Mazda MPV fuse box and relay

The second generation Mazda MPV minivan was produced in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 with both gasoline and diesel engines. During this time, the model has been restyled 2 times. Because supplied all over the world you can find left-hand drive and right-hand drive Mazda MPV. In this article you will find a description of Mazda MPV fuses and relays with box diagrams, their photographs and locations.

Mazda MPV

Depending on the year of manufacture, the region of delivery, a different purpose of elements in the boxes is possible. Check the description with your diagrams.

Passenger compartment fuse box

It is located on the left pillar under the dashboard behind the protective cover.

Steering wheel on the left Steering wheel on the right

Access to the unit in the salon Mazda MPV

For example

Photo of the unit in the cabin


Block diagram in the salon Mazda MPV


120A WIPER – 1999-2001: Windscreen wiper and washer
30A P. WIND – 2002-2005: Glass lifters
40A P. WIND – 2006: Glass lifters
230A P. WIND – 1999-2001: Glass lifters
20A WIPER – 2002-2006: Windscreen wiper and washer
315А SUN ROOF – Luke
410А R.WIP – Rear window wiper and washer
515A SEAT – 1999-2001: Seat
20A SEAT – 2002-2006: Seat
610A M.DEF – Heated mirrors
710A A / C – Air Conditioning
810A DRL – Daytime running lights
1020A H / CLEAN – Headlight washer
1210А HAZARD – Alarm
1310A ROOM – 1999-2001: Interior lighting, luggage compartment heating
10A ROOM – 2002-2006: Interior lighting, luggage compartment heating
1415A AUX POWER – 1999-2001: Accessory Connector
25A AUX POWER – 2002-2006: Accessory Socket
1515A CLOSER LH – 1999-2001: Sliding door left
20A CLOSER LH – 2002-2006: Sliding door left
1610A AUDIO – Audio system
1730А D.LOCK – Central locking
1830A P / SEAT – 2002-2006: Power Seat
1910A ENGINE – Engine control unit
2010A METER – Instrument cluster
2115А STOP – Lamps of stop signals
2215A CLOSER RH – 1999-2001: Right sliding door
20A CLOSER RH – 2002-2006: Right sliding door
2330A ACC.DELAY – Relay glass lifters
2415A METER – Instrument cluster, ignition switch
2510A ST. SIGN – Starter signal
2615A CIGAR – 1999-2001: Cigarette lighter
25A CIGAR – 2002-2006: Cigarette lighter

The fuse number 26 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment fuse box

Block under the hood

In the engine compartment, on the left side of the engine compartment, near the battery, there is the main unit and the relay unit.

Blocks under the hood mazda mpv

Fuse box


Block diagram under the hood 1


140А DEFOG – Heated rear window
330A COOLING FAN 1 – 1999-2001: Cooling fan
60A ABS – 2002-2006: ABS
440A HEATER – 1999-2001: Heater
30A FAN1 – 2002-2006: Cooling fan
530A R.HEAT – 1999-2001: Rear heater
30A FAN2 – 2002-2006: Cooling fan
640A IG KEY1 – 1999-2001: Fuses: METER, ENGINE and WIPER
40A HEATER – 2002-2006: Heater
740A IG KEY2 – 1999-2001: Fuses: A / C, P.WIND, SUN ROOF and R.WIP
30A R.HEAT – 2002-2006: Rear heater
830A COOLING FAN 2 – 1999-2001: Cooling fan
40A IG KEY2 – 2002-2006: Fuses: A / C, P.WIND, SUN ROOF and R.WIP
910A A / C – Air Conditioning
1015А TAIL – Parking lights
1115A AC PWR – 2002-2006: Inverter
1215А HORN – Sound signal
1315A FOG – Fog light
145A EEC 2002-2006: Protection of various additional elements
1515A HEAD L – Left headlight
1615A HEAD R – Right headlight
1960A ABS – 1999-2001: ABS
60A IG KEY1 – 2002-2006: Fuses: METER, ENGINE and WIPER
2030A EGI INJ – Engine control unit
2120A FUEL PUMP – 2002-2006: Fuel pump
22120A MAIN – Main fuse


R1Air conditioner relay
R2Fuel pump relay
R3Main relay
R4Heated rear window relay
R5Headlight relay
R6Horn relay
R7Side light relay

Realy box


Relay circuit


  1. condenser fan relay
  2. cooling fan relay
  3. reserve
  4. front fog lamp relay


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