Citroen C3 – fuse and relay

Citroen C3 is a compact passenger car, produced in various modifications. The first generation was delivered to the market in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. During this time, she received a restyling. Since 2010, the 2nd generation C3 has gone into production. It was produced in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. We will describe the Citroen C3 fuse and relay box diagrams with a detailed decoding of all elements for both generations.


Citroen C3 has two main fuse boxes.

The first is located in the engine compartment near the battery on the left side, under the protective cover.

Block in the engine compartment

The second is in the cabin under the dashboard (on the left side).

fuse box in the passenger compartment c3

1st generation

Citroen C3 (up to 2010)

Engine compartment


Scheme under the hood 1st generation


  • F1 10A Diesel engine preheating unit – Water in diesel fuel sensor – Speed ​​sensor – Reversing lights – ECU (automatic transmission, SensoDrive type gearbox)
  • F2 15A Fuel pump
  • F3 10A Electronic control units (ECU) (ABS system, ESP system)
  • F4 10A ECU (fuel injection system, power steering systems) – Sensors (diesel engine coolant level, cruise control system, brake lights, clutch) – SensoDrive gearbox and automatic transmission relay – Additional heating system unit
  • F6 15A Fog lights
  • F7 20A Glass headlight washer
  • F8 20A Engine control relay – Fuel injection computer
  • F9 15A Left low beam headlamp
  • F10 15A Right low beam headlamp
  • F11 10A Left high beam headlamp
  • F12 10A Right high beam headlamp
  • F13 15A Sound warning signal
  • F14 10A Glass washer
  • F15 15A Engine monitoring devices (ignition coil, solenoid valve, oxygen sensor, fuel injection system) – Fuel sump – Diesel fuel heater
  • F16 30A Air pump
  • F17 30A Windshield wiper
  • F18 30A / 40 A Electric fan

Passenger compartment



  • F1 15A Diagnostic socket supply circuit – Tow hitch + Navigation system
  • F4 20 А Electronic control unit (ECU) for automatic transmission – Steering column switch – Clock – Display – Navigation system – Electronic anti-theft alarm unit – Car radio
  • F5 15A Anti-theft alarm siren
  • F6 10 A Diagnostic connector – Flywheel angular position sensor
  • F7 15 A Rain sensor – Light sensor – Anti-theft alarm electronics
  • F10 40 A Heated rear window – Heated outside rearview mirrors
  • F11 15A Rear window wiper
  • F12 30A Power sliding sunroof power supply – Front door power windows
  • F14 10 A Under the steering switches – Airbag ECU – Engine compartment fuse box
  • F15 15 A Instrument cluster – Display – Navigation system – Air conditioning – Parking sensors – Car radio
  • F16 30A Central locking – Super locking system
  • F20 10 A Rear right brake light
  • F21 15 A Rear left brake light – Additional brake light
  • F22 20 A 12 V power socket – Citroen c3 cigarette lighter fuse – Interior lighting – Adjusting and folding power outside mirrors – Car radio connection – Illumination of the mirror integrated in the sun visor – License plate light

Please note that the fuse number 22 for 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

2nd generation

Citroen C3 (from 2010)

Engine compartment

C3 photo fuse box under the hood


Block diagram in the engine compartment from 2010

Protected components

  1. 20 – Power supply to the engine ECU, control of the electric fan, the main relay of the multifunction engine processor
  2. 15 – Sound signal
  3. 10 – Washer of front and rear windows
  4. 20 – Daylight
  5. 15 – Diesel fuel heater (on diesel versions), fuel pump (on gasoline versions)
  6. 10 – Processor of ABS / ESP systems, relay of disconnection of ABS / ESP systems, redundant contactor of brake lights
  7. 10 – Electric power steering
  8. 25 – the Starter switch
  9. 10 – Switching and protection unit (on diesel versions)
  10. 30 – High pressure fuel pump solenoid valve (on diesel versions), injectors and ignition coils (on gasoline versions)
  11. 40 – Electric fan of the air conditioning system
  12. 30 – Low / high speed of the windshield wiper
  13. 40 – Power supply of the intelligent switching unit (+ from the ignition lock)
  14. 30 – Power supply of the VALVETRONIC valve (petrol engine)
  15. 10 – Right high beam headlamp
  16. 10 – the Left headlamp of a high beam
  17. 15 – the Left headlamp of a low beam
  18. 15 – the Right headlamp of a passing beam
  19. 15 – Power supply to the multifunctional engine processor (on petrol versions), solenoid valves of the charge air cooling system (on diesel versions)
  20. 10 – Power supply to the multifunctional engine processor (on petrol versions), a solenoid valve for the turbocharging pressure control system (on diesel versions), a coolant level sensor (on diesel versions)
  21. 5 – Power supply of the cooling system fan, relay of the APC systems, ABS / ESP

