Lexus LX570 2016 – 2021 Fuse and Relay

The restyled Lexus LX 570 was produced in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. In this post you can find a description of fuses and relays Lexus LX 570 with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of performance. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

LX 570 restl

The assignment of the elements in the blocks may differ from those shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your vehicle.

Passenger compartment

Driver’s side fuse box

In the passenger compartment, the driver’s side fuse box is located under the panel, behind the protective cover.

Location 1




(HAZ)Alarm, Emergency signalling
(J/B-B NO.1)Fuse box
(DCM) Data transmission module (telematics system)
(AM2)Starter system
(IMMOBI)Anti-theft system
(TAIL)Rear lights
(PANEL NO.1)Instrument panel
(PANEL NO.2)Instrument panel
(DOOR DBLAL)Double door lock
(SFT LOCK-ACC)AT Shift lock control system
(ECU-ACC NO.1)Engine control unit
(FOG RR)Rear fog lights
(D/L NO.2)Electric door locking system
(INV)DC/AC inverter
(A/C)Air conditioner
(OBD)On-board diagnostics
(DOME)Dome light and interior lighting
(J/B-B NO.2)Distribution Block Bus
(STRG LOCK)Steering lock
(DOME CUT)Ceiling light and interior lighting
(RADIO)Radio and audio system
(ECU-IG NO.2)Engine control unit
(SFT LOCK-IG)Gearbox shift interlock control system
(CIG)Cigarette lighter / socket
(BKUP LP)Rear lights
(EPB-IG)Electronic parking brake
(ECU-IG NO.3)Engine control unit
(WIPER RR)Rear windscreen wiper
(METER)Instrument panel
(IG2 NO.1)Multi-circuit protection
(P/SEAT F/L)Power seats
(P/SEAT F/R) Power seatsPower seats
DOOR F/DElectric door lift
(AMP)Audio system
(D/L NO.1)Power door locking system
(DOOR R/L)Rear left door
(DOOR R/R)Rear right door
(WIPER)Windscreen wipers

The fuses responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter (sockets) are marked as CIG.

Passenger side fuse box

It is located under the glove compartment. To access it, the cover must be removed.

Location 2


Diagram 2


  • TOW BK/UP – Towing, trailer
  • AHC – Active Body Height Control System
  • RSF RH – Third row right-hand power seat.
  • B/DR CLSR LH – Left rear electric door control unit
  • B/DR CLSR RH – Rear right-hand door power control unit
  • RSF LH – Left third-row electric seat actuator
  • S/HTR – Seat heating
  • SEAT-A/C FAN – Seat cooling fans
  • ECU-IG NO.5 – Cruise control

Engine compartment

Located on the left side, also covered with a protective cover.

Location 2

Photo example


Check the element assignments against your schematic on the back of the unit cover.



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