Chevrolet Vivant (Tacuma) – Fuse and relay

Chevrolet Rezzo compact van was produced in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. The model is also known as Daewoo Tacuma or Chevrolet Tacuma or Chevrolet Vivant. We will provide information on the relay boxes and fuse diagrams for the Chevrolet Vivant with a detailed description of all elements.

Chevy Vivant

Engine compartment

Fuse box is located next to the barrel of washer fluid and is closed by a plastic cover.

fuse box on the hood


Rezzo block diagram under the hood


1Heated rear window
2Engine control relay
3Power window relay
4Cooling Fan High Speed ​​Relay
5Cooling fan low speed relay
6Heater blower motor relay
7Relay dimensions
8Headlight relay
9Horn relay
10Fog lamp relay
11A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
12Fuel pump relay
F1(30A) Ignition lock circuits
F2(30A) Main ignition circuits
F3(40A) Cooling fan motor
F4(30A) Heater blower motor
F5(30A) ECM
F6(40A) Instrument panel fuse / relay box
F7(10A) Buzzer (s)
F8(15A) Fog lights
F9(10A) Anti-theft alarm siren
F10(10A) LH / Tail lamps
F11(10A) Right front / rear right side lamps
F12(10A) Left headlamp low beam
F13(10A) Right headlamp low beam
F14(10A) Headlamp high beam, left
F15(10A) Right headlamp high beam
F16(20A) Instrument cluster illumination
F17(30A) Heated rear window
F18(30A) Power windows
F19(30A) Cooling fan motor
F20(50A / 60A) ABS system
F21(20D) Lights
F22(10A) Engine management system
F23(15D) Fuel pump
F24(10A) A / C compressor magnetic clutch
F25(10A) Engine management system
F26(15A) Engine management system
F27(10A) Heated door mirrors
F28(15A) Accessory power connector
F29(5A) Engine management system
F30(15A) Heated seats

Passenger compartment

The internal fuse box is located under the control panel on the left side of the rack.

access to the unit in the salon


fuse block diagram in the passenger compartment


1(20A) Luke
2(15 A) Stop lights
3(10A) Interior lamps
4(10A) Diagnostic connector (DLC)
7(15A) Central locking
8(15A) Alarm
9(10A) Transmission control module (ECM)
10(10A) Audio system
11(10A) Power mirrors
12(25A) Wipers and washers
13(15A) Engine management system
14(10A) Reversing lamp (s)
15(10A) Engine management system
16(10A) Instrument panel
17(10A) Auxiliary circuits
18(20A) air conditioner / heater
19(10A / 15A) SRS system
20(10A) Direction indicators
22(15A) Audio system
23(15A) Cigarette lighter

The fuse number 23 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

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