List of large fuses

  • MF1 – 60 – Electric cooling fan
  • MF2 – 30 – ABS / ESP Processor
  • MF3 – 30 – ABS / ESP Processor
  • MF4 – 60 – Power supply to the intelligent breakout box
  • MF5 – 60 – Power supply to the intelligent breakout box
  • MF6 – Not used
  • MF7 – Passenger compartment fuse box
  • MF8 – Not used

Passenger compartment

Photo for example

C3 photo fuse box


circuit block in the cabin c3 from 2010


List of fuses

  • FH36 – 5 – Trailer switch box
  • FH37 – 15 – Power supply for the electrical connector for connecting additional equipment of the caravan
  • FH38 – 20 – Navigation system
  • FH39 – 20 – Heated seats
  • FH40 – 30 – Trailer switch box

F1 – 15 – Rear window wiper
F2 – Not used
F3 – 5 – Airbag and pyrotechnic pretensioner ECU
F4 – 10 – Steering angle sensor, air conditioning, clutch contactor, diesel particulate filter additive pump, diagnostic socket, air flow sensor
F5 – 30 – Power window control panel, passenger power window control, front power window motor
F6 – 30 – Rear window lift motor and driver’s door power window motor
F7 – 5 – Lights, front light, glove box light, portable lamp, rear lights
F8 – 20 – Multifunction display, car radio, navigation system
F9 – 30 – Car radio (optional), 12 V socket
F10 – 15 – Steering column switches
F11 – 15 – Ignition switch, diagnostic socket
F12 – 15 – Rain / light sensor, electronics box trailer
F13 – 5 – Brake light main contactor, engine switch box
F14 – 15 – Parking aid computer, seat belt warning lamp, airbag computer, dashboard, air conditioning, USB Box
F15 – 30 – Locking
F16 – Not used
F17 – 40 – Heated rear window and outside mirrors
SH – Shunt PARC

The fuse number 9 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

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  • Hi I have a 2017 Citroen C3 1.2 Puretech feel 82hp the driver side window switch is not working all the other door switches are working ok have checked the voltage at the drivers door switch and it shows only 1,7 v i want to check the relay but not sure how to get to the fuse board behind the glove compartment

  • What fuse number is responsible for interior lights?

  • Hi there
    I have a 2012 (62) c3 e-hdi , that the heater blower motor has stopped working have checked the motor itself and the resistor , to no joy so need to locate the relay next , where will I find this please

    • Had the same in my ’63’ exclusive. Took it to all my regular mechanics but unfortunately had to take to a citroen service as others couldn’t do it. It was a big job, dashboard taken out etc, cost over £500. Hope yours is not this.

  • Hello. Could anyone tell me if there is a fuse for the courtesy light in the boot of my second gen c3 please (which number is it?) Thank you. Phil

  • Hi,

    I’ve got a 2015 Citroen c3 but my boot won’t open. I have changed the boot lock and the switch but still not working. I can open the boot manually from inside. Is there a fuse for this and what number or where is the location of it. Thanks Bobby

  • عندي ستروين c3 2003 عندما ادور المفتاح لا يشتغل المحرك ومن جهة المحرك عندما اوصل فيشة السترتور تشتغل

  • The airbag in my Citroen C3 has been recalled due to dangerous operation. Can I safely remove the fuse F3 until it is resolved?

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