Toyota Nadia – fuse and relay

Toyota Nadia minivan was produced in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. During this time, the model has been updated. In this publication, we will show a description of Toyota Nadia fuses and relays with box diagrams and their locations. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Toyoya Nadia

The purpose of the elements in the boxes may differ from the one presented. Check the assignment with your diagrams on the box cover.

Passenger compartment

The fuse box is located at the bottom of the dashboard behind a protective cover.


Example of a diagram from the box cover





17,5A TURN – Direction indicators
27,5A IDLE UP – Electronic engine control unit
330A DOOR – Door locks
47,5A STARTER – Electronic engine control unit
510A TAIL – Dimensions room lighting
620A WIPER – Wipers and washers
710A ECU-IG – ABS, parking system, electronic control unit for all-wheel drive system
815A METER АС – Air conditioning and heater
915A STOP – Stop lights, additional stop light
1015A LITER, RADIO – Clock, radio, CD player, cigarette lighter fuse, mirror control system
117,5A IG – Electronic engine control unit
1230A RR DEF – Heated rear window
1310A RR HEATER – Rear heater
1415A FR FOG – Front fog lights
40A AM1 – Power group contactor of ignition locks
30A POWER – Power windows

The fuse number 10, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment


location nadia


  1. Fuse and relay box
  2. Relay box

Fuse and relay box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Photo 2


Covery diagram

Protected components

ECU-B – Airbag, ABS system7,5 А
HAZARD – Alarm10 А
RR CLR – Rear air conditioner10 А
AM 2 – Ignition lock30 А
AM 2, FUEL HTR – Ignition switch, fuel heater30 А
RAD №1 – Radio tape recorder15 А
PWR 2 – Driver’s windows30 А
ALT-S – Generator5 А
DOME – Interior lighting, local lighting, luggage compartment lighting, clock10 А
HEAD (LH) – Headlights (left)15 А
HEAD (RH) – Headlights (right)15 А
EFI – Fuel injection system15 А
HORN – Sound signal10 А
HORN, HAZ – Sound signal, alarm15 А
ACC SOCKET, PWR OUTLET – Socket (trunk)15 А
EFI – Injection system relay
ST – Starter relay
HORN – Signal relay
HEAD – Headlight relay
ENG MAIN – Engine Main Relay
FAN – radiator fan relay
HTR – heater relay
ALT – Generator120А
HTR – dispenser50А

Realy box


Photo example of execution

Photo 4


  • ABS – ABS relay
  • ABS MTR – ABS motor relay
  • HEAD LO – Headlight fuse


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