Mercedes Gelandewagen W463 – fuse and relay

Mercedes W463 G-Class (Gelandewagen) is the legendary Mercedes-Benz SUV that has been produced since 1979 to the present in several generations and updates. In this material, we will present a description of the fuses and relays for the Mercedes Gelendvagen 463 with box diagrams and locations for the second generation of the model, which was produced in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 (befor restyling) and 1998, 1999 , 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (restyling). Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Mercedes w463

The location of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box in panel

The fuse box is located in the left end of the dashboard behind a protective cover.


Box example



Diagram of fuse box


2130A Front left door control unit
2230A Front right door control unit
235A Rear local lighting lamp
2420A Brush deicer
2510A Heated driver’s seat
267.5A Voltage converter
2730A Driver seat power adjustment control unit
2830A Accessory connector
3040A Air conditioner
3120A Electronic ignition switch
3230A Rear left door control unit
3330A Rear right door control unit
347.5A Cell phone system
3530A auxiliary heater
3615A Spare
3730A Vacuum pump (differential lock actuator)
3840A Power passenger seat
397.5A Transfer box control unit
417.5A Air conditioner
4215A Instrument panel
A15A Not used
B10A Output 87 ABS control unit
D5A Accessory switch, brake light switch
F20A Rear seat heater
G20A Condenser fan
H30A Condenser fan

Fuse and relay box under the dashboard

On the passenger side, at the bottom of the instrument panel, is the main fuse and relay box.

Location 1

To access, remove the protective cover.

location 1

Type 1

In this type, the fuse and relay box is installed upside down.

Type 1

Photo example

Photo fuse and relay box mercedes w463


Diagram of fuse box mercedes 463


43а15A Horn
43b15A Horn
445A Cellular telephony
4510A Airbag
4620A Wiper
4715A Cigarette lighter, Backlight
4815A Ignition coil
4910A Airbag
505A Spare
517.5A Air conditioning, automatic transmission control unit
5215A Starter
5315A Cooling fan
5415A Heater fan
557.5A Automatic transmission control unit
567.5A Automatic transmission selector controller
575A Electronic ignition switch
5840A Fuse block (8 pcs.)
5950A ABS return pump
6040A ABS modulator
6115A Spare
625A LDS system
635A Spare
6410A Audio system
6540A Secondary air pump
Ihorn relay
Krelay circuit 87
Lwiper control relay (speed)
Mrelay circuit 15R
Nrelay circuit 15
Oair pump relay
Prelay circuit 15
Qwiper switch relay
Rrelay circuit 87
Sstarter relay

The fuse number 47 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2

photo 1 2


Diagram 1 2


17.5A Left clearance
27.5A Right clearance
315A Fog lights rear, front
47.5A High left light
57.5A High beam right, high beam indicator
67.5A Low left light
77.5A Dipped right light
815A Front cleaner and washer, reversing lamp
920A Furnace, glove compartment and interior lighting, recirculation
107.5A Stop lights, differential lock, instrument cluster, injector heating 15A Cruise control
1115A Turn signals, signal, heated mirrors
1215A Rear cleaner and washer
1310A Dashboard, emergency gang, front lights, clock, radio
1420A Rear heating, rear window lighting
1515A Cigarette lighter, radio, airbags
1615A Central lock
177.5A Kick-down
1810A Headlight washer
197.5A Fan and air conditioner
2015A Additional heater glow plug
2120A Additional heater control unit, auxiliary heater fan
2225A Seat heating
2330A Additional air conditioning fan
2425A Heated windshield 25A Front right and rear left power windows
2515A Temperature switch, oil temperature sensor 25A Front left and rear right power windows
2615A Control unit IFZ
2715A Clamping bar for special equipment, clamp 15
D3Interior lighting
D5dipped beam
A15A Sliding sunroof
B30A Front power window
С30A Rear power window
D25A Seat adjustment
E25A Seat adjustment
Htrailer socket

The fuse number 15 to 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In this type, the relays are located behind this box.

Fuse and relay box in the tunnel

Another fuse and relay box is located between the front seats in the tunnel.

location 2

For access, it is necessary to remove the box cover (3) by turning the fastener (2). The box itself will look something like this.

photo 2 full


Diagram 2 463


130A Circuit connector 15R
230A Circuit connector 15R
35A TV – receiver
415A Fuel pump
520A spare
620A spare
720A spare
87.5A Antenna, anti-theft siren, tilt sensor
925A Top ceiling control panel
10Rear window heater
13Conclusion 15 bypass pump
14Rear wiper
15Filler flap drive
16Voice control system
17Trailer electrical circuit connection detection unit
18Trailer circuit connector
19Conclusion 30 bypass pump
20Rear door lock drive
LFuel pump relay
MRelay 2, terminal 15R
NRelay reserve 2
ОRelay reserve 1
PRear defroster relay
QRelay 1, terminal 15R
RFiller cap relay, polarity switch 1
SFiller cap relay, polarity switch 2
K1Differential lock relay (K36)
K2ESP brake light suppression relay (K55)
K3High pressure switch / back pump ESP (K60)
K4Right auxiliary fan relay (K9/2)
K5Left auxiliary fan relay (K9/1)

Luggage compartment

On the left side, in the luggage compartment, there are additional relay elements.

location 4


photo 3




  • T – Central locking relay (CZ)
  • U – N36 Gearbox output stage speed sensor
  • V – K68 Rear window wiper relay
  • W – K68 Rear window wiper relay

In some models, next to the battery, a high-power fuse box is also installed, made in the form of fuses.


Need a fuse designation in German? Check that.

That’s all. And if you have something to add – write in the comments.

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