Opel (Vauxhall) Vectra C (Signum) – fuse and relay

Opel Vectra C is the third generation of the Opel Vectra range. Also known as Vauxhall Vectra C. Vectra C was produced in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. On its basis, the luxury model Opel Signum was later built. In this publication you will find a designation of the fuse boxes and relays of the Opel Vectra C, with boxes diagrams and photographs. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Ople Vectra C

The design of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in your Opel Vectra C may differ and depends on the year of manufacture, the level of electrical equipment and the country of delivery.

Passenger compartment

It is located in the left end of the dashboard, on the driver’s side, and is covered by a protective cover.

Access to the unit in the salon

Photo for example

Photo - an example of a block in the cabin


Block diagram in the saloon of the Opel Vectra with


120A Audio system, additional heater, DVD-player
27.5A Air conditioner – manual temperature control, air conditioner / heater fan motor
320A Luke
57.5A Door electric control unit
67.5A Stop lights
730A Multifunctional control unit 1
830A door control unit
97.5A Multifunctional control unit 1
107.5A Steering column electrical control unit
117.5A Diagnostic connector (DLC)
1215A Battery overload protection
1530A Driver’s door control unit
1715A Instrument cluster, multifunction display
187,5А Ignition lock, air conditioner
207.5A Lateral movement sensor
217.5A Telematics
2230A Cigarette lighter
2330A Air Conditioner – Manual Temperature Control, Air Conditioner / Heater Fan Motor
257.5A Air conditioner – manual temperature control, air conditioner / heater fan motor
267.5A Multifunction display, instrument cluster

The fuse number 22, 30A, is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Some relays may be located on the back of the unit.


Relay circuit in the cabin


  1. Main ignition circuit relay (Terminal 15a)
  2. Terminal 15 relay
  3. Relay for interior ventilation
  4. Heater blower motor relay

Engine compartment

Main box

It is located next to the battery and the side stand, covered with a protective cover, on the back of which the current diagram will be applied.

Block under the hood Vectra C


Block diagram under the hood


R5Engine control relay
R6Starter relay
R7Windshield wiper motor relay (ON / OFF)
R9Relay for main ignition circuits
R10Windshield wiper motor relay (wiper low / high speed)
R11Headlight washer relay
R14A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
120A Electronic engine control unit
225A Starter
320A Buzzer
410A Air Conditioning – Climate Control
515A Windshield wiper / washer
715A ESP control unit (vehicle stability control)
810A Headlights, windshield washer nozzles heaters
97,5A Power steering
1010A Headlight range control unit
1130A Windshield wiper
1230A Windshield wiper
137.5A ESP control unit (vehicle stability control)
1410A Engine management
1510A Electronic engine control unit
167.5A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
195/10 / 15A Control unit for headlight range control, headlight range control, xenon headlights
205A Headlight range control
2320A Auxiliary heater
2430A Battery voltage
2530A Battery voltage
2860A Control unit for opening / closing the trunk lid (rear door)
2940A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
3060A Control unit for opening / closing the trunk lid (rear door)
3160A Fuse / Relay Box Instrument Panel
3240A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
3360A Main Ignition Circuit Relay, Fuse / Relay Box, Instrument Panel
3460A Control unit for opening / closing the trunk lid (rear door)
3530A / 40A Cooling fan motor
3620A / 30A Cooling fan motor
37Adaptive headlight system – AFL

Additional box

It can be placed next to the main one.


Additional block under the hood - diagram


Type 1

  1. 60A Glow plug control unit
  2. 30A Fuel filter heater relay
  3. 60A Glow plug control unit

R3 – Fuel filter heater relay

Type 2

R2, R3 – Fuel heater relay

  1. 30A Starter
  2. 20A Buzzer

Luggage compartment

This unit is located in the luggage compartment on the left, in the glove box.

Access to the unit in the trunk

The photo

Photo of the unit in the trunk


Block diagram in the trunk of an Opel Vectra with


340A Power seat
440A Heated rear window
540A Power seat
630A Power Window Regulator – Right Rear
730A Power Window Regulator – Rear Left
815A Heated seat, rear right
915A Anti-theft system, horn
1020A fuel pump
1125A Battery voltage
1212A Heated Seat – Rear Left
1320A Trailer electrical connector
1415A Rear window wiper
1515A Heated seats, seat ventilation system, front left
1615A Heated seat, rear right
1715A Connector for additional equipment
1830A Trunk lid / tailgate lock
1910A Battery voltage
207,5A Central locking
215A Volume change sensor (anti-theft system)
2230A Trunk Lock Remote Control
237.5A Anti-theft alarm wire on glass (anti-theft alarm glass break sensor)
2425A Battery voltage
2510A Suspension control system
2625A Ignition switch
275A Seat occupant sensor, tire pressure monitoring system, rain sensor, air conditioning system
287,5A Parking sensors

Some relay elements can be attached to the back of the box.

Photo of the relay box


Relay circuit in the trunk


5Rear window wiper
6Terminal 15
7Heated rear left seat
8Heated rear right seat
9Heated rear window
10Buzzer / anti-theft alarm
11Fuel pump
12Single lock / fuel filler flap

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