Audi A6 C7 2011 – 2019 fuse and relay

The Audi A6 (C7) is the fourth generation of the Audi A6 (internally designated Typ 4G). Released in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. In our material you will find a description of fuses for the Audi A6 C7  with box diagrams and locations.

Audi - A6 (C7)

The presented material is for informational purposes only. The exact description of the fuse circuits is presented in your car manual or written on the back of the protective cover and depends on the year of manufacture and its equipment.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box on the right side

To access, remove the protective cover and check the current description. Here is a photo of the fuse box in the audi a6 c7.

real photo of the fuse box


block diagram in the cabin on the right


Fuse holder -A- (black)
1Windshield display5
2Front MMI display5
3CD / DVD changer5
4Front center console MMI7.5
5Chip card reader (depending on country)5
7Steering bipod switching module5
8Headlight range adjuster / cornering light5 / 7.5
10Headlamp on the left (headlamp with cornering light)7.5
11Additional heater5


Fuse holder -B- (brown)
1air conditioner;10
2Air conditioner fan40
3Diagnostic interface10
4Electric ignition lock5
5Electric steering column adjustment5
6Steering bipod switching module10
7Electric steering column adjustment25
8Control unit 1 (vehicle electrical system)5

Fuse box on the left side

It is also located under the protective cover.


block in the cabin of the audi a6 c7


Fuse holder -A- (black)
1Switch panel, heated seats, start assist, control unit, tow bar5
2Automatically shielded interior rearview mirror5
3Exhaust system (diesel)10
4Sensor for chassis control5
5ESP control unit5
61 control unit (vehicle electrical system), 2 control unit (vehicle electrical system)5
7«Audi adaptive cruise control»10
8Airbag control unit, front passenger seat sensors5
10HomeLink (garage door opener), night vision auxiliary control unit5
11Image processing (Audi active lane assist, Audi adaptive cruise control)10
12Dynamic control5
13terminal 15 in the luggage compartment15
14terminal 15 on the connection panel (front passenger side)30
15terminal 15 in engine compartment15


Fuse holder -B- (brown)
2air conditioner;10
3ESP control unit10
4Front door (driver’s side)30
5Electric seat adjustment (driver’s seat)7.5
6Dynamic control35
7Sliding sunroof20
8Rear door (driver’s side)15
9Lumbar support (front passenger seat)5
11Sliding sunroof, rear spoiler20
12Front door (driver’s side)15


Fuse holder -C- (red)
1Clutch pedal5
2Fuel pump25
3Brake light sensor / brake pedal sensor system5/5
4SCR tank (diesel) / engine acoustics5/15
5Rear door (driver’s side)30
6Electric seat adjustment (front passenger seat)7.5
7sound signal15
8Windscreen wipers30
9Light / rain sensor5
10Lumbar support (driver’s seat)5
11Front door (front passenger side)15
12Rear door (front passenger side)15

Luggage compartment fuse box

It is located on the right side of the trunk, under the mesh pocket. Remove the cladding unit to access.
fuse box diagram

Protected components

Fuse holder -A- (black)
2Tow bar / heated cup holder20/10
3Towbar / rear seat adjustment switch20/5
4Electromechanical parking brake30
5Electromechanical parking brake30
6Front door (front passenger side)35
7Exterior lighting at the rear of the vehicle30
8Rear curtain, finishing device, tailgate lock, “chip key”, START ENGINE STOP, fuel hatch cover20
9Electric seat adjustment15
10Parking assistance system5
11Heated seats (rear)30


Fuse holder -B- (red)
1Seat belt tensioners, left25
2Seat belt tensioners, right25
5Electromechanical parking brake5
6Air suspension15
7Rear door (front passenger side)35
8Exterior lighting at the rear of the vehicle30
9Trunk door control unit30
12Rear spoiler20


Fuse holder -C- (brown)
1Radio receiver, sound amplifier / front center console MMI30/20
2Tank Leak Detection System5
4AEM control unit / battery module15 / 7.5
6Battery fan35
7Radio receiver7.5
8Rear Seat Entertainment System7.5
9Auto Shielded Interior Rearview Mirror / Battery Module5/15
10Parking assistance system5
11TV tuner5


Fuse holder -D- (green)
1Audi pre sense system5
2Electromechanical parking brake5
3Air suspension5
4Clutch travel sensor / automatic transmission5 / 7.5
5Parking assistance system5
6Rear Seat Entertainment System5
7Start / Stop system5
8«Audi side assist»5
9“Gateway” control unit 1 (vehicle electrical system)5
10Sport differential5
11Rear wiper7.5

Additional Information

Pay attention to the presence of fuses in the engine compartment, in the center of the plenum chamber.

fuses a6 c7

The video is about how to access the luggage compartment fuse box and replace the cigarette lighter fuse .

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  • This is very helpful information, but I realized too late that some of my fuses were inserted “upside down”. Meaning, you could see the numbered were oriented in a different direction. I cannot find any information as to which fuses need to be oriented in this manner. This is regarding the driver side fuse box.


  • I want a audi A6 staring angel sensor fuse diagram

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