Kia Rio FB (4G) – fuse and relay

The 4th generation Kia Rio was produced in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. A separate series of KIA Rio X-line has been developed with increased ground clearance, special suspension settings and additional plastic elements. In this article, we will provide information assignment the fuses and relays of the Kia Rio FB (4G) with boxes diagrams and their locations. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Kia Rio 4

The current diagrams for your model will be printed on the back of the protective cover.

Kia Rio generation not suitable?

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Passenger compartment

Located under the dash on the driver’s side. Remove the protective cover for access.

Block in the cabin


Block diagram in the cabin


Brake light15A Electronic brake light unit
Electronic key15A electronic key ECU
SPARE 110A Reserve
E-CALL10A Emergency call unit
Turn indicator15A Body control module (BCM), seat belt and lighting module (SLM)
Front headlight15A Front fog lamp relay
Air conditioner 210A Air conditioning control module
Power Outlet 220A Power socket No. 1, Cigarette lighter
Power Outlet 320A Power socket No. 2, Cigarette lighter
ASS10A Power outlet relay, emergency call box, AV head unit with navigation, audio system, body control module (BCM), seat belt and lighting module (SLM), power outside rearview mirror switch, electronic key ECU
SPARE 115A Reserve
Immobelizer10A Immobilizer unit
Rear glass cleaner15A Rear wiper motor, rear wiper relay, multifunction switch
Front glass cleaner25A Front wiper motor, multifunction switch, engine compartment junction box (wiper relay 1)
Rear counter lamp10A Rear fog lamp relay
DRL10A Daytime Running Light Relay (DRL)
Module 610A Driver / Passenger Seat Heater Module, Left / Right Rear Seat Heater Module, Power Window Relay, Washer Glass Nozzle Heater, Right / Left Front Window Heater Relay
Washer15A Multifunction switch
Module 710A Body equipment control unit (BCM)
Plafond10A Trunk Lamp (5DR), Trunk Lamp (4DR), Air Conditioning Control Module, Instrument Cluster, Local Lamp, Center Courtesy Lighting, Body Control Module (BCM), Seat Belt and Lighting Module (SLM), data line connector, ceiling light relay
Audio20A Audio system, audiovisual head unit with navigation
Locking doors20A Door lock / unlock relay, tailgate unlock relay
Brake Switch10A Door lock / unlock relay, tailgate unlock relay
Heated mirrors10A Outside rearview mirror, driver / front passenger side, air conditioning ECU
Module 510A Body control module (BCM), seat belt and lighting module (SLM), electronic key ECU
Air conditioner 1A / C Control Module, Engine Compartment Junction Box (A / C Fan Relay)
T1 engine15A Range switch, automatic transmission selector lever position indicator, brake light switch, engine compartment junction box (fuse – reversing light)
Rear RH7.5A Right headlight, daytime running lights on the right side (DRL), ILL (+), right rear combination lamp (in / out)
ABS 310A Electronic Stability Control (ESC) control module
Module 310A Body equipment control unit (BCM), switch on the front panel
Heated steering wheel15A Steering column heating coil
Heated front seat FRT20A Driver / Passenger Seat Heater Module
Left electric lift25A Block electro glass driver’s door lifter with anti-pinch protection
Heated rear seat RR20A Rear seat heater module left / right side
Tailgate LH7.5A Left headlight, left side daytime running lights (DRL), left / right license plate light, left rear combination lamp (in / out)
Spare 310A Reserve
Unit 210A Driver / Passenger Seat Heater Module, Steering Wheel Coil, Rear Seat Heater Module Left / Right, Emergency Call Unit, Audio System, AV Head Unit with Navigation, Automatic Transmission Selector Lever Position Indicator, Left / Right Headlight Tilt Adjustment Drive, air conditioning control module, instrument cluster
Module 110A Body control module (BCM), seat belt and lighting module (SLM)
Airbags10A Body control module (BCM), seat belt and lighting module (SLM)
Right glass lift RH25A Main switch for electric windows, electric window switch for
Left glass lift LH25A Main switch for electric windows
Launch10A With immobilizer and electronic key ECM (engine control module) / PCM (combined engine and transmission control module), engine
compartment junction box (starter relay). With immobilizer and electronic key: gearbox range switch
ECU 410A ECM (engine control module) / PCM (combined engine and transmission control module), electronic key ECU, immobilizer module
Cluster10A Instrument cluster
IND AIR BAG7.5A Airbag and instrument cluster indicator
MDPS 27.5A Electro Power Steering (MDPS) Unit

For the cigarette lighter, the fuses designated as Power Outlet 20A are responsible.

On the back of the box, separate non-removable relays can be attached: alarm relay, power window relay, central locking relay, etc.

Engine compartment

There can be 2 boxes with fuses and relays under the hood.

Location of blocks under the hood

Main fuse box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment.

The main fuse box under the hood of the Kia Rio 4


Main unit diagram under the hood

Additional box

Block under the hood


Additional block diagram

There may be fuses and relays responsible for heating.

A separate high-power fuse in the form of a fusible link is attached to the positive terminal of the battery.

That’s all, and if you have something to add to the material, write in the comments.

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