Peugeot 106 fuse and relay

The Peugeot 106, an urban super compact car, hit the market in 1991. Produced further in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. During this period, this model has been completely updated. Model 107 is used as receiver. We will provide an assignment of the fuse boxes and their diagrams for the Peugeot 106.

106 peugeot photos

Engine compartment

Located near the stand under the protective cover.


Under the hood fuse diagram


  1. 10 / 15A – Fuel injection system
  2. 30A – Fan of the engine cooling system
  3. 10 / 30А – ABS
  4. 30A – Fan of the engine cooling system
  5. 10 / 30А – ABS
  6. 15 / 20A – front fog lamps
  7. 15A – High beam
  8. 30A – Headlight washer
  9. 10A – Fuel pump
  10. 15/20 / 30A – Automatic transmission
  11. 5A – Lambda probe
  12. 10A – Left high beam headlamp
  13. 10A – Right high beam headlamp
  14. 10A – Left low beam headlamp
  15. 10A – Right-hand dipped beam headlamp

Depending on the configuration and year of manufacture, it is possible to have additional high-power fuses for the lighting switches, the main unit with fuses and the anti-theft device, as well as relays.

Passenger compartment

It is located on the left side in the dashboard. To access, you need to press the latch from above and pull it towards you.


Fuse diagram in the cabin of Citroen Saxo

Circuits protected

  1. 5A – Headlight washer. corrector of the vertical direction of light beams of headlights.
  2. 25A – Ventilation and heating system fan.
  3. 15A – Air conditioner compressor, air recirculation air conditioner switch, rear window and seat heater switch.
  4. 15A – Car radio, local illumination, vanity mirror illumination.
  5. 30A – Heated rear window, cigarette lighter, horn.
  6. 10A – Hazard warning lights.
  7. 10A – Reversing lights, warning lights and indicators on the dashboard, tachometer, anti-theft alarm switch, ECU
  8. 20A – Car radio, central electric door lock, electronic anti-theft code, alarm, clock in the dashboard, air conditioner ECU, ceiling lamp, trunk lighting.
  9. 30A – Windshield wiper switch, forgotten side light beep, rear window wiper motor, power window and electric mirror adjustment switch, dashboard, luggage pockets lighting in the doors.
  10. 30A – Power supply for electric glass front door lifters.
  11. 5A – Rear fog lamp and indicator of its inclusion on the dashboard.
  12. 5A – Rear left and unimportant right side lights. dashboard illumination (rheostat).
  13. 5A – License plate lighting, rear right side lights, ignition switch, heating and ventilation control panel, car radio, seat heating.

The fuse number 5, 30A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

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