Lexus LX570 J200 (2007 – 2015) Fuse and Relay

Lexus LX 570 J200 represents 3 generations of the LX model range which was produced in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. During this time the model has been updated 2 times. In our material you can find a description of fuses and relays Lexus LX 570 with box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of access to the blocks. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

LX570 3G

The assignment of elements in the blocks may differ from the one shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your vehicle.

Passenger compartment

Driver side box

In the passenger compartment, the driver’s side fuse box is located under the dash behind the protective cover.

Location 1

Check the fuse and relay assignments against your diagrams on the unit cover.

Diagram from the box cover

Covery 1


Diagram fuse box cruiser 200


115А CIG – Cigarette lighter
210A BK / UP LP – Reversing lights, trailer
37.5A ACC – Stereo Effect Amplifier Unit, DSS2 ECU, Multifunction Display Unit, Radio Receiver, Main ECU, ECU Mirror, Intelligent Button Start and Start System, Clock
410A PANEL – 4WD, ashtray, cigarette lighter, refrigerated compartment, cruise control, center differential lock, DAC, multifunction display unit, heated seats, air conditioning, glove box lighting, flashing alarm, radio, headlight cleaner, height adjuster headlights, auxiliary heater, driver position memory system, mirror ECU, roof module, roll-over sensor switch for side curtain airbags, gear lever switch, steering wheel switches, VSC, console switch, PANEL RLY
510A ECU-IG NO.2 – Air Conditioning, Heater, Roof Module, ABS, VSC, Steering Sensor, Yaw Rate and G-Sensor, J / B ECU, Brake Lights, Sunroof, Clock, EC MIR
65A WINCH – No chain
710A A / C IG – Refrigerated Compartment, Condenser Fan, Cooler Compressor, MG CL, Heated Rear Window, RR MGC VLV
815A TAIL – Rear lights, license plate lights, fog lights, rear fog lights, trailer, parking lights
930A WIPER – Windscreen wiper
1020A WSH – Windscreen washer
1115A RR WIPER – Rear wiper
1220A 4WD – All-wheel drive system
135A LH-IG – Alternator, Heated Seats, Heated Windshield Wiper Zone, Seat Belt Pretensioners, Flashing Hazard Light, Gear Lever Switch
145A ECU-IG NO.1 – ABS, VSC, steering column tilt and length adjustment, ECU gateway, shift lock system, DSS2 ECU, cruise control system, pre-crash safety belts, trailer, headlight cleaner, multifunction display unit , automatic wiper ECU, driver position memory system, electric door lock system
1525A S / ROOF – Sun Roof
1620A RR DOOR RH – Power windows (rear right door)
1715A MIR – ECU mirrors, heated door mirrors
1820A RR DOOR LH – Power windows (rear left door)
1920A FR DOOR LH – Power windows (front left door)
2020A FR DOOR RH – Power windows (front right door)
217,5A RR FOG – Rear fog lamps
227.5A A / C- Air conditioning system
235A AM1 – No circuit
2415A TI & TE – Adjusting the tilt and departure of the steering wheel
2530A FR P / SEAT RH – Front seat adjustment
2615A PWR OUTLET – Electrical outlet
277,5A OBD – Diagnostic connector
2830A PSB – Safety belt with pre-crash system
2925A DOOR NO.1 – Main ECU
3030A FR P / SEAT LH – Front seat adjustment
3115A INVERTER – Inverter

For the operation of the cigarette lighter and additional sockets, fuses 1 and 26 at 15A are responsible.

Passenger side box

It is located under the glove compartment. For access, you need to remove the protection cover.

Location 2

Photo for example



Diagram 2


130A RSF LH – Electric actuator for the left-hand third row seat
230A B/DR CLSR RH – Rear right-hand door electric actuator control unit
330A B/DR CLSR LH – Electric rear left-hand door control unit
430A RSF RH – Electric actuator for the right-hand third-row seat
520A DOOR DL – Dual locking system
620A AHC-B – Active body height control system (AHC)
75A TEL – Telephone, Multimedia
87.5A TOW BK/UP – Towing
910A AHC-B NO.2 – Active body height control system (AHC)
10VGRS, AHC, tyre pressure monitoring system
1110A SEAT-A/C FAN – Seat cooling fans
1220A SEAT-HTR – Seat heater
135A AFS
145A ECU-IG NO.3 – Cruise control
1510A STRG HTR – Heated steering wheel
1610A TV – Multifunction display unit

Engine compartment

Main fuse and realy box

Located on the left side, also covered with a protective cover.

