Ford C-Max – fuse and relay

Compact MPV Ford C-Max, produced in 2 generations since 2003. 1st generation was produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. During this period, the Ford C-Max was restyled. The 2nd generation was delivered to the markets in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and to the present. In our material, we will show a designation of the Ford C-Max fuse and relay boxes with photos and box diagrams for the 1st and 2nd generation. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

c - max ford

The design of the boxes depends on the year of manufacture, and the purpose of the circuit elements may differ from the one presented due to a possible difference in the level of electrical equipment of the Ford C-Max .

Engine compartment

The main unit of the engine compartment is located on the left side, under the protective cover.

The location of the unit under the hood with max


Type 1 (2003 – 2010)

Photo for example

Photo of the block under the hood ford c-maxDiagram

Block diagram under the hood 1st generation


140 / 60A Cooling fan
280A Power steering
360A Passenger compartment fuse box
460A Passenger compartment fuse box
580A Auxiliary heater
660A Diesel: Glow plugs
730A ABS, dynamic stability pump
820A ABS, dynamic stability valves
920A Engine control unit
1030A Fan of the climate control system
1120A Ignition lock
1240A Ignition relay 15l
1320A Starter
1440A Heated windshield, right side
1530A Cooling Fan Relay (Sigma – Non-A / C Options Only)
1640A Heated windshield, left side
1730A Electronic parking brake
1830A Inverter
1910A ABS module
2015A Sound signal
2120A Diesel: Auxiliary heater
2210A Power steering module
2330A Headlight washer
2415A Diesel: Auxiliary heater
2510A Ignition relay
2610 / 15A Automatic transmission control unit
2710A A / C compressor clutch
2810A Diesel: Glow plug control unit
2910A Separate climate control system
303A Engine control unit, automatic transmission control unit
3110A Intelligent battery charging
3210A 2004-2007: 16V + VCT: Ventilation 2007-2010: Automatic transmission control unit
3310A Gasoline: Heated oxygen sensors Diesel: Intercooler bypass valve
3410A Petrol: Injectors, ignition coils 2004-2007: Diesel: Fuel pump
3510A Engine control unit, valves
3610A Engine control unit
R1Starter lock (automatic transmission)
R2Sound signal
R3Reversing lamps (automatic transmission)
R5Diesel Preheating 16V + VCT: Ventilation
R6Main relay
R7Heated windshield
R9headlight washer
R11Air conditioning
R12Cooling fan (without air conditioner)
R14Power Management Cooling Fan

Type 2 (2011 – 2018)


Block diagram under the hood 2nd generation


F740A ABS pump
F830A ABS valve
F920A Headlight washers
F1040A Heater Fan
F1130A Voltage quality module, start-stop system
F1230A Relay, engine management system
F1330A Starter relay
F1440A Heated windscreen, right side
F1525A Intercooler Fan – 1.0L EcoBoost, Cooling Fan Relay
F1640A Heated windscreen, left side
F1720A Combustion heater
F1820A Windshield wipers
F195A Antilock Braking System, Dynamic Stability Control Module
F2015A Buzzer
F215A Brake light switch
F2215A Battery Monitoring System
F235A Relay Coils, Light Switch Control Module, Engine Control Module (15A), Gearbox Control Unit (15A), Gearbox Oil Pump (15A)
F2420A Rear electrical outlet
F2510A Electric door mirrors
F2615A Powertrain control unit
F2715A Air conditioning compressor clutch
F2925A Heated rear window
F305A Powertrain control unit
F3210A EGR Valve, Swirl Control Valves, Heated Exhaust Oxygen Sensor (Engine Control Systems), Electronic Fan Control Module (Coil) Relay, Auxiliary Water Pump Module – 1.0L EcoBoost Engine
F3310A Ignition coils
F3410A Injectors
F355A Intercooler relay coil, 15A Fuel filter heating, 10A Water in fuel sensor (1.5L, 2.0L), ECM, ignition coils
F3610A Powertrain control unit, 5A Active radiator shutter
F3815A Powertrain control module, transmission control module
F395A Headlamp control module
F405A Electric power steering
F4120A Body electronics unit
F4215A Rear window cleaner
F4315A Headlight range control
F445A Adaptive cruise control
F4510A Heated washer nozzles
F4625A Power windows (front windows), Cooling fan
F477.5A Heated exterior mirrors
F4815A Diesel combustion product filter evaporator


R1Intercooler fan
R2Sound signal
R3Diesel flue gas filter evaporator, Hybrid plant
R5headlight washer
R6Wiper (high / low speed)
R7Heated windshield
R8Cooling fan
R10Cooling fan
R11A / C Compressor Clutch
R12Cooling fan
R14The engine control unit

Main fuse box

It is located next to the main one and consists of high power fusible devices.

