Toyota Mark 2 90 7G fuse and relay

Toyota Mark 2 in 90 body represents the 7th generation of the Mark 2 model range which was produced in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996. In this article, we will show a description of fuses and relays for Toyota Mark 2 90 bodywork, with block diagrams and photo examples of execution. Note the cigarette lighter fuse. This material is also suitable for owners of Toyota Cresta, Toyota Chaser.

Toyota Mark II X90

Passenger compartment

The fuse and relay box is located in the elephant under the dashboard on a rack behind a protective cover.

photo 1

Fuse diagram



REAR DEFOG (glass heater)30А
DOOR (central locking)30А
POWER (glass lifters, sunroof)30А
STOP (brake lights)15А
WIPER (wipers and washers)20А
RADIO №2 (radio tape recorder)7,5А
FOG (fog lights)15А
CIG (cigarette lighter)15А
IG No. 2 (engine starting system)7.5А
TURN (direction indicators and hazard warning lights)10А
ECU-B (mirror control, remote lock)
IG No. 1 (engine starting system)7.5А
ENGINE (engine)7.5А
TAIL (dimensions)7,5А
PANEL (instrument cluster)7,5А
GAUGE (devices)7,5 А

The cigarette lighter fuse is designated CIG.

Relay circuit

relay diagram


D1 – Diode of the lighting system when cornering
R1 – Main power relay
R2 – Relay interrupter direction indicators
R3 – Turning light relay
R4 – Front fog lamp relay
R5 – Rear window defogger relay
R6 – Tailgate relay

Engine compartment

Main box

The main fuse and relay box in the engine compartment is located on the left side next to the battery.

photo 2


diagram main


COND FAN (condenser fan)30А
ALT-S (charge)7,5А
POWER # 250А
POWER # 160А
HEAD (RH) (right headlight)10А
HEAD (LH) (right headlight)10А
TRC (traction control system)7,5А
DEICER (de-icer)20А
AM2 (chain AM2 of the ignition lock)20А
4WS No. 2 (4WS system)30А
ALT-S (generator circuit)
4WS No. 1 (4WS system)30А
HORN (beep)10А
MAIN (main fuse-link)40А
RADFAN (radiator fan)30А
ABS (anti lock system)60А
ALT (generator)100А
EFI (injection system)15А
  • CIRCUIT OPENING – fuel pump relay
  • HORN – horn relay
  • HEAD – headlight relay
  • FAN – fan relay
  • GLOW – glow plug relay
  • HEATER – heater relay
  • STARTER – starter relay

Additional box

It is located on the bulkhead on the left side of the engine compartment.


diagram 3


  • R1 – Main motor relay
  • R2 – Windshield heater relay

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