BMW 7 (2001 – 2008) E65 E66 fuse and relay

The fourth generation of the 7 Series BMW was produced in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 under the E65 body design. E66 – designated a longer version of the car, and E67 – armored versions. During this time, the car went through one restyling. We offer information describing the fuses and relays of the BMW E65 E66, block diagrams and their locations. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.


The purpose of fuses and relays may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

Inside the car, the main box with fuses and relays is located behind the glove compartment or, as it is also called, the glove box.

Access to fuses

To access, push the cover tab forward and flip up. It will look something like this. fuses in the glove compartment

real photo of the fuse box e 65
photo of the fuse box bmw e65

At the bottom there should be a fuse data sheet with up-to-date information for your model. We offer only general information. Spare fuses and plastic tweezers are located on the mounting block in the trunk.


original fuse diagram bmw e65 / e66


F120A Auxiliary heater
F25A Electric antenna drive
F330A Body Control Module
F57.5A Center console
Information display
Rear information display
F6CD changer
F77.5A cruise control
F810A Dynamic Drive
F95A Tire pressure monitoring system
F1015A Electronic air conditioning control unit
F117.5A Rear information display
F1220A Steering column electrical control unit
F115A Suspension system
F1515A Security and Gateway Module
15A Driver’s seat
15A Passenger seat
F175A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
5A Light Switch Module
F18Headlight range control unit
F1930A Left rear door electrical control unit
F2025A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
F2130A Left front door electrical control unit
F2215A Transmission control unit
F2330A Electric front seats
F2410A Night vision system control unit
F2815A Instrument cluster control unit
F297.5A Diagnostic Connector (DLC)
F3010A Electronics box (E-box) cooling fan / Starter relay / Fuel heater relay / Energy saving relay
F3120A Cigarette lighter
F3220A Charging Connector(s)
F337.5A Instrument panel
F345A Audio Amplifier
F3540A Windshield wiper
F3650A Light Module
F3740A Air conditioner/heater fan motor control unit
F3950A ABS / ABS system
F4060A Integrated control unit
F4150A Fuel heater relay (diesel)
F4250A Ignition switch control unit
F4350A Cigarette lighter
F4450A Light Module

3 fuses are responsible for the cigarette lighter – 31, 32, 43.

Luggage compartment

In the luggage compartment, the fuse and relay box is located on the right side. To access, you need to fold down the right side panel by grasping the handle at the top. The current fuse specifications are shown on the inside of the panel.

fuse box in the trunk of a bmw e65

block in the trunk
real photo of the fuse box in the trunk

BMW-745-scheme for the trunk




F5115A Heated windshield relay
F5215A Refrigerator
F535A Reserve
F545A Control module for remote control system for central locking and engine starting
F5530A Rear seat heating control module
F5630A Electric front seats
F5715A Reserve
F5830A Right front door electrical control module
F595A Parking brake control module
F6030A Right rear door electrical control module
F6130A Parking Brake Control Module
F6230A Compressor for active suspension system
F6320A Electric sunroof control unit
F6530A Radio
F6620A Trailer electrical connector
F727.5A Suspension control unit
F7315A Fuel module (fuel pump fuse)
F7530A Heated seats
F7610A Navigation system / DVD
F775A Seat air conditioning
F7830A Heated seats
F7910A Telephone
F8150A Control unit for opening/closing trunk lid drive
F8340A Reserve

Engine compartment

Under the hood in the engine compartment on the right side there is another block with fuses and relays.

Type 1


type 1


120A Canister Purge Solenoid(s)
Mass flow meter
Rail pressure control valve
Hall Sensor
220A Crankcase heater
Swirl control valve, solenoid
Intake manifold switching valve
Oil level sensor
Heating block
330A Battery 30A, B+
DDE control unit
4Not used
5Not used
R1DDE main relay
R2Starter relay
R3Not used
R4Not used

Type 2


type 2


1Ignition coils 1 – 3
30A Ignition coils 4 – 6
230A Camshaft Camshaft Solenoid
Idle speed drive
Fuel Tank Wiring Harness
Variable valve timing
320A Mass flow meter
Crankshaft position sensor
Camshaft sensor
MAP-controlled engine cooling thermostat
430A Oxygen sensor before catalytic converter
Oxygen sensor 2 before catalytic converter
Oxygen sensor behind the catalytic converter
Oxygen sensor 2 behind the catalytic converter
Sequential gearbox
530A Injector relay
R1Injector relay
R2DME relay

Type 3


type 3


130A Variable Valve Timing
Injectors (cylinders 5 – 8)
220A Fuel tank cap
Camshaft camshaft solenoid
Camshaft sensor
320A Ignition coils 1 – 4
420A Ignition coils 5 – 8
530A Camshaft Camshaft Solenoid
Camshaft sensor
MAP-controlled engine cooling thermostat
Crankshaft position sensor
Mass flow meter
620A injectors (cylinders 1 – 4)
720A Transmission control unit
830A Oxygen sensor before catalytic converter
Oxygen sensor 2 before catalytic converter
Oxygen sensor behind the catalytic converter
Oxygen sensor 2 behind the catalytic converter
Oil quality sensor
910A Fuel tank leak diagnosis
Secondary air pump relay
Mass flow meter
Electronics box (E-box) cooling fan
Exhaust manifold cover
Energy saving relay
1040A Variable Valve Timing
1140A Variable Valve Timing

Type 4


type 4


130A Battery, B+
DDE control unit
230A Canister Purge Solenoid(s)
Boost pressure regulator solenoid
Heating block
Intake manifold switching valve
Mass flow meter
Rail pressure control valve
Hall Sensor
Speed ​​sensor
430A Exhaust gas recirculation valve
Boost pressure regulator solenoid
Oil level sensor
Mass flow meter
530A DDE control unit
R1Main relay DDE
R2Main relay DDE
R3Starter relay

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  • Your webaddress is called yet I haven’t seen any mention of the relay locations and assignments for the BMW E65/E66. I know there are relays as I have seen three. Two by the trunk power module and one behind the fuse panel behind the glove box. Knowing he locations and assignments of all relays would be extremely helpful when troubleshooting issues such as air conditioner suddenly stops blowing cold air. Kinda difficult to follow process of elimination on compressor clutch function when the electrical components controling power to the clut h can’t be located.

  • I have a 2004 BMW 745 LI I have been teaching for the starer relay everybody saying that it’s located by the computer under the filter I did remove every devices there and that relay is nowhere to be find I can only see 2 relays in the trunk by the fuse box and 1 under the gloves compartment

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