Ford Aerostar fuse and relay

The Ford Aerostar is Ford’s first minivan. Produced in two generations in 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. In this publication you will find a designation of the fuses in a ford aerostar car and its location.

ford aerostar

Fuse box

The main fuse box is located in the passenger compartment, to the left of the driver’s foot, behind the bonnet release handle.

The photo

ford aerostar fuse box photo


Fuse block diagram


  1. Stop light, turn signal, emergency lamp.
  2. Windscreen wipers and glass washers.
  3. Reserve
  4. Headlights, parking lights, horn.
  5. Instrument set, rear window defogger switch, reversing lamp.
  6. Wiper and glass rear window washer (power windows, radio lighting, overhead interior lighting.
  7. Reserve.
  8. Clock, radio storage device, mirror drive, interior lighting.
  9. Air conditioner, air and heater fan motor.
  10. High beam, light switch
  11. Radio and tape recorder.
  12. Cigarette lighter, horn relay. Sound signal.
  13. Dashboard lighting.
  14. Not used.
  15. Parking lights, license plate light.
  16. Dashboard kit storage device.
  17. Instrument set, compressor clutch.
  18. Warning lamp and seat belt buzzer.

Fuse number 12 is responsible for the cigarette lighter

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  • my man is having problems on what fuse gos where . .no log on what fuse gos where on are 1993 ford Aearstar van are turn singles wont work on both side’s of the vehicle we reaplased the buble in that didnt help help me please thank you in godbless you

  • Your views of the fuse box is great, I just got a used Ford Aerostar the other day! The man who that bought it from, stated that if you spayed something in the intake. It would start and run all day. So I was thinking that it might have a bad fuel pump. Or a weak fuel relay. But when I put a Good Battery on it and tried, what he said that he was doing! So far I can not get it to hit at all! But also I was pressured for time on trying to get pulled home too! Any help that can offer would be well received! Thank you! James e. Hudspeth 3/11/23

  • Handyman information on fuse block location…

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