Honda StepWGN (2015 – 2021) fuse and relay

The 5th generation Honda Stepwgn was produced in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 with 1.5 and 2.0 liter engines with body markings RP1 RP2 RP3 RP4 and RP5. During this time, the model has undergone a facelift. In our article you will find a description of fuses and relays for Honda Stepwgn 5 with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of performance. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Honda stepwgn 5

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from those shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

Driver side fuse box

The fuse box is located at the bottom of the instrument panel, on the driver’s side.


The block itself will look something like this.




Check the assignment with your diagram located on the rack, under the instrument panel.


17.5A Air conditioner
27.5A Auxiliary light
37.5A STS
410A Rear wiper
57.5A Dashboard
67.5A Drive
710A Option
810A Transmission solenoid (solenoid valve)
915A Fuel pump
107.5A VSA/ABS
117.5A Power windows
127.5A Auto starter
1310A Generator
1410A Fog lights
1515A Side doors
167.5A Heated mirrors
1720A Rear climate control
1810A Option
1910A Right door
2010A Left door
2210A Right door lock
2410A Airbags SRS
257.5A Interior lighting
267.5A ACC mechanical lock with key
277.5A Parking lights
2810A Turning light
2910A Right high beam
3015A Washer motor
3110A Smart Key System (keyless entry)
3220A Driver window regulator
3320A Passenger window regulator
3420A Window lifter rear left
3520А Window lifter rear right
3620A Door closer
377.5A ACC+
3910A Left high beam
4020A Socket (cigarette lighter)
4110A Closing the left door
4220A Door lock

The fuse number 40 for 20A is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Passenger side fuse box

Behind the glove compartment, on the passenger side, there is another fuse box.

location 1

Photo example

Photo 1

The diagram will be printed on the cover of the boxes.


30A Left sliding door
40A Main fuse box
30/50A Ignition
30A AWD unit real time
60A Fuse box 2
230A Ignition 2
30A Right sliding door
40A Furnace motor
30A DCDC Converter 2
30A DCDC Converter 1
30A High beam headlight
340A Lifting seat (option)
430/40A Lifting seat (option)
67.5A Option
720A Socket / accessories 3rd row
87.5A Auto mirror
920A Seat heating
10A Seat motor (option)
1015A Heated windshield
1120A Door closer left door
127.5A VSA/ABS
137.5A MICU
1420A Heated rear window
1510A Door heating
b7.5A Speedometer
c7.5A ACC 2
d7.5A Taillight
e10A EOP
g10A Audio

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

Installed on the left side, also closed with a protective cover.

location 2




17.5A Reserved
37.5A Air conditioner clutch
415A TCU
630A Auto starter
77.5A Stop signals
815A Side lights
910A Alarm
107.5A Battery sensor
1130A Cooling fan
1230A Heated rear window
137.5A Fog lights
1415A Ignition coil
1510A Horn
1630A Dipped beam
1730A Wipers
1820A Washer pump
2020A PGM-FI
2115A Drive
2330A Fan
2440A ABS / VSA
257.5A Auto starter
267.5A Drive
287.5A Fuel pump
3010A LAF
317.5A PGM-FI
3210A Right dipped beam
3310A Left low beam

Power fuse box

There is a high power fuse block on the positive terminal of the battery.




  • a – 125A Alternator / battery
  • b – 70A Engine
  • c – 80A Fan
  • d – 70A Electric power steering


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