Dodge Brisa (Hyundai Getz) fuse and relay

The Hyundai Getz subcompact car was produced in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. During this time, the model has undergone a restyling, although some call it the second generation. Also known as Hyundai Click and Dodge Brisa. In this publication you will find a designation of Hyundai Getz fuses and relays with box diagrams and their locations. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Hyundai Getz

The design of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ and depends on the type of engine and the level of equipment of your Hyundai Getz. Check the description with the diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

Passenger compartment fuse box

Located under the dashboard on the driver’s side behind the protective cover.


Photo - block diagram in the salon Hyundai Getz


110A Air conditioner switch, rear window heating switch
210A Left front lamp side light, left tail lamp
310A Instrument cluster
410A Audio system, electric door mirrors switch
510A Automatic gearbox selector switch, reverse light switch, hazard warning light switch
610A Right front side light, right rear light, left (right) license plate lamp
710A Pre excitation resistor. instrument cluster. ECU with time delay and burglar alarm timer for signaling the unfastened seat belt
815A Cigarette lighter
910A Generator, ECU for electric power steering, ECU for engine and transmission (except for 1.1L engine), ECU for engine (1.1L engine), speed sensor, automatic transmission selector lever switch
1010A Airbag ECU
1120A Repeat for locking doors, relay for unlocking doors, sunroof control unit, driver’s door lock drive
1215A Rear window wiper motor, steering switch unit
1310A starter repeat, burglar alarm relay
1510A Daytime running light control unit
1620A Switch for heating the left (right) front seat
1710A Rear window heating switch. ECU engine, electric drive and heating of the outside rear-view mirror from the driver’s (passenger’s) side
1815A Ignition coil, capacitor
1915A Power window relay, brake light switch
2015A Hazard switch, ECU with time delay and burglar alarm
2120A Windshield wiper motor, steering switch unit
2210A Rear fog light relay
2310A Fog lamp relay. power window relay. ECU with a time delay and burglar alarm, timer for heating the rear window, electric drive of the left (right) headlight range control, headlight range control switch
2410A Interior blower relay, sunroof control unit
2530A Rear window heating relay, rear window heating timer, ECU with time delay and burglar alarm
2615A Right headlight
2710A Fog lamp relay
2810A Left headlight, instrument cluster
2915A Instrument cluster, rear fog light switch, data line connector, audio system. ECU with time delay and burglar alarm. door open warning light sensor, universal test socket, luggage compartment light, interior spotlights, interior courtesy lamp, roof console assembly

The fuse number 8, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relays are mounted on the back of the unit.

Relay circuit

Hyundai Getz relay circuit


  • K10 – Relay-interrupter of direction indicators and alarm
  • K11 – Fog lamp relay
  • K12 – Relay for heating the rear door glass
  • K13 – Relay lamps side light
  • K14 – Power window relay
  • K15 – Rear fog light relay
  • K16 – The control unit for outdoor lighting when driving in the daytime

Separately located in the right steering column switch is the wiper and washer relay.

Getz Purifier and Washer Relay

Engine compartment

It is located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Block under the hood

Photo for example

Photo example of a block under the hood of the Hyundai Getz

Legend from the box cover

Block diagram under the hood


Block diagram under the hood 1

Relay designation

  • 1 – heater fan relay E 51
  • 2 – a place under the relay for turning on the fan of the engine cooling system at high speed E 44
  • 3 – relay for turning on the fan of the engine cooling system at low speed E 43
  • 4 – starter relay E 41
  • 5 – a place under the air conditioner relay E 50
  • 6 – horn relay E 45
  • 7 – fuel pump relay E 49
  • 14 – a place under the alarm relay E 47
  • 30 – power relay of the electronic engine management system E 42

Fuse assignment

810A A / CON – Air conditioner
910А HORN – Sound signal
1015A INJ – ECU engine, injectors, camshaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, idle speed regulator, canister purge solenoid valve
1150A EPS – Electric power steering
1230A P / WDW – Power windows
1330A BLW – Interior heater fan
1510 / 15A SPARE – Spare Fuses
1640A ABS. 2 – ABS ECU, connector for air removal
1720A ABS. 1 – ABS ECU, connector for bleeding
18ALT 120 / 100А – Generator
1910А SNSR – Air conditioning, fuel pump, immobilizer antenna unit, oxygen concentration sensor, fuel pump relay, air conditioning relay
2010A ECU – Fuel pump, ECU fuse
2110A ABS – ABS ECU, bleed connector
2250A BATT – Rear lights, fuses 11, 19, 20, 25, 27, 29
2330A RAD – Cooling system radiator fan
2420A F / PUMP – Switch for automatic fuel cut-off
2530A ECU – Fuel Pump, Generator, Electronic Control Unit
2630A ING 1 – Ignition switch, starter relay
2730A ING 2 – Ignition lock

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