ECU, START / STOP button
PDMECU of electronic keys
Left glass liftMain switch for electric windows, switch for electric glass of passenger’s lift, switch for rear left electric glass of lifter
AMPAmplifier, converter
Heated mirrorsPCM / ECM, Heated Rear Window Switch, Power Outside Mirror Driver / Passenger Side
Anti-pinch glass liftersDriver’s electric glass module with anti-pinch protection
Module 5Automatic transmission shift lever, reverse parking assist buzzer, TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)
AlarmICM Relay Box (Horn Relay, Rotary Interruptor and Alarm Relay), BCM

The fuses designated as POWER OUTLET are responsible for the cigarette lighter and USB sockets.

In this unit, separate non-removable relays can also be attached:

  • Relay for interior lighting
  • Door lock relay
  • Door unlocking relay
  • Trunk lid relay
  • Relay for electro glass lifts

Engine compartment

Fuse box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment behind the battery.

The location of the unit under the hood

Legend from the cover

Block diagram under the hood


Photo - scheme


FL180A Electric power steering
FL260A Instrument panel junction box
FL340A ESP and ABS control unit
FL440A EMS box
FL540A ESP and ABS control unit
FL640A Heater fan relay
FL760A Instrument panel junction box
FL860A Instrument panel junction box
FL940A Electro cooling fan
FL1040A Heated tailgate glass
FL1130A Headlight washer
FL1240A Ignition switch (lock)
FL.1340A Start relay, ignition switch
F1415A Alarm siren relay
F1515A Heated windshield
F1610A Stop light
F1720A All-wheel drive control unit
F1820A Ignition coils, capacitor
F197.5A Start relay, automatic transmission park / neutral position relay, MAF sensor, multi-function switch
F207.5A ESP, ABS and ICM Control Units, Multipurpose Switch, Glow Plug Relay Unit, Fuel Filter Water Sensor, Fuel Filter Heater Relay
F217,5А Automatic transmission selector switch
F2215A Fuel pump
F2315A Oxygen concentration sensor, cooling fan *.

Fuel pressure regulator valve **.

Automatic engine locking device module, camshaft position sensor, fuel pump relay, fuel pressure regulator valve, main pressure regulator valve ***

F2410A Air conditioner, nozzles *.

Brake light, oxygen concentration sensor, air conditioning, cooling fan relay **. Crankshaft position sensor, oxygen concentration sensor, air conditioning ***

F2510A Brake light switch ***
F2615A RSM *

TCM ***

F2710A Air conditioner
F2810A TCM module, injection control solenoid valve, crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, oil control valve, canister purge solenoid valve *.

EGR Cooling Solenoid Valve, (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), VGT (Gas Distribution System) Electric Starter, Auto Engine Lock Module, CMP Sensor, Glow Plug Relay Box, Oil Level Sensor **. EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Cooling Solenoid Valve, VGT Electric Starter (Gas Distribution System), Oil Level Sensor, Engine Cooling Fan ***

F2920A Ignition coils *, ECM **, ECM ***
FL3030A Engine control relay
R1Fuel pump relay
R2Air conditioner relay
R3Engine control relay (main relay)
R4Brake Warning Relay / Headlight Washer Relay
R5Wiper relay (rain sensor)
R6Wiper relay (slow mode)
R7Fan relay
R8Horn relay
R9Relay – high speed electric cooling fan
R10Heated windshield relay
R11Engine control relay
R12Electric fan of the climate system
R13Horn relay
R14Cooling fan relay (low)
R15Starter relay
R16Audible burglar alarm relay
R17Heated rear window relay

Additional box

Installed on models with a diesel engine.

Additional unit location

Photo for example

Additional block


Additional block diagram

Main fuse

On many Hyundai ix35 cars, a main power fuse is located on the positive terminal of the battery, made in the form of a high-power fuse.

Main fuse for Kia Sportage 3


Block diagram on the battery


That’s all. And if you have something to add to the material, then write in the comments.

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  • Hi i have an ix35 which is not detecting the key. I can get in the car using the key fob manually but it wont start unless i put the key into the key holder in the central compartment. Is this a fuse issue? Thanks in advance

  • ix35 2011 LM awd petrol
    Hi there, thank you for your efforts here.
    im struggling to locate door lock relay or relay’s ?

  • Where can I find the Cruise control fuse in the Hyundai IX35 ??

  • Where can I find the fuse for the indicators

  • Where is the indicator relay?

  • My sister has a 2010 ix35 Hyundai. Her doors lock and unlock when driving and parked. When she presses the remote to open doors now. The front passenger door and rear boot door won’t unlock. I’m guessing it could be a fuse. Inside the fuse box by engine the lid was loose when I went to check and lots of dust was over all the fixes. Love any advice.

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