Lada Vesta – fuse and relay

Lada Vesta was produced in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 with sedan and station wagon bodies sw (Vesta SW) and various equipment and performance options, such as the all-road version of SW Cross and Sport. During this period, she went through a small update. In this publication you will find a designation of the Lada Vesta fuse boxes with diagrams and photos – examples of execution. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter. In conclusion, we will offer the Lada Vesta manual for download.

Lada Vesta

The purpose of the elements in the boxes may differ from the one presented and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of equipment of your Lada Vesta (luxury, standard, classic, comfort, exclusive). Check the description with your technical documentation or manual.

Passenger compartment

It is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side behind the protective cover.

Fuse box cover

In order to remove it, you need to get out the plastic nails by prying them with a flat screwdriver or a special device. You don’t need to twist them. Then just pull the cover towards you.

Photo for example

Photo of the block in the cabin of the Lada Vesta


Block diagram in the salon Lada Vesta


Type 1

F115A Windshield washer
F25 / 30A Steering column switch for outdoor lighting and direction indicators
F310A High beam lamp, left headlamp
F45 / 30A Steering column switch for outdoor lighting and direction indicators
F515A Heated seats
F65A Side lights of the right headlamp and right rear lamp
F75A Side lights of the left headlamp and left rear lamp
F85A Rear fog lamp
F93A Side right turn signal
F105A Robotic gearbox selector
F1110A Low beam lamp, left headlamp
F1215A Direction indicators
F1310A Body control unit
F1410A Brake light switch
F155A Rain sensor, light sensor, headlight electric corrector
F165A Brake light switch
F175A Glove box light, trunk light, door sill lights
F183A Left side turn signal
F1910A Low beam lamp, right headlamp
F205A Heated exterior mirrors
F2115A Passive safety system SRS (airbags)
F225A Instrument cluster
F235A Instrument cluster
F245А “ERA GLONASS”, audio system
F255A Stability control system ESP
F2615A Fuel pump
F275A Parking aid
F285A Electric power steering
F295A Connector for trailer lighting
F3210A Robotic gearbox, reverse light switch, heated windshield
F335A Electric windows
F345A Steering wheel angle sensor, cruise control and multimedia system switches on the steering wheel
F355A Switch block for controlling electric windows and electric drive of rear-view mirrors
F3615A Audio system, diagnostic connector
F377,5A Lamp of a brake light of the right rear lamp
F387.5A Brake lamp, left rear light
F3910A Daytime running lights
F4010A High beam lamp, left headlamp
F4120A Electrical outlet, cigarette lighter
F4220A Body control unit
F4320A Electric door locks
F4430A Electric windows
F4530A Electro heater fan
F4630A Windshield wiper
F4725A High beam lamp of the right headlamp, low beam lamp of the left block – headlights, side lights of the left block – headlights and left rear lamp
F4830A Windshield wiper
F4925A Fog lights, rear fog light, license plate lights
F5025A High beam lamp of the left headlamp, low beam lamp of the right block – headlights, side lights of the right block – headlights and right rear lamp
F515A Clutch pedal position sensor

