BMW F10 (f11 / f07) fuse and relay

The sixth generation of the BMW 5 series is the F10. Years of issue f10: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. During this time, the series has undergone one restyling. This BMW was produced in several body styles: Touring – F11, sedan – F10 and liftback – F07. We provide general information about the Bmw f10 fuses and relay boxes with their descriptions and box diagrams.

BMW 535 f10 photo

In total, this series contains 2 main relay boxes with fuses. The current data on your fuse location is on a separate sheet, which should be located in the box itself.

Passenger compartment fuse box

As in previous generations of the five, it is located in the glove box (glove compartment). To access, simply open the protective cover.

Block in salon f 10/11/07


fuse diagram in the glove compartment

Relays for signal, fog lamps, wipers and other items are marked with squares.

Table with description of fuses

diagram with description of fuses f10

The following fuses are responsible for the cigarette lighter: 54, 65, 108, 147, 176 . Some of them are located in the luggage compartment.

Luggage compartment

Main box

To access, open the cover on the right side trim.

photo of the block in the trunk of a bmw f10

Elements arrangement diagram

fuses in the trunk f10

Blown fuses must not be repaired or replaced with fuses of a different color or with a different ampere rating, otherwise a fire in the car may result from an overloaded electrical wire!

On the right side of this box is the heated rear window relay.


Several separate relay elements can be located behind the main unit.

Additional relay 1

Such as the:

  • Flashing beacon relay
  • Alarm relay
  • Rear power window relay
  • Fuse Block Disconnect Relay

Battery box

f10 extra fuses

On the positive terminal of the storage battery (in the presence of an additional battery, there are also control elements nearby) there are main high-power fuses and some relays:

  • 100A Cooling fan cut-off relay
  • 100A Main relay
  • 100/125 / 150A Fuse box disconnect relay or Electromechanical power steering
  • 50A Hi-Fi Amplifier
  • 60A Rear Camber Sensor
  • 100A Fuse box No. 1 in the luggage compartment
  • 250A Junction box

Engine compartment fuse box

It is located on the right side, under the protective cover.

block under the hood bmw f10

There may be a DDE K2085 engine relay and several fuses responsible for the electromechanical power steering and engine electronics

Additional Information

For your convenience, watch a video about repairing a BMW f10 cigarette lighter by replacing the fuse (vertical video). Here you can clearly see the location of the boxes.

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  • I cannot get to fuse #65 in the glove box because that whole row seems to be covered by the big black square thing shown on the diagrams as a big empty square. How does that thing pull out for me to get access to the row that contains #65. Thanks for any assistance.

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