Volvo 940 960 980 fuse and relay

Volvo 940 was produced in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998. During this time, the model has been updated. In this article you will find information describing the fuses and relays of the Volvo 940 with fuse box diagram and its location. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Volvo 940

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from the one shown and depends on the year of manufacture, the level of electrical equipment and the region where your car was delivered.

Fuse and relay box

The main box with fuses and relays is located in the cabin, in the middle of the panel, behind the ashtray. To access the block, it must be removed.

access to fuse box

Photo example

photo of fuse box





125A Main fuel pump, fuel injection system, ignition system, oxygen sensor heater (B200, B230FT)
225A Hazard alarm, headlight flash, central locking, anti-theft alarm
330A Power seats, trailer (’93-’95)
415A Brake lights, shift lock
515A Glove box light, clock, radio, interior light, trunk light, open door warning light, powered antenna, vanity mirror, anti-theft alarm
630A Electronic Climate Control (ECC), Fan – Climate Control Unit
715A Front fog lights, rear fog lights
830A Power windows
915A Key reminder, seat belt reminder, manual climate control (MCC), A/C relay (’90-’92), warning light (seat belt), turn signals, heated front seats, power windows, shift lock, trailer
1030A Heated rear window, power sunroof, power and heated mirrors
1115A Fuel tank priming pump (LH-2.4 MFI), oxygen sensor (HO2S) Heating (B200F, B230FB/FD)
1215A Reversing lights, cruise control, overdrive (manual transmission), 4th gear disengagement (automatic transmission), lamp failure warning light, anti-theft alarm, exhaust gas temperature sensor (Japan)
1315A Pulsair – Solenoid Valve, Fuel Valve (Diesel), Preheater (Diesel), EGR (Diesel), Secondary Air Pulse Injection (PAIR), Solenoid (B230FD)
1415A Power mirrors, cigarette lighter, radio, rear wiper (wagon), ambient air temperature sensor
1525A Horn, windshield wiper/washer, headlight wiper/washer, power seats
1630A Heater fan, A/C, electronic climate control (ECC) control module, ECC solenoids
1715A Left headlight (high beam), high beam indicator
1815A Right headlight (high beam), front fog lights (Japan)
1915A Left headlight (low beam), fog lamp relay, beamwidth control
2015A Right headlight (low beam), beam width adjustment
2115A Left position lights (front and rear), license plate light, ashtray light, heater control panel light, heated rear window and sunroof switch light, left instrument panel light, radio light, ambient temperature sensor
2215A Seat belt illumination, right position lamps (front and rear), center console compartment illumination, fog lamp relay, seat heating switch illumination, gear selection panel illumination, rear ashtray illumination
2325A Heated front seats
24’90–’92: SRS test socket
25A ’94–’95: ABS
15A ’94–’95: ABS
2515A ’90-’92: Rear fog lights
’93–’95: Rear fog lights (USA, CND, Japan), switchable low beam (Nordic, Netherlands, Belgium)
2625A Radio, Amplifier, CD Changer

The fuse number 14 is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

On 1990-1993 vehicles equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), the system is protected by an additional 10 amp fuse located under the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel.





ALamp Warning Sensor
BSeat Belt Reminder/Key Warning
CIntermittent wiper
DIntermittent Wiper (Tailgate – Estate)
EFuel injection
FFront fog lights
Gheadlight flasher
HExhaust gas temperature sensor (Japan)
JOverload (power windows/heated seats)
LCentral locking
MRear fog lamp
NHigh Beam Overload (Except USA, CND)
O –
P –
R –
S –


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  • Having trouble to connect the fuse box cables. thanks

  • Trying to find relay or fuses for exciter wire to alternator. I have to keep going under hood to start up the alternato . 3x today. My Volvo mechanic doesn’t know how to trace it either. 😳 Note: SRS light stays on when the alternator doesn’t kick on. It’s a 1993 940 (no turbo) 192369 miles on it. Thanks for any help.

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