Opel / Vauxhall Zafira C Tourer (2012 – 2019) fuse and relay

Opel Zafira C Tourer represents the 3rd generation of the Zafira model range, which was produced in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Also known as Vauxhall Zafira C Tourer. During this time, the model underwent restyling. In this post we will present a description of fuses and relays of the Zafira Tourer with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of execution. Additionally, we note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Zafira C

The description of the fuses may differ from the one shown and depend on the year of manufacture and the equipment level of your car.

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box is located next to the battery and covered with a protective cover.

The location of the unit under the hood astra jay


Block diagram under the hood Astra J


F0180A K34 Glow plug control unit (diesel engine)
F0280A K43 Power steering control module
F03100A E40 Electric auxiliary heater
F0480A G10 Cooling fan motor
110 / 20A Engine control module (ECM) petrol / diesel
210A Heated oxygen sensor 1, B52B Heated oxygen sensor 2, B75B MAF / IAT sensor, E41 Engine coolant thermostat heater, Q12 EVAP canister purge valve, Q22 Intake manifold changeover solenoid
315A Q17A Fuel injector 1, Q17B Fuel injector 2, Q17C Fuel injector 3, Q17D Fuel injector 4, T8 Ignition coil
67.5A A9A Outside rearview mirror – driver, A9B Outside rearview mirror – passenger
75A KR20B Radiator Fan Medium Speed ​​Relay 1, G10 Radiator Fan Motor
87.5A B52A Heated oxygen sensor 1, B52B Heated oxygen sensor 2, B75B MAF / IAT sensor
97.5A K9 Body Control Module, Rear Window Sensor
105A K9 Body Control Module, Battery Sensor
117.5A KR95B Relay 1, tailgate lock
125A Headlamp control module K26, Adaptive front lighting module
1320A Reserve
1420A KQ7 Rear wiper relay, M45 Rear wiper motor
1510A K20 Engine Control Module (ECM)
1630A KR27 Starter relay
1710A K71 Transmission control module
1840A E18 Rear window defogger grid
1930A M74D Power Window Motor – Driver, M74P Power Window Motor – Passenger
2030A M74LR Power Window Motor – Rear Left, M74RR Power Window Motor – Right Rear
2130A K17 Electronic brake control unit (EBCM)
2210A E13L Front headlight assembly – left (high beam)
2325A KR2 Headlight washer pump relay
2415A E13R Headlight assembly – right (low beam, xenon)
2515A E13L Headlight assembly – left (low beam, xenon)
2615A E29LF Fog lamp – front left, E29RF Fog lamp – right front
2730A KR22 Fuel heater relay (diesel engine)
2930A K83 Parking brake control module (J71)
3060A K17 Electronic brake control unit (EBCM) ABS
325A K36 airbag diagnostic and monitoring module
3315A K28 Headlight range control module (AFL)
355A S52 Outside rearview mirror switch, S79D Power window switch – driver
37Absorber purge solenoid valve
3820A KR28 Vacuum pump relay (gasoline engine)
3920A K27 Fuel pump flow regulator module (petrol engine)
4010A Windshield washer motor
4110A E13R Headlight assembly – right (high beam)
4240A KR20C Cooling fan low speed relay (petrol engine), KR20B Cooling fan medium speed relay 1 (diesel engine)
4330A M75 Windshield wiper motor
4530A G10 Engine cooling fan motor (gasoline engine)
4715A P12 Buzzer
4860A KR20B Cooling Fan Medium Speed ​​Relay 1, KR20C Cooling Fan Low Speed ​​Relay, KR20D Cooling Fan High Speed ​​Relay
49Fuel pump
5010A S30 headlamp level switch, M29L headlight range control drive – left, M29R headlight range control drive – right
51Throttle assembly
52Heating of crankcase gases
537.5A K20 Electronic engine control module (ECM), K34 Glow plug control module (GPCM) (diesel engine), K71 Transmission control module (automatic transmission)
547.5A B19C Brake servo vacuum switch, K27 Fuel pump control unit, B116 Water-in-fuel sensor, E40 Electric auxiliary heater, K33 HVAC control unit, P16 Instrument panel, B108 Air quality sensor, B19C Brake servo vacuum switch A, B75B MAF / IAT sensor

There may be additional fuses in the form of fusible links in the cover on the battery.

Fusible links


  • K1 – spare relay
  • K2 – starter relay
  • K3 – transmission relay
  • K4 – Rear window heater relay
  • K5 – Relay for headlight washer pump
  • K6 – Relay of the left lamp of daytime running light, dipped headlights
  • K7 – Fuel pump relay
  • K8 – Relay of the right lamp of a daytime running light
  • K9 – Fuel heater relay (diesel engine)
  • K10 – Spare relay
  • K11 – Relay for low speed cooling fan
  • K12 – Relay high speed cooling fan
  • K13 – Relay for average speed of the cooling fan 1
  • K14 – Main ignition relay

Passenger compartment

Fuse box is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side, behind the glove compartment.

access to the unit in the salon


Block diagram in the Astra J cabin


110A A22 Radio control, K33 Driver information center (DIC) display
220A K9 body control module, exterior lighting
325A K9 Body Control Module
420A A11 Radio, P5 Buzzer control unit
57.5A A12 Digital radio control unit, K82 Mobile phone control unit, T11 Media player interface module
620A Front power socket ( cigarette lighter )
720A Accessory Power Socket
830A K9 Body Control Module, LH headlight (low beam, halogen)
930A K9 Body Control Module, RH headlight (low beam, halogen)
1030A K9 Body Control Module, Door Locks
1140A K8 Fan motor control module. Heating (ventilation) and air conditioning system
1225A S64D Seat adjuster switch – driver, S65D Seat lumbar switch – driver
1325A Electric front seats
147,5А X84 Diagnostic socket
157.5A K36 airbag diagnostic and monitoring module
1610A Central locking
1710A A26 HVAC control panel, K33 HVAC control unit
1830A KR104A Logistic Mode Relay 1
1920A Body control module K9 Brake lights, lights
205A K85 Passenger presence detection module
2110A P16 instrument panel
225A S39 Ignition lock
2320A Body control module K9
2420A Body control module K9
2520A Steering column lock
2620A Accessory Power Connector

The fuses numbered 6 and 7 at 20A are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter and additional sockets.

Several relays can be installed at the top of the fuse box.


Relay diagram


  1. Trunk open
  2. Door security
  3. Power outle

Luggage compartment

It is on the left, under the protective cover.

Trunk block


Block diagram in the trunk of Astra J


140A K101 Trailer interface control module
230A X88 Trailer wiring harness connector
3Parking assistance system
4Not used
5Not used
6Not used
710A K29 Seat heating control unit, K104P Seat lumbar control unit – passenger
8Not used
9Not used
105A K9 Body Control Module
1110A K65 Tire pressure indicator module, K68 Trailer warning light converter
12Not used
1320A X88 Trailer wiring harness connector
14Not used
157.5A S52 Outside rear-view mirror switch, S79D Switch glass lifter – driver
165A A10 Interior rearview mirror
17Not used
18Not used
1910A K32 Steering wheel heater control unit
2020A K61 Roof sunroof control module
2125A K29 Seat heater control module
22Not used
23Not used
24Not used
25Not used
26Not used
27Not used
28Not used
29Not used
30Not used
3130A T3 Sound amplifier (speaker system)
3210A K19 Suspension control module


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  • Am just wondering if anyone can tell me where the relay is on a vauxhall zafira tourer, for the windscreen wipers, the windscreen wipers are only running at one speed and intermittent. Thank u in advance

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