Peugeot Traveller Expert (2016 – 2024) fuse and relay

The Peugeot Traveller entered production in 2016 to replace the 807 and was released in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. During this time, the model received a facelift. The cargo version of this model is called Peugeot Expert 3. In this article we will present a description of the fuses and relays of the Peugeot Traveller Expert 3 with fuse box diagrams, photo examples of execution and locations. Let’s highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.


The purpose of the fuses in the blocks, as well as their number, may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture, the level of electrical equipment (ECO / FULL) and the region of delivery of your car.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

The main fuse box is located on the left side at the bottom of the instrument panel.


To gain access, you need to remove the protective cover or small items drawer. In right-hand drive vehicles, this unit is located in the glove compartment.

location RHD

The fuse box itself will look something like this.

Photo fuse box




F130A Full: Full: Ignition Switch, ADML Push Button Starter.
10A ECO: photochromic interior mirror, fuel additive pump, DAEH, ASR+ knurled wheel, CTC clutch.
F23A Full: Steering angle sensor.
F33A Full: Appliance socket, Joystic Comelec
F47.5A Full: Instrument socket, diagnostic socket, dual function brake switch, central voltage maintenance device.
15A ECO: Signal
F55A Full: Multifunction Screen, Rear View Camera, ECU Parking Assist.
20A ECO: Windshield washer pump front/rear
F615A Full:
20A ECO: Windshield washer pump front/rear
F710A Full: Audio Amplifier, Rear BCC
10A ECO: Front 12V outlet.
F8Rear wiper
F9Interior lamp
F10Front and rear external/internal engine locks with power drive + fuel catcher
F11Front and rear internal/external fuel locks Fuel catcher
F123A Full: Alarm, APV alarm voltage.
7.5A ECO: Main Stopper CTC, DMTC, Diagnostic Connector.
F133A Full: Boiler control module, APV voltage
10A ECO: front multiplexer, CRT, BCC, VTH, MCP
F1415A Full:
5A ECO: BTA, alarm
F155A ECO: Diagnostic connector
F165A Full:
3A ECO: Stop switch, DMTR
F1710A Full: 12V power outlet in trunk or cargo area.
F185A Full: Autonomous telematics unit.
5A ECO: Heater for the coolant circuit in the passenger compartment.
F195A Full: Rastreador
F2015A Full: Fuse box in relay compartment 3.
F213A Full: Nomadic lamp charging, card reader
3A ECO: Steering Lock, Push DEM (ADML)
F223A Full: glove compartment lighting, card reader.
F233A Full: Platinum Driver Gate Mirrors, Taxi, Parking Assist with Blind Spot Monitor.
5A ECO: The seat belt warning light is displayed.
F245A Full: General easement case, sous volant communication module (CV00)
5A ECO: AAS, rear camera
F255A Full: Projector Corrector Switch, Electrochromic Rear View Mirror.
5A ECO: Airbag
F263A Full: Instrument connectors, driver and passenger unbuckle indicator, APV voltage.
3A ECO: Electronic Stability Control
F273A Full: Rain sensor, Switch under the steering wheel.
5A ECO: Heater control module
F2810A Full: MCP-BCC front shifter, front panel multiplexer, audio system and head-up display.
5A ECO: Rastreador
F295A Full: Motor Wiring Housing (PSF1)
F30A15A Full: APV Audio Strain
F30B15A Full: APV Audio Strain
F315A Full: Airbag ECU
15A ECO: audio system of the second assembly
F325A Full: left and right sliding side door.
15A ECO: Cigarette lighter or 12V socket.
F3315A Full: Cigarette lighter or 12V outlet.
F343A Full: Residential Common Easement, Trailer Connection Box
5A ECO: Taxi unit, AAS with missile defense, adjustable rear-view mirrors, BTR-transformable body.
F355A Full: Trailer connection unit combination ECU, Instrument panel control computer
5A ECO: headlight height adjustment, BCP, coolant temperature level, diagnostic connector.
F3620A Full: Audio
5A ECO: glove box lighting, recharging device, card reading lamp.
R1Power + accessories
R2Power + CAN
R3Full: Clears the rear screen.
ECO: Supply +APC
R4Full: front and rear external/internal engine locks.
R4ECO: Rear wiper relay
R5ECO: Windshield washer pump
R6ECO: Rear window washer pump
R7ECO: Horn
R8ECO: front and rear external/internal engine locks.

