Niva 2121 / Lada 4×4 – fuse and relay

The Niva SUV is known under the names VAZ-2121 (VAZ 21213, VAZ 21214) and since 2006 as Lada 4×4. Produced from 1977 to the present with various body modifications, mainly 3 and 5-door station wagons with gasoline engines (carburetor, injector). In our publication you will find a designation of Niva 2121 fuse boxes and relays with their locations, photo examples of execution and box diagrams. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter. In conclusion, we will offer the Niva wiring diagram for download.

Niva 2121

Due to the long production period and the huge variety of versions, there is no one general description of the fuse and relay box for the Niva 2121. In your car, the purpose of the fuses may differ from that presented.

All main fuse and relay boxes are located in the passenger compartment, under the dashboard on the driver’s side.

General layout boxes


General arrangement of blocks


  1. Engine control fuse box
  2. Windscreen wiper relay
  3. Main fuse box
  4. Engine control system relay box
  5. Additional relay box (above the gas pedal, and not shown in the diagram)

Engine control fuse box


engine control fuse box


115A 1 *  ECM Sensors
Starter Relay Canister
Purge Valve
17.5A 2 *  Controller
13: Electric fuel pump relay (contacts)
Electric fuel pump
130A 4.5 * Cooling fan
215A 1 *  Injectors
Ignition coils
Relay for electric fan right
Relay for electric fan left
215A 2 * Electric fuel pump relay (contacts)
Electric fuel pump
230A 3 *  Reserve
230A 4.5 *  Cooling fan
3.430A 1 * Electric fans (right, left)
Relay for electric fan, right
Relay for electric fan, left
315A 2 *  Main relay
315A 3 *  Controller
315A 4 *  Ignition coil, fan relay control supply, controller, injectors
315A 5 *  Ignition relay
415A 3 *  Main relay
Relay for electric fans (coil)
Relay for electric fuel pump (coil)
Vehicle speed sensor
Solenoid valve for adsorber
sensor Mass air flow sensor
4.530A 2 * Relay for electric fans (winding) (right, left)
Electric motor for electric fans (right, left)
415A 4 * Mass air flow sensor, phase sensor, heated oxygen sensor (two), adsorber purge valve, DS
415A 5 * Electro fuel pump
515A 1 * Electric fuel pump Electric fuel pump

1 * – 2014-2016, 2 * – 2010-2012, 3 * – 2007-2008, 4 * – Cars with Bosch ME17.9.7 / M74 controllers, 5 * – Cars with 7.9.7+ controllers.

Main fuse box


Diagram of the main fuse box Niva 2121


116A Heater fan motor
Relay (winding) of headlamp cleaners and motors of headlamp cleaners at all brush positions, except for the initial one
Relay (winding) for turning on the rear window heating
Electric motors for the rear window washer and
washer Windshield washer motor
1*16A Courtesy
Horns Power socket
Cigarette lighter
Brake lights
28A Relay and windshield wiper motor
Lamps for direction indicators and relay-breaker for direction indicators and alarm (in direction indication mode) Indicator
lamp for direction indicators
Rear lights (reverse light lamps)
Generator excitation winding (when starting the engine)
Control lamp for switching on differential lock in the transfer case
Indicator lamp for activating the parking brake Indicator
lamp for emergency state of the service brake system Indicator
lamp for insufficient oil pressure
Indicator for the temperature of the liquid in the engine cooling system
Indicator for fuel level with indicator lamp for fuel reserve
The warning lamp battery charge
control lamp cover carburetor choke valve
motor heater
relay wiper and headlight washers (if not pressed wiper switch and a washer range)
Electric cleaners range for all positions of the brush, other than the source *
38A Left headlight (high beam lamp) Indicator lamp for turning on the high beam headlights
48A Right headlight (high beam lamp)
58A Left headlight (low beam lamp)
68A Right headlight (low beam lamp)
78A Left front light (side light)
Right rear light (side light)
License plate lights Indicator
lamp for turning on the side lights
88A Right front light (side light)
Left rear light (side light)
lamp Heater control levers illumination panel Cigarette lighter illumination lamp
Switch and switch illumination lamps
916A Direction indicators and relay-interrupter for direction indicators and alarm system
Heated rear window element and relay (contacts) for turning it on
Indicator lamp and oil pressure indicator Coolant temperature
indicator Fuel level indicator with reserve indicator lamp
Parking brake indicator
lamp Brake fluid level
indicator lamp Direction indicators and corresponding indicator lamp
Carburetor air flap control indicator
Battery charge indicator
shut off valve Tachometer
Rear lights (reverse light)
Differential lock warning lamp
Turn signal interrupter relay
Heated rear window (control circuit)
1016A Sound signal
Socket for connecting a portable lamp
Interior lighting
lamps Rear lights (brake light lamps)
10*8A Voltage regulator
Generator excitation winding
118A Direction indicator lamps and relay-interrupter for direction indicators and alarm (in alarm mode)
Rear fog lamp
128A Daytime running light relay, daytime running light bulbs
12*8A Relay for cleaner and headlamp washer (when the button of the wiper and headlight washer switch is pressed)
Headlight washer
electric motor Headlight washer electric motors at the moment of starting and at the moment when the brushes pass the initial position
138A Rear lights (fog lamps)
Electric motors of headlamp cleaners at the moment of starting and at the moment when the brushes pass the initial position
Relay (contacts) of headlamp cleaners
Electric motor of headlight washer
1416A Cigarette lighter
1516A Backup
Heated rear window (power circuit)
16*8A Hazard switch and direction indicators in alarm mode
Rear window wiper and washer

The fuse number 14 or number 1 at 16A, depending on the year of manufacture, is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Engine control relay box

It is located under the main fuse box and consists of 5 relays and 1 fuse.


Engine control relay box

Electrical box diagram

Wiring diagram


  1. Ignition relay
  2. Main relay
  3. Cooling fan relay, right
  4. Left cooling fan relay
  5. Fuel pump relay
  6. F5 15A fuel pump fuse

The only difference between Niva with injection and carburetor systems is due to the fact that the engine control relay unit can be located under the hood of the car in a specially designated compartment.

Additional relay box

This unit is located above the gas pedal.


Additional relay box


  1. Rear fog lamp relay
  2. Heated rear window relay
  3. Headlamp low beam relay
  4. Headlamp high beam relay

Slightly higher, above the box, a relay can be installed – a breaker for direction indicators and alarm.

Separate fuses and relays can be installed under the hood: on cars with ABS, a box with fuses is additionally installed on the left side of the engine compartment near the ABS hydraulic unit, which protect the elements of the anti-lock brake system and the starter relay not far from the starter itself.

Electrical circuit Niva 2121

More information about the electrical equipment Niva 2121 can be obtained by studying this diagram and the designation for it.

And if you have any questions, ask them in the comments.

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