Fusible links

  1. (80A) Power steering control module
  2. (150A) Starter
  3. (100A)
  4. (50A) Multifunction control module
  5. (80A) Auxiliary heater
  6. (70A) Luggage compartment fuse / relay box
  7. (60A)
  8. (50A) Cooling fan motor control module
  9. (50A) Multifunction control module
  10. (60A) Glow plug control module

Passenger compartment

It is located under the glove compartment, behind the trim. Mounted on two elements.

the location of the unit in the cabin

Type 1 (2004-2007)

The photo

photo of the unit in the cabin s-max


Block diagram in the cabin 1


Designation plate

Protected components

3710A High beam left headlight
3810A High beam, right headlight
3920A Cigarette lighter , rear socket
4020A Luke
4120A Front passenger door electrical module
427.5A Heated mirrors
4310A Electronic modules (battery powered)
4410A Diagnostic connector (OBD II)
4510A Daytime running lights
4610A Instrument cluster, multifunction electronic module (GEM)
4715A Washer pump, heated washer jets
4820A Low beam headlights, daytime running lights
4915A Light Switch
5020A Windshield wiper
5115A Fuel pump
5225A Heated rear window
537.5A Side light on the left side
547.5A Side light on the right side
5520A Driver’s door electrical module, central locking
5620A Keyless entry system
5710A Siren anti-theft system
5815A Audio system (battery powered)
5925A Socket in the luggage compartment, trailer connector
6015A Low beam of the right headlight
6115A Low beam left headlight
6220A Electric driver’s seat adjustment
6325A Windows
6510A Airbags
667.5A Headlight range control, low beam headlights, xenon module
6710A Immobilizer (WFS), instrument cluster (powered by ignition switch)
687.5A Radio, instrument cluster
69Fog light
7010A Electronic modules (powered by ignition switch)
7110A Daytime running lights
7225A Multifunction Electronic Module (GEM)
737.5A License plate lighting
7415A Brake light
7510A Transmission control unit, electric gas pedal
767.5A Electric parking brake
7725A Central locking relay
7815A Rear window wiper
7915A Electric folding mirrors
8010A Interior lighting, power mirrors
8120A Module of electrical equipment of the right rear door
8220A Module of electrical equipment of the left rear door
8310A CD Changer, Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)
8410A Reversing lamps, trailer connector
8510A Cooling system
8620A Heated seats
K1Heated rear window
K4Fuel pump
K5Daytime Running Lights

The fuse number 39, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2 (2007-2010)

photo of the unit in the cabin 2

DiagramBlock diagram in the cabin 2


10010A Electronic modules (powered by ignition switch)
10120A Hatch, power driver’s seat
10210A Heater regulator, steering column, diesel particulate filter, remote control receiver
10310A Battery power supply for external lighting controls
10410A Interior lighting, energy saving system
10525A Heated rear window
10620A Keyless Entry System
10710A Instrument Cluster (Battery Powered) Diagnostic Connector (OBD II)
1087.5A Additional functions of the instrument cluster (audio and navigation systems)
10920A Cigarette lighter , rear socket
11010A Daytime running lights
11115A Petrol: Fuel pump
11215A Audio system (battery powered)
11310A Daytime running lights (side light)
11410A Instrument cluster, immobilizer
1157.5A Power supply for external lighting controls from the generator
11620A Fog light
1177.5A License plate lighting
11820A Module of electrical equipment of the left rear door
11915A Luggage compartment socket
11925A Socket in luggage compartment (with trailer module)
12020A Module of electrical equipment of the right rear door
12120A Heated front seats
12210A Airbags
1237.5A Heated mirrors
1247.5A Side light left side
1257.5A Side light on the right side
12620A Keyless Control System
12725A Windows
128Not used
12920A wiper
130Not used
13115A Rear wiper
13215A Brake light
13325A Central locking relay, front passenger door electrical module
13420A Central locking, driver’s door electrical module
13520A Daytime running lights
13615A Washer pump, heated washer jets
13710A Loudspeaker for turning on the battery back-up
13810A Engine control unit, transmission control unit, electric gas pedal
13910A High beam, right headlight
14010A High beam left headlight
14110A Reversing lamps, power mirrors
14215A Low beam, right headlight
14315A Low beam left headlight
R1Fuel pump
R2Not used