Fuse 32 or 33 is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Fuse and relay box

This block is located behind the main fuse box and is mounted on the front wall of the passenger compartment.

Photo example

Location 3


Diagram 3


F140A Heated rear window
F27.5A Full: Full: heated mirror
10A ECO: Heated mirror
F320A Full: 230V socket.
30A ECO: Electric front windows
F415A Full: Folding rear view mirror.
30A Full: Folding rear view mirror, Si 2 LVE
20A ECO: 12V socket, APV 230V kit.
F530A Full:
F630A Full: Front power window motor
10A ECO: Folding mirrors
F730A Full: heated seat
10A ECO: Folding mirrors
F825A Full: Audio Amplifier
40A ECO:
F920A Full: AR cleaning from two screens
15A ECO: 12V RG2 socket
F1015A Full: 12V power outlet.
F115A Full: A Common Case of Trailer Slavery, 7/13 tracks
20A Full: A Common Case of Trailer Slavery, 7/13 tracks
20A ECO: heated boot, dual rear window wiper.
F1230A Full: Power driver’s seat
20A ECO: heated seat or heated bench seat.
F1340A Full:
F1430A Full: Power passenger seat.
F1525A Full:
F165A Full:
F1710A Full:
F1825A Full:
F197.5A Full:
F203A Full:
F213A Full: Left and right power sliding side door.
F2220A Full: Glove Outlet 12V, APV 230V Kit.
F233A Full: General Trailer Easement Case
R1Full: right folding mirror.
ECO: defog rear window + mirrors
R2Full: left folding mirror.
ECO: Electric windows
R3Full: heated mirrors and rear view.
ECO: Folding mirrors
R4ECO: Folding mirrors
R5ECO: Heated lid
R6ECO: 12 V socket.
R7ECO: Heated seat.

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

In the engine compartment, under the hood, on the left side, next to the battery, there is a fuse and relay box. An example of access is shown in the layout.


Under the hood

Type 1 (full)

Photo example

photo 1


Diagram 4


MF8Euro 6 diesel: NOX and SCR sensors
MF12Windshield wiper, manual transmission, Ax6 III ECU
MF13Coolant and interior heater
MF18Dual function brake switch
F11032 Centralized Power Switch Relay Control, Diesel Injectors
F2Control of cooling fan unit relay, bicycle fan, unit
F3Steering relay, Central voltage support device, Reversible generator
F4SCR injector
F5Pump driven valve
F6Intake air flow meter, EGR solenoid valve replacement
F7Diesel Pump Flow Solenoid Controller, TGV Proportional Solenoid
F8Diesel Water Detection Sensor Electromagnetic Oil Pump
F9Electronic immobilizer
F11Steering safety switch housing 3, engine correction micro-projector, fuel additive pump. Power sliding side door.
F12Heating nozzle
F13Rastreador DMTR
F14Powerful mass pump Front and rear window washer
F15ARTIV Calculation, Diagnostic Connector, Clutch Switch, Coolant Level Sensor, Power Steering ECU
F16Air conditioner pump group AR
F17Built-in system interface
F19Wiping the front glass
F20Pump power, front and rear window washer
F21Headlight washer pump
F22Sonorous signaling
F23Right road light
F24Left road lights
F30Diesel heater
R1Diesel engine ECU
R2Driving BSM
R3Driving BSM
R4Engine ECU, CPC Steering Relay (1032), Central Voltage Maintainer, Reversible Generator, Engine Fan
R5Engine ECU, FAP additive pump (DV6C-DV6D)
R6Supply + armored personnel carrier
R8Wiping the front glass
R10Front and rear window washer pump
R11Headlight washer pump
R12Sonorous signaling
R14Left road lights
R15Right road light

