Opel (Vauxhall) Antara – fuse and relay

Opel Antara five-door crossover has been in production since 2006 and is shipped worldwide. The Vauxhall Antara is known in some countries. Years of production 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. After that, Opel Antara was restyled and updated, it was assembled in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. In this publication, we will show all the locations of the electronic control units, describe in detail the Antara fuse and relay boxes with diagrams and photographs. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Opel Antara


General layout of all electronic control units.

General arrangement of control units


1ABS electronic control unit – under the engine fuse / relay box1
2Air conditioning electronic control unit – behind the heater control panel
3Additional heater – on the heater fan housing
4Accumulator battery
5Diagnostic connector (DLC)
6Multifunctional digital display control unit
7Electronic engine control unit (ECM)
8Electronic control unit 4WD – on the rear axle
9Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 1
10Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 2 – Diesel
11Fuse / Relay Box – Instrument Panel
12Heater fan motor relay – behind the glove box
13Heater fan motor resistor – behind the glove box
14Glow plug control unit
15Beep 1
16Beep 2
17Electronic immobilizer control unit
18Instrument cluster control unit
19Multifunctional control unit 1 – behind the dashboard – functions: Anti-theft system, CAM data bus, central locking, cruise control, with full lock system, hazard warning lights, headlights, rear window defogger, windshield defroster, immobilizer, direction indicators, combination illumination instruments, interior lighting lamps, rain sensor, rear window wiper / washer, rear dimensions, windshield wiper / washer
20Multifunctional control unit 2 – behind the instrument cluster – functions: Anti-theft system, monitoring the health of the trailer lamps
21Ambient temperature sensor (automatic temperature control) – behind the bumper
22Parking Assist Control Unit – Behind Luggage Compartment Trim Panel
23Power Steering Control Unit (Variable Gain Power Steering) – Behind the dash
24Sunroof electric control unit – behind the roof panel
25SRS electronic control unit – under the center console
26Electronic transmission control unit (TCM) – behind the dashboard

The purpose of fuses and relays may differ from the one presented and depends on the year of manufacture, the country of delivery and the level of equipment of your Antara. Check the assignment against your diagram on the back of the protective cover.

Passenger compartment

It is located on the left side at the feet of the passenger, covered with a protective cover.

photo of the block with fuses in the cabin C140

Type 1

Photo example of the block in the saloon of the Opel Antara


fuse box in the cabin captivo


F1AP01 / Additional socket
F2Heated front seats
F3Audio system
F4Air conditioner
F5Body electronic control unit
F6Door lock
F7Direction indicator right side
F8Direction indicator left side
F10Headlight Washers
F11Air conditioning
F12Body electronic control unit
F13Body electronic control unit
F14Ignition: S / W
F15Rear fog lamp
F16Airbag (AIR BAG)
F17Front washer
F18Front door lock
F19Additional socket
F20Transmission control unit
F22Low beam
F23Window regulator
F24Heated exterior mirrors
F26Ignition 1
F28Folding mirror *
F29Cigarette lighter fuse
F30Power window, passenger side
F31Power window driver’s side
R1Air Conditioner Relay Component / Non-removable Auxiliary Electrical Outlet
R2Ignition: ON / START

The fuse number 29 for 20A is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter, and additional sockets 1 and 19.

Type 2

Photo for example

Photo option 2 in the saloon opel antara


diagram 2


APO JACK (CONSOLE)Power outlet (centre console)
APO JACK (REAR CARGO)Power outlet (load compart‐ ment)
AUDIO/KEY CAPTUREAudio, key capture
AWDA / ENTAll-wheel drive, ventilation
BCM (CTSY)Courtesy light
BCM (DIMMER)Instrument illumination
BCM (INT LIGHT TRLR FOG)Interior lights, trailer fog light
BCM (PRK / TRN)Parking lights, turn signals
BCM (STOP)Brake lights
BCM (TRN SIG)Turn signals
BCM (VBATT)Battery voltage
CLSTRInstrument cluster
DRLDaytime running lights
DR/LCKDriver door lock
DRVR PWR SEATDriver power seat
DRV/PWR WNDWDriver power window
ERAGLONASSEmergency road assistance Glonass
F/DOOR LOCKFuel filler flap
FRT WSRFront washer
FSCMFuel system
FSCMA/ENT SOLFuel system, vent solenoid
HEATING MAT SWHeating mat switch
HTD SEAT PWRSeat heating
HVAC BLWRClimate control, air conditioning fan
IPCInstrument panel cluster
ISRVM / RCMInterior mirror, remote compass module
LOGISTIC MODELogistic mode
OSRVMExterior mirrors
FATPassive active keyless start
PASS PWR WNDWPassenger power window
PWR DIODEPower diode
PWR MODINGPower moding
RR FOGHeated rear window
RR HEAT SEATRear seat heating
RUN 2Power battery key on run
RUN/CRNKRun crank
RVCRear view camera
RVS/HVAC/DLCExterior mirrors, climate control, data link connection
SCRPMSelective cata‐ lytic reduction power module
SDM (BATT)Safety Diag‐ nosis Module (Battery)
HR (IGN 1)Safety Diag‐ nosis Module (Ignition)
S/ROOF / FOLDING MIRRORSunroof, folding mirror
S/ROOF BATTSunroof battery
SSPSPower steering
STR/WHL SWSteering wheel
TRLR BATTTrailer battery
XBCMExport Body Control Module