The fuse number 41 at 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2

F15А Power supply of 1 terminal device (TU) of the “Emergency response in case of accidents based on the Global Navigation Satellite System” (ERA-GLONASS)
F25A Power supply of 1 instrument cluster (KP)
F10A Terminal K15 circuit for the engine compartment
F410A Circuit of the right low beam headlamp (FBS)
F510A Circuit of the left low beam headlamp (FBS)
F65A Signal K15 for electric power steering (EURU)
F715A Power supply to the controller of the system of airbags (SNPB)
F85A Power supply for the parking assistance system (parking sensors)
F95A Right side direction indicator circuit (УП). mirrors
F103A Rear fog light circuit (ZPTO)
F113A Circuit of the turn signal (UP) left side. mirrors
F1210A Chain of daytime running lights (DRL)
F1310A Circuit of the right high beam headlamp (FDS)
F1410A Circuit left high beam headlamp (FDS)
F155A Circuit for heating outside mirrors
F165А Accessory power bus (ACC position of the ignition lock) Radio / multimedia, TU ERA-GLONASS
F175A Chain of rear parking lights (ZDL)
F187.5A Front side light circuit (PRGO)
F197.5A Circuit of the left brake light
F207.5A Circuit of the right brake light
F2115A Power supply to the body electronics unit (BCM), turn signal circuit
F225А Power supply of 2 terminal device ERA-GLONASS
F235A Power supply 2 instrument cluster (KP)
F245A Power supply of the automatic mechanical transmission (AMT) selector
F255A Bus for switching on the current response (VTR) for the block of additional functions of body electronics (BDFKE) and the drive of side mirrors
F265A VTP bus for interior and trunk lighting
F275A BTP bus for brake switch circuit
F2815A Power supply for radio and diagnostic connector
F2910A Trailer lighting power supply
F3015A Fuel pump power supply
F315A VTP bus for controlling the power window relay and interior heater
F325А ВТР bus for headlight range control switch and rain and light sensor (ДДиО)
F335A VTP tire for steering wheel angle sensor
F345А VTP bus for AVZ / E8R controller
F355 / 25А Power supply for 1 left steering column switch for luxury / non-luxury configurations (FDS, GO)
F3610A Brake light power supply
F3710A Power supply of the body electronics unit (BCM)
F385 / 25A Power supply for 2 left steering column switches for lux, norm, standard (FBS, DRL)
F3920A Power supply of the right steering column switch (wiper, washer)
F4015 / 30A Power supply for the additional functions of body electronics (BDFKE) / heated front seats (for standard, norm)
F4120A Accessory power supply (ACC ignition switch position), cigarette lighter
F4220А Body electronics unit (ВСМ, power supply of ВТР bus)
F4320A Body electronics unit (ВСМ, power supply of door locks)
F4430A Power windows
F4530A Power supply for the interior heater fan
F4630A Front wiper power supply (standard, norm)
F4725A Power supply for the additional body electronics unit (EMM) of the circuit: right DS, left BS, front GO, right DRL
F4830A Power supply for the additional body electronics module (EMM) circuit: front wiper
F4925A Power supply for the additional body electronics unit (EMM) of the circuit: fog lights (PTF), rear fog lights (ZPTO), license plate lighting (ONZ)
F5025A Power supply for the additional body electronics unit (EMM) circuits: left DO, right EC, rear HE, left DRL
F5115A Power supply of the PTF relay (ZM, norm)
F525A Charger power supply
F535A Power for cruise control buttons on the steering wheel
F5515A Power supply of the 12V socket in the trunk

The fuse number 41 at 20A is responsible for the operation of the front cigarette lighter, and the fuse in the trunk is 55 at 15A.


К1Power supply for lighting and seat heating
K3Heated rear window
K4Front windows
K5Interior heater fan
К6Rear window lifter
K7Fuel pump module
К8ACC (power outlet 12V)
K9Fog lamp supply

Engine compartment

This unit is located on the left side of the underhead space, next to the battery and is closed with a protective cover.

The photo

Photo of the unit under the hood


Block diagram under the hood of Lada Vesta


6040A Control unit for anti-lock brakes and exchange rate stability (ABS / ESP)
6170A Electric power steering (EURU)
6260A ’15 -’17:  Generator
70A ’18 -’21:  Robotic transmission control unit
6360A ’15 -’17:  Generator
6460A ’15 -’17:  Terminal K30S
6560A ’15 -’17:  Heated windshield
6670A ’15 -’17:  Robotic transmission control unit
6740A Engine cooling fan relay
6860A ’18 -’21:  Terminal K30S
6930A ’15 -’17:  Heated rear window
60A  ’18 -’21: Heated windshield
7215A CNG engine control unit – compressed natural gas (methane)
70A ’18 -’21:  Generator
735A CNG engine control unit – compressed natural gas (methane)
70A ’18 -’21:  Generator
7410A ’15 -’17: Anti  -theft alarm horn relay (siren)
15A ’18 -’21:  A / C compressor clutch
755A Robotic transmission control unit
7715A ’15 -’17:  A / C compressor clutch relay
30A ’18 -’21:  Heated rear window
7815A A / C compressor clutch, radiator fan control unit relay
8010A ’15 -’17:  Oxygen sensor, canister purge valve, timing valve (timing)
7.5А ’18 -’21:  Oxygen sensors (DK1, DK2), adsorber purge valve (KPA), intake module flap valve (ZVM), gas distribution valve (timing)
815A Reversing light switch
82 Reserve
8425A Control unit for anti-lock brakes and exchange rate stability (ABS / ESP)
8510A Horn, anti-theft alarm horn (’18 -’20)
865A Windshield heating relay coil


R1Heated windshield No. 2
R2’15 -’17:  Heated windshield # 1
’18 -’21:  Engine cooling fan
R3’18 -’21:  Heated windshield # 1
R5Engine control unit (KSUD)
R6A / C Compressor Clutch
R7’15 -’17:  Engine cooling fan
’18 -’21:  Starter
R8Sound signal
R9Anti-theft alarm sound


Do you need more information about the repair and maintenance of Lada Vesta or are the schemes not suitable? Study this material according to the year of manufacture of your vehicle.

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