Toyota Isis – fuse and relay

The Toyota Isis minivan was produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. During this time, the model has been restyled. In our article, we will show a description of Toyota Isis fuses and relays with box diagrams and their locations. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Toyota ISIS

Check the purpose of the elements with your diagrams on the block cover.

Passenger compartment

The main fuse and relay box in the passenger compartment is located behind the glove compartment.







IGN10A Ignition system
TAIL115A Rear dimensions
FR FOG15A Fog lights
AM125A Ignition switch
TAIL27.5A Dimensions
RR WIPER15A Rear door glass cleaner
P-POINT15A Cig lighter, Socket for additional equipment
A/C15A Air Conditioner
ACC7,5A Radio tape recorder
TAIL37.5A Dimensions
FR DEF20A Windshield defroster
RR P/W30A Electric drive of the ignition windows
DOOR25A Central locking
WIPER20A Windshield wiper
RR DEF25A Heated rear door glass
GAUGE10A Instrument cluster, reversing light
STOP7,5A Stop signals

The fuse designated as P-POINT or CIG is responsible for the cigarette lighter.


  • R1 – Heater relay
  • R2 – IGN Relay
  • R3 – Rear window defogger relay
  • R4 – Relay dimensions

Engine compartment


General arrangement of blocks under the hood.

location 2

Block  A

Type 1


Diagram 2


1 STStarter
2 PSD RHElectric sliding door (right)
3 PSD LHElectric sliding door (left)
4 H-LP RHRight headlight
5 H-LP LHLeft headlight
6 ECU-BInstrument cluster, electronic engine control unit
7 DOMEInterior and luggage compartment lighting
8 RAD 1Radio
9 ABS 2Anti-lock braking system (AB5)
10 RR HTRRear heater / air conditioner
11 DDC
12 AM2Egnition lock
13 PBDRear door electric drive
14 EFIElectronic engine control unit
15 EFI 2Electronic engine control unit
16 HORNSound signal
17 TRN HAZARDDirection indicators
18 ALT-S(Models with dv. 112-PE) Generator
18 ETCS(Models with dv. 1A1-РЗЕ) Electronic engine control unit
  • R1 – Fan motor relay 2
  • R2 – Relay 3 fan motor
  • R3 – Horn relay
  • R4 – Relay 1 fan motor
  • R5 – Relay 2 injection system
  • R6 – Relay 1 injection system
  • R7 – Headlight relay

Type 2


Diagram 3


125A ACC-B – Connector for additional equipment
225A DOOR – Central locking
315A RR HTR – Rear heater / air conditioner
47,5A AM2 2 – Engine start switch
510A ECU-B2 – System “Entry & Start”
610A ETCS – Engine Management System
710A TURN – HAZ – Direction indicators
810A HORN – Sound signal
915A IG2 – Engine management system
1015A IGT / INJ – Engine management system
1120A STR LOCK – Steering wheel lock system
1220A EFI MAIN – Engine management system
1325A DOOR 2 – Central locking
1430A PBD – Power rear door
1630A AM2 – Engine start switch
1730A PSD RD – Electric sliding door (right)
1830A PSD LD – Electric sliding door (left)
1915A H-LH RH – Headlight (right)
2015A H-LP LH – Headlamp (left)
2110A EFI 1 – Engine management system

Block B

  1. 15A H-LP LH LWR – Left headlamp low beam
  2. 15A H-LP RH LWR – Right headlamp low beam
  3. 15A H-LP LH UPR – Left headlamp high beam
  4. 15A H-LP RH UPR – Right high beam headlamp
  5. 10A SCL – ABS / 4WD – All-wheel drive system

Some relays can also be attached here.

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  • Am having a problem with my 2007 Toyota Isis

  • am having a problem with my 2007 isis platana its behaving like the fuel pump is not pumping when in pack or when am not stepping on the acceralator

  • Toyota Isis 2005 has new computer box but has high revs as high as 3000 when idling. How can that be solved?

    The dashboard lights and park lights are always on even when ignition is off.

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