Chevrolet Equinox (2017 – 2023) fuse and relay

The 3rd generation Chevrolet Equinox was produced in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 mainly with 1.5 and 2.0 liter gasoline engines. In this material you will find a description of the Chevrolet Equinox fuses and relays with fuse box diagrams, photo examples of performance and locations. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Chevrolet Equinox 3

The execution of the boxes and the allocation of the elements in them may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

In the cabin, the fuse and relay box is located under the instrument panel, on the driver’s side.

location 1




F01DC AC inverter
F02Front windows
F03Trailer brake
F04Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning blower
F05Body control module 2
F06Central gateway module (CGM)
F07Not used
F08Body control module 3
F10Not used
F11Not used
F12Not used
F13Not used
F142018-2019: Electronic shifter.
2020-2022: Not Used
F15Transmission control module
F16Front heated seats
F17Left data link connector
F18Body control module 7
F19Exterior mirror
F20Body control module 1
F21Body control module 4
F22Body control module 6
F23Electric steering column lock
F24Sensing and diagnostic module
F25Occupancy sensor
F26Not used
F27Power seats
F28Rear windows
F29Not used
F302018-2019: Front heated seats switch.
2020-2022: Not Used
F31Steering wheel controls
F32Body control module 8
F33Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
F34Passive entry, passive start
F35Liftgate latch
F362018: Shift charger
2019-2022: Wireless charger module/ USB accessory
F37Cigarette lighter
F39Instrument panel USB
F40Camera module/ Liftgate module
F412018-2020: Parking assist module
2021-2022: Park assist module/ Center stack display/ Heating, ventilation and air conditioner display/ Universal garage door opener/ Overhead control switchbank
K012018-2019: Deadbolt.
2020-2022: Not Used
K02Retained accessory power
K04Not used
Circuit Breakers
CB12018: Front auxiliary power outlet
2019-2022: Not Used
CB2Auxiliary power outlet console

The number 37 fuse is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

Under the hood, the main fuse and relay box is located on the front left.

location 2


Diagram 2


F0130A Starter 1
F0240A Starter 2
F0315A Lambda sensor 1
F0425A Engine control module
F0510A 2018-2020: FlexFuel sensor
2021: FlexFuel sensor/ Aero shutter
2022: Aero Shutter/ Water Pump
F0620A Transmission control module
F07Not used
F0810A 2018-2021: Engine control module
F0910A Air conditioning clutch
F1010A Canister vent
F1120A Fuel system
F1215A Front heated seats
F137,5A 2018-2019: Afterboil pump.
2020-2022: Engine coolant pump
F14Not used
F1510A Lambda sensor 2
F1615A 2018: Fuel injectors – odd
2019-2022: Ignition coils
F1715A 2018: Fuel injectors – even
2019-2022: Engine control module
F182018-2021: Not used/ Selective catalytic reduction module (diesel only)
2022: Engine Control Module
F19Not used/ NOx soot sensor (diesel only)
F2040A DC DC converter 2
F2120A Shift control
F2260A Antilock brake pump
F2315A 2018: Front washer
2019-2022: Front/Rear washer pump
F24Not used
F25Not used/ Diesel fuel heater (diesel only)
F26Not used
F2730A Antilock brake system
F2830A LD trailer
F2930A Window defogger
F307,5A Mirror defroster
F31Not used
F327,5A Variable functions
F33Not used
F3415A Horn
F3520A 2018: Vacuum pump
2019-2022: Not Used
F3610A 2018-2021: Right high-beam headlamp
2022: Headlamps/ Daytime Running Lamps Right
F3710A 2018-2021: Left high-beam headlamp
F385A Automatic headlamp leveling
F3915A 2018-2021: Fog lamps
F40Not used
F4110A Transmission range control module
F4210A Motorized headlamp
F4320A 2018: Fuel pump
2019-2022: Not Used
F4410A Interior rearview mirror
F4510A 2018: Canister vent solenoid
2019-2022: Passenger side ventilated seat
F4610A Driver side Ventilated Seat
F4720A Steering column lock assembly
F4820A Rear wiper
F49Not used
F5010A Heated steering wheel
F5115A 2018: Right headlamp
2019-2021: Right daytime running lamp
F527,5A Engine control module/ Transmission control
F53Not used
F5430A 2018: Front wiper
2019-2022: Not Used
F5530A Front wiper speed/ Control
F567,5A Austrail
F5715A 2018: Left headlamp
2019-2021: Left daytime running lamp
2022: Headlamps/ Daytime Running Lamps Left
K01Starter solenoid
K02Air conditioning control
K032018: Not used
2019-2022: Engine control module
K042018: Wiper control
2019-2022: Front wiper control
K05Starter Solenoid/ Pinion
K06Not used/ Fuel heater (diesel only)
K07Not used
K08Not used
K092018: Wiper speed
2019-2022: Front wiper speed
K10Not used
K11Not used
K122018-2021: High-beam headlamps
2022: Headlamps/ Daytime Running Lamps Right
K132018-2021: Headlamps/ Daytime running lamps
2022: Headlamps/ Daytime Running Lamps Left
K14Run/ Crank
K15Rear window defogger
K17Selective catalytic reduction
K18Fog lamps
K19Coolant pump
K20Not used
K21Rear washer
K22Front washer
K232018: Wiper control
2019-2022: Rear wiper control

Check the diagrams with your designation on the back of the box cover.

A box of high power power fuses may be located near this unit. It will look something like this.

power fuse box

We will be glad if you share your knowledge about it or the purpose of the elements in this box – write in the comments.

Luggage compartment

In the luggage compartment on the left side there is another box with fuses and relays. To access, remove the protective cover.

photo 2


Diagram 3


F12018-2019: Exhaust fuel heater.
2020: Exhaust fuel heater/ Selective catalytic reduction power module (diesel only)
2022: Power Seat
F3Trailer auxiliary power
F42018: Power seats
2019-2021: Passenger Power Seat
F5Memory seat module
F7Side blind zone alert
F8Trailer reverse lamps
F9Rear heated seat 1
F102018: Parking assist
2019-2022: Park Lamps
F11Rear heated seat 2
F12Not used
F13Trailer parking lamp
F142018: Right trailer turn signal lamp
2019-2022: Right trailer stoplamp/ Turn signal lamp
F152018-2021: Left parking lamp
F162018-2021: Right parking lamp
F172018-2019: Not used.
2020-2022: Video processing module
F182018: Left trailer turn signal lamp
2019-2022: Left trailer stoplamp/ Turn signal lamp
F19All-wheel drive
F21Rear auxiliary power outlet
F22Rear drive unit
K1Right trailer stoplamp/ Turn signal lamp
K2Trailer reverse lamps
K3Left trailer stoplamp/ Turn signal lamp
K4Park lamps
K52018-2019: Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) – (diesel only).
2020: Exhaust fuel heater/ Selective catalytic reduction power module (diesel only)

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