Audi 80 90 B3 (1987 – 1991) fuse and relay

The new generation of Audi 90/80 B3 cars was introduced in mid-1986. Produced in 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1991. Sold around the world under the brands Audi 80 or Audi 90 (denoted vehicles of a higher configuration). In our material you can find a detailed designation of relays and fuses on the Audi 80 90 b3 with box diagrams and their location.

Audi - 80 - auto

The above tables are universal. Certain components or individual systems may be missing on certain Audi 80 and Audi 90 models. It is also possible that the specified fuses and ratings do not match the fuses installed on your machine. Check with your description on the back of the protective cover.



Audi 80 90 blocks in saloon


  1. On-board computer / block of automatic diagnostics of car systems;
  2. Electronic control unit for fuel injection or Electronic control unit of the Motronic system;
  3. Air conditioner electronic control unit;
  4. Vehicle position (height) sensor above sea level;
  5. Electronic ignition control unit;
  6. Buzzer for turning off the automatic transmission mode;
  7. Air conditioner control panel;
  8. Power supply relay for electric seat.
  9. Electronic control unit for electric seat;
  10. Additional mounting block;
  11. Airbag activation unit;
  12. Safety bag;
  13. Electronic control unit for automatic transmission;
  14. Interrupter for hazard warning lights (direction indicators);
  15. Contact connectors of the diagnostic system;
  16. Fog lamp connector.

The Audi 80 B3 has two main relay and fuse boxes. One is under the hood, near the wipers. The second is under the dashboard in the cabin.

Passenger compartment relay box


Audi 80 90 block in saloon

Decoding for cars manufactured before 1989

1ABS relay
2Seat belt not fastened warning relay
3Interior lighting relay
4A / C clutch relay
6Headlight relay
12Reverse current relay (electric seat and rear-view mirrors)
13Front passenger seat heater relay
14Driver’s seat heater relay


Relay for electric sunroof and power windows

Decoding for cars manufactured after 1989

1ABS relay
2Seat belt not fastened warning relay
3Interior lighting relay
4A / C clutch relay
5Windshield wiper / washer relay *
6Headlight relay
9Automatic shift lock relay
13Front passenger seat heater relay
14Driver’s seat heater relay


Relay for electric sunroof and glass lifters
17Anti-theft warning light relay
18Reverse current relay (electric seat and rear-view mirrors)

Engine compartment fuse box

This box is located at the rear of the engine compartment.

audi 80 b3 fuses

On the removed cover (7) of the central switch, a short form (6) shows the possible location of the relays and fuses. There are also small plastic pliers for disconnecting the fuses. Inside the central switch are various relays (1), connectors for diagnostic tools (2), fuses 1–21 (3), and additional fuses 23–32 (4). There are four spare fuses (5) below.

fuses and relays 80 b3 real photo


Audi 80 90 blocks under the hood diagram


For models up to 1989

No.Protected circuit elements
115A Fog lamps for headlights and taillights
215A Hazard flasher
325A Horn, brake lamp
415A Interior lamps, luggage compartment lamp, cigarette lighter fuse audi 80 90, mirror lamp in sun visor, on-board computer, radio tape recorder
530A Engine cooling fan
65A Lamp of the side and parking light of the right rear lamp
75A Lamps of side light and parking light of the left rear lamp
810A Lamp of a high beam of the right headlight of head lighting, a control lamp of turning on a high beam of headlights
910A Lamp of a high beam of the left headlight of head lighting
1010A Low beam lamp, right headlight
1110A Low beam lamp, left headlight
1215A Instrument cluster, reversing light lamps, on-board computer, self-diagnosis system unit, Electronic anti-lock braking system control unit, Electronic differential lock control unit
1315A Fuel pump.
145A Lamps for illumination of the license plate, engine compartment and glove box, illumination lamps of the instrument cluster
1525A Windshield wiper motor, engine cooling fan, ECU, turn signal lamps
1630A Heated rear window, heated rear-view mirrors
1730A The electric motor of the fan (blower) of the passenger compartment ventilation system
185A Power mirrors
1910A Central locking
2030A Engine cooling fan (first stage) switch, Electronic fan control unit when the engine is running
2125A Rear cigarette lighter
2330A Electric motors for adjusting the position of the driver’s seat, memory unit for the position of the driver’s seat
2410A Electronic control unit of the KE-Jetronic or Motronic system
2530A Seat heaters
2815A Electronic control unit of the Motronic system
295A Reserve

Relay table

IFog lamp relay
IIEngine cooling fan relay
(high speed)
IIICooling fan ON relay
engine when the engine is not running
VUnloading relay
VIAir conditioner relay
VIIHorn relay
VIIIAutomatic transmission relay
IXRelay for intermittent operation of the wiper and washer of the windshield

For models from 1989

  1. Fog lights, rear fog lights 15
  2. Hazard warning lights 15
  3. Horn, heated seats 30
  4. Clock, luggage compartment lighting, vanity mirror, reading light, socket / cigarette lighter, trip computer, full automatic air conditioning, radio, Auto-Check-System 15
  5. Second stage of cooling fan speed 30
  6. Right rear side light, front side light 5
  7. Left rear side light, front side light 5
  8. High beam of the right headlight, high beam indicator headlights 10
  9. High beam left headlight 10
  10. Dipped beam right, motor for headlight range control on the right 10
  11. Dipped beam on the left, motor for headlight range control on the left 10
  12. Instrument cluster, reverse light, Auto-Check-System, automatic transmission, differential lock, on-board computer, control system, driving speed, interior light bulb with delayed shutdown, electronic thermal switch, cooling fan operation after engine shutdown 15
  13. Fuel pump 15
  14. License plate light, instrument lighting, engine compartment lighting, glove box lighting, automatic air conditioning 5
  15. Direction indicators, windshield wipers, windscreen washer pump, heated glass washer nozzles, cooling fan (control unit for turning on the cooling fan after engine shutdown), air conditioning 25
  16. Rear window heating, heated external rear-view mirrors 30
  17. Fan, automatic air conditioning 30
  18. Electric adjustment of external rear-view mirrors, rear window washer (station wagon) 5 15
  19. Central locking system, heating of the door mechanism cylinders, alarm system 10
  20. First stage of the cooling system fan, turning on the fan after stopping engine operation 30
  21. Self-diagnosis / connection of a diagnostic device 10
  22. Free
  23. Free
  24. Free
  25. Heating of lambda probe 5
  26. Trailer socket 30
  27. Ignition / injection system 10
  28. Ignition / injection system 10
  29. Stop light 10
  30. Speed ​​control system in combination with automatic transmission, ABS, differential lock 5 15
  31. The same
  32. Ignition / injection system 10

The electric beet lifters, electric sunroof and electric seat adjustment are equipped with automatic fuses, which are automatically switched on again after the fault has been rectified.


  1. Fog light relay;
  2. Spare;
  3. Relay for turning on the cooling fan;
  4. Headlight washer relay;
  5. Unloading relay;
  6. Engine cooling fan relay;
  7. Horn relay;
  8. Automatic transmission relay;
  9. Relay for intermittent operation of the windshield wiper and washer;
  10. Fuel pump relay;
  11. Engine cooling fan relay.

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