BMW E60 E61 Fuse and Relay

The next modification of the BMW 5 series after the E39 was the E60. The car was produced in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 in two body styles: sedan (E60) and station wagon (E61). We will consider the diagrams of relay boxes and fuses for the BMW E60 with a description of the purpose of the elements. Note the cigarette lighter e60

Spare fuses and plastic tweezers should be included with the driver’s tool kit. The fuse list for your vehicle is located in the luggage compartment behind the right-hand side cover.

Engine compartment

Located in the engine compartment closer to the windshield.

relay box under the hood e60


bmw e60 block under the hood


1Electronic engine control unit
3Relay for valve lift control unit
4Crankcase ventilation heater relay
5Windshield wiper motor relay
6Outlet air pump relay
7Engine control relay
F1(30A) Engine management
F2(30A) Engine management
F5(30A) Engine management
F6(10A) Engine management
F7(40A) Engine management
F10(5A) Crankcase ventilation heater

Passenger compartment

Fuse box is located behind the glove compartment (it can also be called the glove compartment). For access, you need to open 2 latches and slide the protective cover.

Outwardly it should look like this.

real photo of the e60 fuse box

There should be a brochure on the top left with the exact description of the fuses.

fuse description

Detailed designation (numbering from left to right, Type 1)

F1(50A) ABS control module
F3(40A) Heater blower motor resistor
F5(50A) Lighting control unit
F6(50A) Lighting control unit
F13(30A) Transfer case control module
F14(30A) Power seat
F16(30A) Windshield wiper motor relay
F17(5A) Steering column control module
F20(20A) Additional heater
F21(30A) Power seat
F25(30A) ABS control module
F26(20A) –
F28(20A) Steering column control module
F30(20A) Fuel pump
F31(30A) Power seat
F33(30A) Power seat
F34(20A) Multimedia control module
F35(5A) Navigation system
F37(5A) Telephone
F38(5A) CD changer
F40(10A) DVD changer
F41(7.5A) Instrument cluster control unit

Second type

item description

Luggage compartment

Fuse and relay box is located on the right-hand side under the skin. For access, the protective cover must be removed. If necessary, first unhook the safety strap.

e60 block in trunk

Real photo of the unit in the luggage compartment of a bmw e60

real photo

The original description looks something like this.

trunk block diagram


Battery current monitoring relay
5030A headlight washer pump
5240A Active suspension compressor relay
5330A Electric front seats
5440A Heated rear window
5540A Rear door open / close drive control unit
565A Rain / Sunlight Sensor
575A Air conditioner / heater fan motor control unit
5820A Rear window cleaner
595A Antenna Signal Booster
617.5A Refrigerator,  cigarette lighter fuse (up to 09-2005)
6230A Trailer control unit
6320A Additional heater
6415A Air conditioner / heater fan motor control unit
6620A Sunroof electric control unit
695A Parking system control unit
7010A Obstacle distance sensor (adaptive cruise control)
7130A Multifunction switch assy
7220A 8cyl. petrol: Fuel pump relay
7330A 09/07: Audio system output amplifier
7710A Main display
827.5A Tire pressure monitoring system control unit
8330A Electric front seats
8640A Power steering
8720A Cigarette lighter fuse (after 09-2005)
895A Interior rearview mirror with auto-dimming

Check for a separate box near the 2-cell high-fuse battery pack:

  • F92 (100A) – additional electric heater;
  • F90 (200A) – fuse box located in the dashboard.

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  • My charging system has had everything replaced and now.. The new battery is not being charged by the new alternator.. Is thecan “in line fuse” from thr alternator to the battery or something?

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