Ford Explorer (2010 – 2020) fuse and relay

Ford Explorer is a midsize crossover. Produced from 1990 to the present in five generations. In this material, we will show an assignment of the 5th generation Ford Explorer fuse and relay boxes, locations and photo of fuse box. produced in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. During this period, the Ford Explorer was updated 2 times. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

ford explorer 5

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the technical characteristics, specifications and equipment of any model, therefore there is no one general description for all Ford Explorer cars. Check the purpose of the elements with your technical documentation, and in case of difficulty, contact your dealer.

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Passenger compartment

It is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side and is covered by a protective cover.

Block in the cabin ford explorer 5

The current diagram will also be applied on it.

Block diagram example

Type 1

For cars manufactured before 2015.


Block diagram in the cabin option 1


130A One-push front window regulator, driver’s side
215A Not used (spare)
330A One-push front passenger side window regulator
410A Interior lights on request (overhead console, second row, luggage compartment), glove box lamp, second and third row seat folding lights, sun visors lights
520A Amplifier
65A Reserve
77.5A Power supply of the logic module for storing the seat position
810A Reserve
910A 4 Inch Radio Display (SYNC), Power Tailgate Logic Module, Electronic Trim Panel
1010A Relay for operating mode / power supply mode for auxiliary equipment (wipers, rear window washer), rain sensor
1110A Instrument panel, projected display on the windshield
1215A Step lamps (overhead console, second row, luggage compartment), underside lamps, console compartment LED, backlight
1315A Right turn signal lamps, right turn signal / trailer stop lamps (TT)
1415A Left turn signal lamps, left turn signal / trailer stop lamps (TT)
1515A Reversing lights, brake lights, additional brake light
1610A Low beam headlamps (right)
1710A Low beam headlamps (left)
1810A Keypad Illumination, Brake Pedal Release Interlock (BSI), Start Button Operation Indicator, PATS, Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Start, Rear Seat Height Adjustment Power Supply
1920A Seat memory power supply
2020A Locks
2110A Intelligent Access (IA), Keypad
2220A Horn relay
2315A Steering Wheel Control Module, Intelligent Access (IA), Headlight Switch
2415A Data connector, steering wheel control module
2515A Removing the luggage compartment door lock
265A RF module
2720A Intelligent Access Module
2815A Ignition lock, start by button
2920A Radio, Global Positioning System (GPS) Module
3015A Front side lights
315A Trailer brake controller
3215A 110V AC Power Socket, Power Folding Mirror, Power Mirrors, One-Push Front Power Windows, Door Lock Lights, Memory Switch Lights
3310A Sensor for the recognition of the presence of the driver and passenger
3410A Monitor “blind spots”, rear view camera, space monitoring system behind the car
355A Projected windshield display, climate control humidity sensor, terrain control system, hill descent assist switch, headlight switch sensor
3610A Steering wheel heating
3710A Control module for the restraint system of airbags and seat belts
3810A Auto-dimming rearview mirror, power sunroof
3915A High beam blinds
4010A Rear parking lights, license plate lights, trailer parking lights
417.5A Overdrive Cancellation, Towing / Cargo Carrying Mode
425A Reserve
4310A Reserve
4410A Reserve
455A Reserve
4610A Climate control module
4715A Fog lights, power supply of direction indicators in the right and left mirrors
4830A Circuit breaker: Power rear windows, power passenger window, one-push down (driver’s side only), driver’s door power window switch
49Accessory Power Off Delay Relay (Body Control Module)

Type 2

For cars manufactured since 2015.

Photo of the unit under the hood 2


Block diagram in the cabin option 2Designation

110A Interior lamps, Battery Discharge Prevention System
27.5A Seat control switch with memory position (with electric drive)
320A Driver door unlock relay
45A Optional electronic brake controller
520A Heated rear seat module
105A Securicode Keyless Entry Keypad, Automatic Rising Door
115A Rear climate control module
127.5A Front climate control system module
137.5A Instrument panel Intelligent data link, Steering column control module
1510A Power Intelligent Data Link Connector, Ceiling Display
175A Trim panel with electronics
185A Car start button, Ignition lock (switch) Key lock
197.5A Gearbox control switch (towing function)
215A Terrain Control Switch, Ceiling Display, Humidity Sensor
225A Driver / passenger classification sensor
2310A Auxiliary Power Delay Power Circuit, Power Windows, Sunroof, Folding Mirror Relay, DC Inverter, Window / Sunroof Switch Illumination
2420A Centralized blocking relay
2530A Smart Front Left Window Motor, Door Module
2630A Smart Front Right Window Motor, Door Module
2730A Luke
2820A Sony amplifier, 10-channel
2930A Sony amplifier, 14-channel
3210A SYNC, GPS Module, Display, RF Radio Receiver
3320A Radio receiver
3430A Relay “run / start”
355A Airbag and seatbelt control module
3615A Lane Departure Warning Module, Auto High Beam, Electronic Mirrors, Heated Rear Seats
3720A Heated steering wheel
3830A Left front window motor, Electric rear window motors

Engine compartment

It is rippled with the battery and is covered by a protective cover.

Block under the hood

Type 1

For cars manufactured before 2015.