The fuse 109 for 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 3 (2011 – 2018)

photo of the unit in the cabin 4


Block diagram in the cabin 3


5620A fuel pump
57Not used
58Not used
595A Transceiver passive anti-theft system
6010A Interior lighting, driver’s door control unit, glove box lighting, ambient lighting, overhead control unit
6120A Cigarette lighter , rear socket
625A Rain sensor, humidity sensor, auto dimming interior mirror
6310A Adaptive cruise control system
64Not used
6510A Power tailgate latch release
6620A Driver’s door lock, double lock, fuel flap lock lock (2015-2018)
677.5A Infotainment display, SYNC module, GPS module, telephone (Energi)
6815A Electric steering column lock
695A Instrument cluster
7020A Central locking
717.5 / 10A Air conditioning system, heater control unit (mechanical air conditioner (Hybrid, Energi))
727.5A Steering wheel module
735A Anti-theft system, diagnostic socket, battery of autonomous sound device
7415A high beam
7515A Front fog light
7610A Reversing lamps
7720A Windshield washer, rear window washer
785A Ignition switch, start button, keyless entry system
7915A Hazard Switch, Radio, Navigation, Voice Control Module, DVD Player, CD Changer, Door Lock Switch
8020A Hatch
815A Interior sensor, RF radio, sun blinds
8220A Glass washer pump
8320A Central locking
8420A Unlocking driver’s door, double locking, unlocking fuel flap (2015-2018)
857.5A Radio, Navigation, Passenger Airbag Deployment Switch, Seat Heating Switch, Parking Heater, Heater Control Unit (Mechanical Air Conditioning), Rear Wiper Relay, Auxiliary Heater, Adaptive Cruise Control
8610A Airbag and seatbelt system control module, passenger presence recognition system, passenger airbag indicator
8715A Heated steering wheel
8820A Voltage quality module
89Not used

The fuse 61 for 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Luggage compartment

Luggage compartment unit


Trunk block diagramDesignation

15A Hands-free tailgate opening
210A Keyless Entry System
35A Door handles on vehicles with keyless entry system
425A Door module (front left) (power window, central locking, power folding mirrors, heated mirrors)
525A Door module (front right) (power window, central locking, power folding mirrors, heated mirrors)
625A Door module (rear left) (power window)
725A Door module (rear right) (power window)
810A Anti-theft system 25A Electric passenger seat
925A Power driver’s seat
1025A Power windows, Heated rear window
115A Ignition relay
1210A Air Conditioning, 15A Battery Control Unit
135A Instrument cluster
147.5 / 10A Infotainment display, GPS module (with start and stop module), Charging system
1515A Audio system
16Not used
1710A Battery control unit
1815A Battery Control Unit – Fan
1915A Energi: Charging fan
20Not used
2110 / 15A Smart connector
2210A Active noise cancellation
23Not used
2430A DC / AC converter
2525A Power luggage compartment door
2640A Trailer module, AC / DC charging
2720 / 30A Heated rear window, Luggage compartment socket
28Not used
295A Blind Spot Monitoring System, Lane Lane Compliance System, Active City Stop System, Rear View Camera (without Engine Start / Stop Module), Ignition (with Engine Start / Stop System)
305A Parking aid module
315A Rear view camera
325A DC / AC converter
3315A Rear wiper relay
3415A Heated driver’s seat
3515A Heated passenger seat
36Not used
3720A Sunroof sun protection panel
38Not used
39Not used
40Not used
41Not used
42Not used
43Not used
4410A Power mirrors
457.5A Heated mirrors 5A Humidity sensor
465A Blind Spot Monitoring System, Lane Lane Compliance System, Rear View Camera (with Engine Start / Stop System) 10A Fuel System
R1Ignition switch, terminal 15
R2Heated rear window
R3Rear wiper, Fuel flap
R5Anti-theft alarm siren
R6Auxiliary Relay, Rear Wiper


That’s all, and if you have something to add, write in the comments.

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  • what fuse is for license plate lights on 2015 Ford cmax?


  • Hi, do you know where the Glow plug control module is on a 2010 Cmax 1.6 TDCI the main agent cannot find it, said its supposed to be somewhere near the nearside Headlight radiator, got feed up and returned the car. Diagnotics said my problem is this item. Many thanks John

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