Honda CR-V 5G (2017 – 2022) fuse and relay

The 5th generation Honda CR-V was produced in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. During this time, the model has been updated. In our material you will find a description of fuses and relays Honda CRV 5 with fuse box diagrams, photo examples of performance and locations. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Honda crv 5

The designation of fuses and relays may differ from those shown. Check the information with your diagrams or other technical documentation.

Wrong generation of model or diagram do not fit?

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Passenger compartment

In the passenger compartment, the main fuse box is located under the instrument panel, on the driver’s side. The current diagram will be applied next to the steering wheel.


The fuse box itself will look something like this.





110A Accessory
25A ACC Key Lock
310A Option
45A Option 2 (with smart entry system)
410A Transmission (without smart entry system)
510A Option
610A SRS indicator
710A Instruments
815A Fuel pump
910A air conditioner
1020A Accessory socket/ cigarette lighter (center console)
115A Engine control
1210A Passenger door lock
1310A Driver side door lock
1420A Rear power window, driver’s side
1510A Power window, passenger side
1620A Lock
1710A Transmission (with smart entry system)
175A Option 2 (no smart entry system)
1810A Front driver support (option)
1920A Hatch (option)
2010A Starter
2110A AGC
2210A Daytime running light
2310A Heated steering wheel (option)
245A Option
2510A Driver’s door lock
2610A Passenger side door unlock
2720A Power window, rear passenger side
2820A Driver window regulator
2920A Front accessory socket (cigarette lighter)
3010A Smart Entry (with Smart Entry system)
305A STS (without smart access system)
3120A Power driver’s seat (option)
3220A Heated front seat (option)
3320A Power sliding driver’s seat (option)
3410A ABS/ VSA
3510A SRS
3620A HAC (option)
3715A Trailer (option)
3810A Driver side door lock
3910A Driver’s door unlock
a20A Power rear door closer (option)
b20A Power sliding passenger seat (option)
c20A Passenger seat with power tilt (option)
d20A Panorama blind motor
e20A Rear fan
f20A EPT L
g20A EPT R
h20A Accessory socket (luggage compartment)

Fuses numbered 10 and 29 are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighters.

Engine compartment

Under the hood, on the left side, next to the battery, is the main fuse and relay box.

Photo 2

An example of a circuit from the block cover

covery 1


Diagram fuse box honda crv 5


130A Audio AMP (option) /  40A OP BLOCK 2
1Not Used / 40A ESB
140A Electric Brake Booster / ABS/VSA FSR
130A Main Fan Motor
130A Relay Module 1
130A IG Main 2 (with smart entry system)
1Not Used (without smart entry system)
130A Relay Module 2
1125/150A Battery
270A EPS
2IG Main 1 (30 A (with smart entry system) / 50 A (without smart entry system))
240A Fuse Box Option / ABS/VSA MOTOR
260A Fuse Box 1
230A Front Wiper Motor
230A Sub Fan Motor
340A Rear Defroster
330A Starter Motor
340A Fuse Box 2
340A ABS/VSA Motor
340A Blower Motor
440A Option Block 1 (option)
4Not Used (Canadian models without power seat). (without smart entry system)
440A Option Block 2 (option)
4Not Used (without smart entry system)
440A Power Tail Gate (option)
4Not Used (Canadian models without power seat). (without smart entry system)
57,5A VB ACT (with smart entry system)
5Not Used (without smart entry system)
615A Washer
715A FI Main
815A FI Sub (with smart entry system) / DBW (without smart entry system)
910A Stop Lights
1020A Injector
117,5A LAF
1210A FI ECU (with smart entry system)
12Not Used (without smart entry system)
1315A Front Wiper Deicer (Canadian models)
13Not Used (U.S. models)
1410A Hazard
1515A IG Coil
1615A Transmission (with smart entry system)
16Not Used (without smart entry system)
17Not Used
1810A Back Up
1915A Audio
2020A E-DPS (option)
2120A Rear Seat Heater (Canadian models with rear seat heater)
21Not Used (Models without rear seat heater)
2215A Front Fog Lights (option) (U.S. models and Canadian models with power seat)
2215A Lower Shutter Grille (Canadian models without power seat)
2310A A/C Compressor / Upper Shutter Grille
2410A Horn
257,5A Cooling Fan
26Not Used
27Not Used
28Not Used (with smart entry system)
287,5A ST Magnetic Switch (without smart entry system)
29Not Used
30Not Used

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Comments 6

  • I cannot find a switched circuit under the dash. All fuses I checked are hot all the time, even those that don’t operate with the car off (such as the moonroof or seat heater). To connect my dash cam I need a switched circuit. My hardwire kit requires a switched and an unswitched circuit for the dash cam to operate when the car is on; otherwise the camera will not shut off when the car is off.
    2020 Honda CRV hybrid AWD touring

  • The accessory fuses (10 and 29) are intact but the outlets don’t work. I need to identify which relay in the engine compartment regulates the accessory outlets. Can anyone identify the correct relay?

  • Tom Stodola: I used number 10 under the dash. Shuts on/off with ignition.

  • Why the relays are not identified in fuse box engin compartement ?

  • I’m trying to find the front wiper relays.

  • How is the relay not label

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