Type 2 (eco)


photo 2


Diagram 5


F140A Air conditioner fan
F260A Computer ABS/ESP system
F380A Interior fuse box 3
F430A computer ABS/ESP system
F550A Intelligent Switch Unit (Right turn signals, front right side marker lights, right brake lights, left reverse lights, right fog lights.) 20A Heated windshield
F660A Two-speed cooling fan control unit (GMV) 20A BVA AxN8 calculator – BVA Ax6III calculator (thermal)
F770A Intelligent Switching Box
F815A Engine Control Fuel Pump, Pilot Controlled Thermostat – Oil Pump Solenoid Valve (EC Flush – Electrical Solenoid Valve – Intake Air Flow Meter – Oxygen Sensors (EP6FADTX), Pilot Controlled Thermostat – Switchable Water Supply, Electrical Solenoid Valve (EP6FDT) 20A Computer engine (for EB2DT or EP6FDT) l Controlled booster pump (for DV6F or DW10F)
F915A Piloted lift pump (DW10F), intake and exhaust valves v solenoid valves – Piloted thermostat – Oil pump solenoid valve (EC flush – Electrical solenoid valve – Intake air flow meter – Oxygen sensors (EP6FADTX), Piloted thermostat – Switchable Water Supply Electric Solenoid Valve (EP6FDT)
F1015A Engine Computer – Diesel Flow Control Pump Solenoid – Turbocharger Pressure Control Solenoid Valve (DV5R and DW10F) – Thermostat S (DV5R) – Purge Heater – Adjustable Intake and Exhaust Valve Solenoid Valves (EP6FADTX) – Cylinder Flush – Oxygen Sensors Raised (EB2ADTS ) )
F1120A Engine computer
F125A Instruments – GMV relay – Istars – DMTC, electric water cooling with turbocharging (EB2ADTS and EP6FADTX), intelligent service unit (EP6FADTX)
F135A Intelligent Switch Box
F145A Battery charge level block
F1520A Electrically heated windshield
F1615A Fog lights 10A Daytime running lights
F1710A GMP relay diagnostics BFRM – BSI1 – Engine computer – Lower Nox sensor (injectors DV5R and DW10 (DV5R)
F1810A Right headlights high beam
F1910A Left headlights high beam
F2030A Engine computer l Charge pump (for ER6EDT) – ignition coils (EB2ADTS and EP6FADTX)
F2130A Starter
F2240A Reserve – Taxi
F2340A Starter/Alternator
F2440A Fuse box in passenger compartment 5
F2540A Interior fuse box 3
F2615/20A Heater
F2725A Intelligent Switching Unit (Right Low Beam Headlight – Right Reversing Lights – Left Fog Lights – Left Rear Parking Lights – Third Brake Light.)
F2830A Power supply for urea pump and urea tube heating resistor (UCE or DV5R) – Nox sensor (DW10F) – Engine computer (EP6FADTX) – (BlueInjection, AdBlue)
F2940A Windshield wiper
F3080A Pre-heating unit
F3180A Switching and protection unit
F3280A Power steering, Left low beam headlight – Static turn lights – Side turn indicators – Left turn indicators – Front left and rear right side lights – Left brake lights – License plate lights.
R1Engine control computer / Euro6 diesel (SCR module power supply)
R2Air Conditioning Compressor/Heated Windshield
R3Starter / thermal preconditioning
R4Fog lights/daytime running lights
R5Air conditioner fan
R7Front wiper
R8Front wiper

Battery fuse box

A high power fuse box is attached to the positive terminal of the battery.


Diagram 8


  1. 60A – Electrical control unit for two-speed fan motor
  2. 100A – Fuse box
  3. 80A – Power steering
  4. 80A – Interior fuse box
  5. 80A – Interior fuse box

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  • Hi
    My Peugeot traveller has a 3rd 12 v socket in the luggage section no mention where the fuse is for this as this is the one that has blown

  • Hi, I have a Peugeot expert van(compact). The battery is draining when parked up, the local garage said it could be a relay holding in the on position. The van has electric sliding doors, which are not working correctly. Do you know which relay/fuses would control the doors. Any help would be great. Thank you

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