Location 2

Photo example

Photo 2

Diagram from the box cover

Covery 2


Diagram 3

Protected components


115A A / F * 1 – Heated A / F
210A HORN – Sound signal
325A EFI MAIN – EFI, Heated A / F, Fuel Pump
430A IG2 MAIN – Injector, ignition, indication
550A RR A / C – Heater controller
625A SEAT-A / C LH – Heated seats, ventilated seats
720A RR S / HTR – Heated rear seat
725A CDS FAN – Condenser fan
820A DEICER – Heated area of ​​windscreen wiper blades
820A RR S / HTR – Heated rear seat
925A CDS FAN – Condenser fan
97,5A FR FOG – Front fog lights
1030A TOW TAIL – Trailer lighting
1015A STOP – Brake lights, additional brake light, brake controller, ABS, VSC, ECU, EFI, trailer connector (from 2014)
1130A RR P / SEAT – Rear Seat Drive
1125A SEAT-A / C LH – Heated seats, ventilated seats
1210A ALT-CDS – Alternator Capacitor
1315A FR FOG – Fog lights
145A SECURITY – Brake Lights, Secondary Brake Light, ABS, VSC, Main ECU, EFI, Trailer
1525A SEAT-A / C RH – Heated seats, ventilated seats
1615A STOP – Stop Lights, Additional Brake Light, ABS, VSC, J / B ECU, EFI, Trailer
1730A TOW BRK * 1 – Trailer lighting
177,5A PWR HTR * 2 – Additional heater
1850A RR AUTO A / C – Rear Air Conditioning System
1950A PTC-1 – PTC heater
2050A PTC-2 – PTC heater
2150A PTC-3 – PTC heater
2240A RH-J / B
2340A SUB BATT – Towing
2440A VGRS
2530A H-LP CLN – Headlight cleaner
2630A DEFOG – Heated rear window
2760A AHC
27SUB-R / B (since 2014)
2850A HTR – Front Air Conditioning System
2930A PBD
30150A LH-J / B – Main ECU
31180A ALT – Generator
3250A A / PUMP NO.1 * 1 – Air pump
3280A GLOW1 * 2 – Candles
3350A A / PUMP NO.2 * 1 – Air pump
3380A GLOW2
3440A MAIN – Headlights, daytime running lights,
3550A ABS
3650A ABS
3730A ST – Starting system
387,5A IMB – Module ident. code, intelligent push-button entry and start system, GBS
395A AM2 – Main ECU
407,5A DOME2 – Illumination of an individual mirror, ceiling module
415A ECU-B2 – Driver position memory system
425A TEL – Multimedia (until 2014)
4230A AMP 2 – Audio system (from 2014)
437,5A RSE – Rear seat entertainment system
4430A TOWING – Towing
4525A DOOR NO.2 – Main ECU
4620A STR LOCK – Steering lock system
4715A TURN-HAZ – Counter, front turn signals, side repeaters, rear turn signals, trailer
4820A EFI MAIN2 * 1
4820A F / PUMP * 2 – Fuel pump
4910A ETCS – Injection system
5130A AMP – Audio system with radio receiver
5210A RAD NO.1 – Navigation system with radio, DSS2
535A ECU-B1 – Dual locking system, intelligent push-button entry and start system, roof module, yaw rate and overload sensor, steering column tilt and length adjustment, counter, refrigerated compartment, ECU gateway, steering sensor, VGRS
545A DOME1 – Door sill lights, clock
5515A HEAD LH – High beam headlamp (left)
5615A HEAD LL – Low beam headlamp (left), headlight range control system
5715A INJ – Injector, ignition
585A MET – Counter
5910A IGN – Open Loop, SRS Airbag System, ECU Gateway, Push Button Smart Entry and Start System, ABS, VSC, Steering Lock, GBS
6015A HEAD RH – High beam headlamp (right)
6115A HEAD RL – Low beam headlamp (right)
637,5A RR A / C NO.2 – Rear air conditioner
647,5A EFI NO.3 * 2 – EGR E-VRV B2, D-THROT SOL B2
655A DEF NO.2 – Heated outside rearview mirrors
665A DRL – Daytime running lights

* 1 – Cars with gasoline engine
* 2 – Cars with diesel engine

Injection system

  1. Heated rear window relay
  2. Auxiliary battery relay
  3. Trailer dimensions
  4. Relay for auxiliary ignition circuits
  5. Relay No. 2 of the injection system
  6. Petrol: Fuel pump control unit relay
  7. Anti-theft relay
  8. Fog lamp relay
  9. Start inhibit relay
  10. A / C condenser fan motor relay
  11. Heater relay
  12. Brake light relay
  13. A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
  14. Windshield heater relay
  15. Heater relay
  16. Starter relay
  17. High beam relay
  18. Low beam relay
  19. Suspension control relay

Additional box

Location 3


Diagram box under the hood


130A HWD1
230A TOW BRK – Brake controller
330A RR P / SEAT
520A DEICER – Heated area of windscreen wiper blades
610A ALT-CDS – Generator capacitor
75A SECURITY – Alarm
825A SEAT A / C RH – Heated seats
910A Al PMP HTR – Fuel heater
1030A TOW TAIL – Trailer lighting
1130A HWD2


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