Ford Focus 2004 – 2011 fuse and relay

The 2nd generation Ford Focus compact car was produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 with both gasoline and diesel engines. During this time, the car was restyled once, which affected both the interior and the exterior. In this publication, we will show a designation of the Ford Focus 2 fuse and relay boxes, their locations, diagrams and photographs. Separately, we note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Ford Focus 2

The current fuse assignment may differ from the one shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the country of delivery for Ford Focus 2. Check the designation with the diagram on the back of the protective cover. And if you have the wrong generation of the model, see here: Focus 1 and Focus 3 .


This diagram shows the location of all electronic control units.


General arrangement of blocks focus 2


1Air conditioner electronic control unit
2Temperature sensor of the air supplied from the ventilation grill of the dashboard
3Shock sensor (SRS)
4SRS shock sensor, driver’s side
5SRS shock sensor, passenger side
6Anti-theft alarm sound
7Sunlight sensor
8Additional heater-electric
9Additional heater-fuel
10Accumulator battery
11Diagnostic connector (DLC)
12Driver’s door electrical control unit – in the door
13Rear left door electrical control unit – in the door
14Passenger door electrical control unit – in doors
15Rear right door electrical control unit – in the door
16Cooling fan motor control unit
17Additive feed control unit
18Fuse / relay box, engine compartment
19Fuse / relay box dashboard
20Heater fan motor resistor – near the heater fan motor
21Sound signal
22Immobilizer ring antenna
23Turn signal relay -in turn signal switch
24Inertial fuel cut-off switch
25Keylessentry system control unit
26Lighting control unit
27Multifunctional control unit – in the dashboard fuse / relay box – functions: Air conditioning, anti-theft system, auxiliary heater-electric, central locking, heated windshield, interior lighting lamps, windshield wiper / washer
28Navigation system control unit
29Parking system control unit
30Parking brake control unit
31SRS electronic control unit
32Э / м steering column lock valve
33Steering wheel position sensor
34Electronic gearbox control unit
35Rain sensor (windshield wiper)

Engine compartment

Main fuse box is located on the left side under the protective cover.

The location of the unit under the hood

The location of the unit under the hood

Photo for example

Photo example of a block under the hood

Example of the current diagram on the back of the protective cover.

Purpose of the block under the hood


Diagram block under the hood Ford Focus 2


F140 / 60A Electric cooling fan motor
F280A Power steering
F360A Mounting block for relays and fuses in the passenger compartment
F460A Mounting block for relays and fuses in the passenger compartment
F580A Air conditioner with manual or automatic control
F660A Reserve
F730A Pump of the hydraulic block ABS
F820A Valves of the ABS hydraulic unit
F920A Contacts and winding of the main relay
F1030A Heater fan electric motor (stove fuse)
F1120A Ignition switch
F1240A Ignition relay power circuit
F1320A Starter
F1440A Heated windshield – right element
F1530A Cooling fan relay
F1640A Left windshield heating element
F1730A Reserve
F1910A ABS control unit
F2015A Sound signal
F2120A Additional heater
F2210A Power steering control unit
F2330A Headlight washer pump
F2415A Reserve
F2510A Windshield heating relay coil
F2610A Automatic transmission
F2710A A / C compressor clutch
F2810A Reserve
F2910A Separate climate control system
F303A Engine control unit, automatic transmission control unit
F3110A Battery charging system
F3210A Automatic transmission control unit, selector position sensor
F3310A Heating of oxygen concentration sensors
F3410A Injectors, ignition coil
F3510A Engine management system
F3610A Engine control unit


R1Start inhibit relay
R2Horn relay
R3Reversing light relay
R5Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Relay – For Petrol Engines, Fuel Heater Relay – Diesel
R6Main relay
R7Windshield heater relay
R8Ignition relay
R9Headlight washer relay
R10Heater fan relay
R11A / C compressor relay
R12Cooling fan motor relay, glow plug relay
R13Starter relay
R14Cooling fan relay, Electric fan motor

Passenger compartment

This box is located under the glove compartment and is secured with two screws.

