Chevrolet Aveo Sonic / Pontiac Wave – fuse and relay

Chevrolet Aveo – manufactured by General Motors since 2002. Also known as Pontiac Wave and Chevrolet Sonic. The first and second generation is designated T200 and was produced in 2003, 2004, 2005. Further, after restyling, the next generation was designated T250 and T255. Years of issue 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. And having undergone another update in 2010, it was produced in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 under the T300 marking. We will consider the circuits and fuse boxess and fuses and relays of the Chevrolet Aveo with a detailed description of all the generations listed, separately note the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter.  Chevrolet Aveo photo

In this model, regardless of the year of manufacture, there are 2 fuse boxes. One is located in the cabin at the end of the dashboard on the left side. The second one is under the hood in the engine compartment, near the battery and is closed by a protective cover, which is fastened with clips.


Passenger compartment

 photo of the protective cover of the block with aveo fuses


Aveo t200 fuse diagram in the cabin

Circuit breakers
F115A Additional 12 V socket for external consumers, cigarette lighter
F215A Chevrolet Aveo cigarette lighter fuse
F310A Audio system, clock
F415A Lighting lamp during daylight hours, clock, instrument cluster, sound alarm (buzzer), immobilizer
F510A Instrument panel
F610A Rear Choir Light Switch, Parking / Neutral Switch
F710A Engine control unit, automatic gearbox control unit
F815A Power system
F910A Airbag (SRS)
F1010A ABS warning lamp module
F1210A Horn, rear window heating
F1315A Brake light switch
F1415A Instrument cluster, alarm switch
F1515A Anti-theft alarm control unit
F1610A Engine control unit, automatic gearbox control unit
F1720A Windscreen wiper and washer
F1810A Ignition system
F1920A Fan switch, air conditioner switch
F2310A Clock, audio system
R1Interrupter relay control unit
R2Rear fog lamp relay
R3Washer relay.
R4Interrupter relay
R5Air Conditioner Fan Repeat
R6Wiper relay

The fuses F1 or F2 are responsible for the cigarette lighter .

Changes in this description are possible depending on the equipment and year of manufacture. The latest information can be found on the back of the protective cover. If the general scheme does not match, check it with the description from another generation.

Engine compartment

chevrolet aveo t200 fuse diagram
General photo box diagram of the fuse box Chevrolet Aveo


R1Engine cooling fan relay – low speed
R2Low beam relay
R3Fog lamp relay
R4Fuel pump relay
R5A / C compressor relay
R6Lighting relay
R7High beam relay
R8Power window relay
R9Fan relay / main relay
R10Engine cooling fan relay – high speed
Circuit breakers
11Spare fuses
1210A Right high beam headlamp
1310A Left high beam headlamp
1420A Roof hatch
1510A Sound signal
1615A Fuel pump
1715A Fog lights
1810A Right headlight (high beam)
1910A Left headlight (high beam)
2010A Right headlight (low beam)
2110A Left headlight (low beam)
2210A Interior light
2330A Glass heater
2420A Headlight
2525A The same
2610A Air conditioning compressor drive clutch
2760A Anti-lock braking system (ABC)
2830A Radiator fan for engine cooling system
2920A Main relay
thirty30A Windows
3130A Fan
3230A Internal fuse box
3330A Ignition system
3430A The same

T250 T255

Passenger compartment


Aveo photo fuse box


aveo T250 general diagram of the fuse box


F5sound signal
F7stop signal
F8rear fog lights
F9electric mirror
F10instrument cluster
F11audio system / RKE
F12turn signal
F13cigarette lighter
F14interior lighting
F15by lamp
F17audio system / clock
F19reversing light
F20heated mirrors

The fuse number 13 is responsible for the cigarette lighter. See the diagram for location.

Engine compartment

Location of the fuse and relay box

Aveo-photo of fuse box
current description on the back of the cover


block diagram with fuses aveo t250

Circuits protected

F2left parking light
F3right parking light
F4starter / ignition 1
F5computer air conditioning / ignition 1
F6light alarm
F7right headlamp low beam
F8left low beam headlamp
F9front fog lights
F10high beam headlights
F11high speed cooling fan
F12low speed cooling fan
F13computer air conditioning system
F14electric window 2
F15electric window 1
F16fuel pump
F17the engine control unit
R1fuel pump relay
R2power window relay
R3parking light relay
R4front fog lamp relay
R5high beam relay
R6low beam relay
R7far fan relay
R8near fan relay
R9air conditioning relay
R10main relay
FPtweezers to replace fuses


Passenger compartment

Unlike the T250 model, it is located not in the end of the panel, but in the front, under the dashboard.

 photo of the cover of the t300 block


block diagram in the salon Aveo t300


  1. DLIS
  2. DLC
  3. Safety bag
  4. Backdoor
  5. Spare fuse
  6. Body control unit
  7. Body control unit
  8. Body control unit
  9. Body control unit
  10. Body control unit
  11. Body control unit
  12. Body control unit
  13. Body control unit
  14. IPC
  15. ONSTAR
  17. Driver Information Center
  18. Audio
  19. Trailer
  20. VLBS
  22. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  24. Clutch
  25. IPC-AOS
  26. Airbag travel / start
  27. Running relay
  28. Rear door relay
  29. Trailer travel / launch
  30. Clock spring
  31. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  32. Spare fuse
  33. Roof ventilation hatch
  34. Cigarette lighter
  35. Spare fuse
  36. Rear power window
  37. Front power window
  38. RAP/ACCY
  40. Driver’s door power window
  41. PTS 2
  42. PTS 1
  43. Battery connector.

The fuse number 34 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

  • DLC – diagnostic connector;
  • IPC and IPC-AOS – controllers;
  • ONSTAR – navigation system (not available in Russia);
  • ULTRA PARKING ASSIST – parking assistant (parktronic or camera, depending on the configuration);
  • CHEVYSTAR – Chevrolet-Aveo satellite system;
  • RAP / ACCY – heating and air conditioning system;
  • DCDC CONV – transformer.

Engine compartment


block under the hood t300


block diagram t300


  1. Front wiper speed relay
  2. ABS pump
  3. Front wiper control relay
  4. Front wiper
  5. Blower fan
  6. ABS valve
  7. Roof ventilation hatch
  8.  –
  9. Rear window wiper
  10. Alternator voltage regulator
  12. AOS / ROS
  13. Outside rearview mirror
  14. Heated rear window relay
  15. Heated rear window
  16. Spare fuse
  17. Spare fuse
  18. Spare fuse
  19. Spare fuse
  20. Spare fuse
  21. Spare fuse
  22. Spare fuse
  23.  –
  24. IEC Stroke / Start
  25. Relay run / start
  26.  –
  27.  –
  28. Heated outside rearview mirror
  29.  –
  30. Heated front seats
  31.  –
  32. Fuel flow
  33. Washer
  34. Fuel pump relay
  35. Fuel pump
  36. Engine / Transmission Control Module
  37.  –
  38.  –
  39. Cooling fan K5
  40. Cooling fan K4
  41. EPP
  42. ESM
  43. Air conditioner coupling
  44. themes
  45. ESM_1
  46. COIL
  47. ESM_4
  48. ESM 3
  49. ECM2
  50. Injector
  51. Relay P / T
  52. Sound signal
  53. Cooling fan relay short circuit
  54. Start
  55. Start relay
  56. A / C clutch relay
  57. High beam relay
  58. Front fog lights
  59. Main beam left
  60. High beam right
  61. Cooling fan relay K1.

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