Engine compartment

The main unit is located next to the barrel of washer fluid and is covered with a plastic cover.

photo of the block in the engine compartment of the Chevrolet Captiva

Type 1


captiva c100 fuse block diagram


F1Engine management
F2Engine management
F3Electronic control unit
F4Main fan
F6Four-wheel drive*
F7Auxiliary relay
F9Air Conditioner / Ignition 1
F11Anti-theft system
F12System for cleaning fogged up windows
F13Left low beam headlamp
F14RH low beam headlamp
F15Engine 3
F16Left-hand parking lights
F17headlight washer
F19Right-hand parking lights
F24Air conditioner component
F25Sound signal
F26Front fog lamps
F33Electric seat
F34Accumulator battery
F35High beam headlights
F36Rear cleaner
R1Auxiliary fan relay
R2Fuel system relay
R3Wiper speed relay
R4Relay for cleaning fogged windows
R5Upper / lower relay
R6Headlight washer relay
R7Main relay
R8Main fan relay
R9Fan control relay
R10Fan relay
R11Parking light relay
R12Starter relay
R13Air conditioner relay
R14Horn relay
R15Wiper relay
R16Fog lamp relay
R17High beam relay

Type 2

The photo

Photo of the block under the hood ople antara 2


Scheme 2


SECTION Anti-lock braking system
A/C Climate control system, air conditioning
BATT1 Dashboard fuse box
BATT2 Dashboard fuse box
BATT3 Dashboard fuse box
BCM Body electronics control unit
ECM PWR TRN ECM, engine and transmission
ENG SNSR Engine management sensors
EPB Electric parking brake
FAN1 Cooling airflow
FAN3 Cooling airflow
FRT FOG Front fog lights
FRT WPR Front wiper
FUEL/VAC Fuel pump, vacuum pump
HDLP WASHER headlight washer
HI BEAM LH High beam (left block)
HI BEAM RH High beam (right block headlight)
HORN Sound signal
HTD WASH/ MIR Heated washer fluid, heated exterior mirrors
IGN COIL A Ignition coil
IGN COIL B Ignition coil
LO BEAM LH Low beam (left block headlight)
LO BEAM RH Low beam (right block headlight)
PRK LP LH Parking light (left block headlight)
PRK LP RH Parking light (right block headlight)
PWM FAN PWM fan control signal
REAR DEFOG Heated rear window
REAR WPR Rear wiper
STOP LAMP  Stop lights
STRTR Starter
TCM Transmission control unit
TRLR PRL LP Trailer parking lights

Additional box

For diesel models only. It is located in the center of the engine compartment.

Additional block under the hood Opel Antara


additional block in captive circuit


AF160A Glow plug controller
AF230A Fuel filter heater relay
AF340A Relay PTC-1
AF440A Relay PTC-2
AF540A Relay PTC-3


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  • Hi,can anyone help me,I have a vauxhall antara 2013, and I cannot find any fuse which says alarm, is it called something else?
    The problem I have is that the alarm comes for no reason ? I would like any advice before I have to go to the garage!
    Thank you

  • I have a problem with the car allarm on my 13 plte antara,comes on on different times for no reasons,any idea where the relay is and how to stop

  • Hi John & Mario, I have only seen this page today and noted your queries. Have you both still got your Antara and if so have you resolved the problem ? I may have a so-called FIX for it. Regards. Ian.

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