Photo for example

Photo of the unit under the hood 1


Block diagram under the hood ford explorer 5


Circuit breakers

330A Trailer braking control module
430A Wipers, windshield washer
550A Anti-lock brake system (ABS) pump
730A Rear lifting door with electric drive
820A Transparent hatch
920A Power socket 2 (rear console)
1740A 110V AC power socket
1840A Front blower motor
1930A Starter
2020A Power socket 1 (cigarette lighter)
2120A Power socket 3 (luggage compartment)
2230A Seat module third row
2330A Power driver’s seat, memory module
2430A Towed trailer (TT) battery charge relay
2640A Heated rear window, heated mirrors
2720A Power circuit (console)
2830A Climate control seats
2940A Motor cooling fan 1 high speed mode power supply circuit, motor cooling fan 1 and 2 low speed mode primary fuse
3040A Engine Cooling Fan 2 High Speed ​​Mode Circuit Fuse
3125A Secondary fuse of a circuit of a low speed mode of the fan 1 and 2 engine cooling
3940A Electric motor of the additional blower fan
4130A Heated rear row of seats
4230A Passenger seat
4340A ABS valves
455A Rain sensor
5015A Heated Mirrors
5615A Transmission control module
5720A LH headlamp with high intensity discharge lamp
5810A generator sensor
5910A Brake On / Off Switch (BOO)
6010A Duplicate trailer lights
6120A Unlock second row seat
6210A Air conditioner clutch
6315A Trailer turn signal / brake light bulbs (TT)
6415A Rear wipers
6530A Fuel pump
6720A Vehicle power supply (VPWR) 2 (elements of the power unit that affect the toxicity of exhaust gases)
6820A VPWR 4 (ignition coils)
6920A VPWR 1 (PCM)
7010A VPWR 3 (coil), all-wheel drive system module, variable regulation of the compressor of the air conditioning system (A / C)
7820A Right headlight with discharge lamps
795A Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
8215A Rear window washer
8420A Trailer side lights
867.5A Permanent power supply of PCM, PCM relay, adsorber ventilation solenoid valve
875A Coil starting relay
895A Front Blower Relay Coil, Electric Power Steering (EPAS) Module
9010A RSM, TSM, ECM (2.0L engine)
9110A “auxiliary equipment power supply” mode
9210A ABS module, factory removal and refueling
935A Rear blower motor, rear window heater, towed trailer (TT) battery charge relay
9430A Operation / start of the passenger compartment fuse panel

For cigarette lighters and sockets, fuses numbered 9, 20 and 21 at 20A are responsible.


10Third row rear seat unlock relay
11Heated rear window relay
12Towed trailer battery charge relay
13Starter relay
14Engine Cooling Fan 2 High Speed ​​Mode Relay
15Fuel pump relay
25Not used
32Auxiliary blower motor relay
33Relay 2 low speed fan 1 and 2 engine cooling
34Blower fan motor relay
35Engine Cooling Fan 1 High Speed ​​Mode Relay, Engine Cooling Fan 1 Low Speed ​​Mode Relays 1 and 2
36Not used
37Relay for right turn signal / trailer brake light
38Trailer reversing light relay
44Rear window washer relay
52Not used
53Left Turn Signal / Trailer Stop Light Relay
54Not used
55Wiper relay
66Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Relay
77Trailer side light relay
88Start relay
98A / C compressor clutch relay.

Type 2


For cars manufactured since 2015.


Block diagram under the hood ford explorer


120A Power supply to the powertrain control module
220A Engine Emissions (MIL)
320A Air Conditioning Clutch Control Relay Coil, VACC, Active Louver Grille
420A Ignition coils
1015A Heated Mirrors
1240A Heated rear window
1520A Power supply for horn relay
1610A Air conditioning clutch relay power supply
2225A Electric fan relay No. 2
2630A Anti-lock braking system valves
2730A Power supply of the trailer battery charging circuit relay
3010A Headlight range correction
3110A Electric power steering
3210A Anti-lock braking system module
3310A Powertrain control module (ISPR)
3410A Blind Spot Monitoring System, Adaptive Cruise Control System, Front View Camera, Rear Camera
4140A Rear blower motor
4340A Front blower motor
4450A Voltage quality module bus
4540A Electric fan relay No. 1
4630A Trailer brake controller
4850A Bus RP1 body control unit
5050A Bus RP2 body control unit
5150A Electric fan relay No. 3
5260A Anti-lock brake system pump
5640A Power Inverter
6020A Power Socket (Front Pull-Out Compartment)
6220A Power socket (instrument panel)
6330A Fuel pump
6520A Power outlet (2nd row) (without USB charger)
6720A Power socket (luggage compartment)
6930A Power luggage compartment door
7020A Left and right headlights brakes and direction indicators of the trailer
7230A Heated and cooled seats
7330A Driver’s seat module, Driver’s seat drive power supply
7430A Power supply for power passenger seat
7530A Front wiper motor
7830A Relay for power folding seat row 3
7930A Starter relay
8110A Trailer reversing light relay
8220A Steering column lock
8310A Brake pedal position switch
855A Row 2 USB Charger (if equipped)
9215A Relay unit multicontour driver’s seat
9310A generator sensor
9415A Rear window washer relay
9515A Rear window wiper relay
9610A Power supply of the relay coil of the powertrain control module
975A Rain sensor
9820A 2nd row seat motors
9920A Trailer parking light relay

For cigarette lighters and USB sockets, there are fuses numbered 60, 62, 65 and 67 at 20A and 85 at 5A.


11Relay for fan No. 3 of the electronic cooling system on the right side
14Powertrain Control Module Relay
17Heated rear window and heated mirrors relay
18Rear blower motor relay
19Not used
20Left side cooling fan relay
21Cooling fan series / parallel relay
29Run / Start Relay
36Blower fan relay
37Trailer battery charge circuit relay
38Air conditioning compressor clutch relay
39Horn relay
40Not used

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