Hyundai Starex 1 (Ram H100) – fuse and relay

The 1st generation Hyundai Starex was produced in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 as a van or minibus. During this time, the model has been restyled. In our material you will find a description of the 1st generation Hyundai Starex fuses and relays (Ram H100) with box diagrams, photo examples and their locations. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Hyundai stareks

Check the purpose with your diagrams, possibly different variants of the boxes. And if you own the 2nd generation Hyundai Starex and these diagrams do not fit, study this description .

Passenger compartment fuse box

It is located on the left pillar behind a protective cover under the dashboard.

Block in the cabin

Type 1


Block diagram in the stareks salon


110A Power mirrors
215A Audio system, Cigarette lighter fuse , Additional indicators block, Selector lock control unit
315A Connector for connecting additional equipment
410A Air conditioner switch
520A Windshield wiper motor, Windshield washer pump
620A Rear door glass wiper motor, Rear door glass washer pump
710A Electric sunroof, Deceleration sensor, ABS electronic control unit, Air conditioning switch, Temperature sensor, Headlamp relay (low beam)
810A Electronic unit for control system for delaying the central locking signal and warning of not turned off lighting, POWER and HOLD switches, Air conditioning and heater, Rear door glass heater relay, Seat belt pretensioners
910A Rear fog lamp relay
1010A Audio system, Left door speaker, Left door tweeter, Seat heater switch
1110A Instrument cluster
1210A Electronic control unit SRS
1310A Speed ​​sensor, Four-wheel drive control switch, Instrument cluster, ABS relay, Reversing light switch, Automatic transmission selector, Overdrive switch, Automatic transmission control unit, Fuel system
1410A Alarm switch
1510A Electronic control unit for the delay control of the central locking signal and warning of not turned off the lighting, Electronic immobilizer control unit, Excitation coil resistor, EGR solenoid valve, Electronic engine control unit, Engine control relay
1625A Rear door glass heater relay
1720A Relay, electric front sunroof
1820A Relay, electric rear hatch
1910A Diagnostic connector, Heated mirror relay
2020A Key lock in the ignition lock, Brake light switch, Automatic transmission selector
2110A Digital Clock, Alarm Relay, Alarm Switch
2220A Electronic transfer case control unit
2310A Door lamps, Door lighting lamps, Interior lighting lamps, Electronic control unit for the delay of the central locking signal and warning of not switched off lighting, Automatic transmission control unit, Instrument cluster, Central roof console lamp
2410A Reversing warning buzzer, Audio system, Antenna, Electronic immobilizer control unit
2520A Central locking relay
2610A Fan relay
2715A Door lamp switch, Glow plug relay, Heater relay, Air conditioning, Camshaft position sensor
2810A Electronic immobilizer control unit, Electronic engine control unit

Fuse number 2 is responsible for the cigarette lighter, and for additional sockets number 3 at 15A.

Type 2


Scheme Option 2 Stareks 1


115A Audio, Cigarette lighter , Clock
210A Electric mirror (s)
310A Headlights, Sunroof, ABS, Headlight height adjustment
420A Electronic timer and alarm control unit, rear washer / cleaning system
510A Electronic time and alarm control unit, Electric windows, Air conditioning, Windshield wiper (s)
620A Luke
710A Heated mirror (s)
810A Instrument panel, Transmission control unit, Engine control unit, Immobilizer
910A Direction indicators, hazard warning lights
1010A Electronic control unit for time and alarm
1110A Air conditioning
1210A Airbag, Instrument Panel
1310 / 15A Stop signals
1410A Alarm, direction indicators, hazard lights, hours
1520A TCCM / Control Unit (30A also used)
1620A Central locking
1710A Air conditioning / sunroof (also used 20A)
1820A Heated rear window
1910A Audio, electrical antenna, immobilizer
2010A Seat heating switches
2110A Rear fog light relay
2210A Lighting – left side
2310A Lighting – Right Side
2410A Electronic time and alarm control unit, Transmission control unit, Engine control unit, Data channel connector, Interior lighting

Fuse number 1, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment fuse box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery.

Type 1

Photo for example

Block under the hood - photo Option 1


Scheme 1 block under the hood

Type 2

The photo

Photo example of a block under the hood of a Hyundai oldax


Block diagram under the hood option 2


GLOWGlow relay, glow plug control module (D4BB)
SECTIONABS control module
FR HTRBlower relay
RR HTRRear fan relay
DEF.Fuse 16, 25, 26
C/FANCondenser Fan Main Relay, Condenser Fan Relay (LOW)
IGNIgnition switch, alternator, start relay, COMP fuse, l / C FAN fuse, ECU fuse.
SECTIONABS control module
P/WElectric glass lifter relay, siren relay
TAILSide light relay, headlight relay
BATTFog lamp relay, horn relay, power connector
l/C FAN/FR HTDIntercooler fan relay, air temperature switch / heated windscreen
COMPA / C compressor relay
ECUMain power relay (D4CB), engine control relay, fuel pump relay (petrol)
T/LP(LH)Lighting, Rear left combination light, Left side light
T/LP(LH)Lighting, Right rear combination lamp, Right number lamp
HORNLeft / Right Signal
FOGFront Fog Lamp Switch, Left / Right Front Fog Lamp
H/LP(LH)Left headlight
H/LP(RH)Right headlight, Instrument cluster
POWER CONNECTORAlarm relay, fuse 23, 24

Additional box

Installed on diesel versions. There are fuses and relays responsible for additional heating (heating).

Additional block

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