Block in the cabin

Type 1

Block in the cabin option 1


Block diagram under the hood option 1


3710A High beam left headlight
3810A High beam right headlight
3920A Cigarette lighter , rear auxiliary socket
4020A Luke
4120A Front passenger door electrical module
427.5A Heated mirrors
4310A Electronic modules (battery powered)
4410A Diagnostic connector (OBD II)
4510A Daytime running lights
4610A Instrument cluster, multifunction electronic module (GEM)
4715A Screen washer, heated washer jets
4820A Low beam headlights, daytime running lights
4915A Light Switch
5020A Windshield wiper
5115A Fuel pump
5225A Heated rear window
537.5A Side light on the left side
547.5A Side light on the right side
5520A Driver’s door electrical module, central locking
5620A Keyless Entry / Start System
5710A Siren anti-theft system
5815A Audio system (battery powered)
5925A Socket in the luggage compartment, trailer connector
6015A Low beam of the right headlight
6115A Low beam left headlight
6220A Electric driver’s seat adjustment
6325A Windows
6510A Airbags
667.5A Headlight range control, low beam headlights, xenon headlight unit
6710A Immobilizer (WFS), instrument cluster (powered by ignition switch)
687.5A Radio, instrument cluster
6920A Fog light
7010A Electronic modules (powered by ignition switch)
7110A Daytime running lights
7225A Multifunction Electronic Module (GEM)
737.5A License plate lighting
7415A Brake light
7510A Transmission control unit, electronic gas pedal
767.5A Electronic parking brake (EPB)
7725A Central locking relay
7815A Rear window cleaner
7915A Electric folding mirrors
8010A Interior lighting, power mirrors
8120A Module of electrical equipment of the right rear door
8220A Module of electrical equipment of the left rear door
8310A CD Changer, Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)
8410A Reversing lamps, trailer module
8510A Cooling system
8620A Heated seats
K1Heated rear window
K4Fuel pump
K5Daytime Running Lights

In this version, the fuse number 39, 20A, is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Type 2


Photo - block diagram in the cabin, option 2


10010A Electronic modules (powered by ignition switch)
10120A Sunroof, power driver’s seat, roof drive control unit (Focus Coupe-Cabriolet)
10210A Heater control unit, steering column adjustment, diesel particulate filter, remote control receiver
10310A Exterior lighting (battery powered)
10410A Interior lighting, energy saving system
10525A Heated rear window
10620A Keyless Entry / Start System
10710A Instrument cluster (battery powered), diagnostic socket
1087.5A Additional functions of the instrument cluster (audio system and navigation system)
10920A Cigarette lighter , rear auxiliary socket
11010A Daytime running lights
11115A Fuel pump (petrol engines)
11215A Audio system (battery powered)
11310A Daytime running lights
11410A Instrument cluster (powered by ignition switch), immobilizer
1157.5A Exterior lighting (powered by the ignition switch)
11620A Fog light
1177.5A License plate lighting
11820A Module of electrical equipment of the left rear door
11915A Socket in the luggage compartment
12020A Module of electrical equipment of the right rear door
12120A Heated front seats
12210A Airbags
1237.5A Heated mirrors
1247.5A Side light on the left side
1257.5A Side light on the right side
12620A Keyless Entry / Start System
12725A Windows
12920A Windshield wiper
13115A Rear window wiper
13215A Brake light
13325A Front passenger door electrical module, central locking relay
13420A Driver’s door electrical module, central locking
13520A Daytime running lights
13615A Screen washer, heated washer jets
13710A Backup power supply of the anti-theft system
13810A Engine control unit, electronic gas pedal, automatic transmission control unit
13910A High beam right headlight
14010A High beam left headlight
14110A Reversing lamps, power mirrors
14215A Low beam of the right headlight
14315A Low beam left headlight
R1Fuel pump

The fuse number 109 at 20A is responsible for lighting the cigarette.

On the back of the box, there may be some individual relay elements.

back side of the fuse box ford focus 2


  • R1 Low beam relay
  • R2 High beam relay
  • R3 Relay for central locking and rear wiper
  • R4 Driver door open relay
  • R5 Relay for opening other doors
  • R6 Front wiper relay
  • R7 Heated rear window relay
  • R8 Battery discharge protection relay
  • R9 Light relay


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