Kia Spectra – fuse and relay

The Kia Spectra sedan was produced in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. In our material you will find a description of the Kia Spectra fuses and relays with box diagrams, photos – examples of execution and their locations. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Kia Spectra

The current box diagrams for your Kia Spectra will be printed on the box cover. Check the purpose of the elements.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located on the left pillar under the dashboard on the driver’s side, behind the protective cover.

Block option 2


Scheme 4


A/BAG10A Airbag
TURN LAMP10A Turn signal lamp
METER10A Instrument panel, reversing lamp, warning horn
ILLUMI10A Backlight switch
POWER SOCKET15A Luggage compartment lamp, power socket
HAZARD15A Hazard warning lamp
STOP15A Brake light, ABS
TAIL (RH)10A Side light bulb (right rear / left front), switch illumination
TAIL (LH)10A Side light bulb (left rear / right front)
CIGAR15A Cigarette lighter
AUDIO10A Audio system, electric rearview mirror, clock
WIPER (FRT)15A Glass cleaner, washer (front), sunroof
WIPER (RR)15A Glass cleaner (rear). Washer (rear)
WARMER15A Heated front seat
MIRROR DEF10A Heated outside rearview mirror
START10A Engine control unit, ECAT unit (electronically controlled suspension control)

The cigarette lighter fuse is designated CIGAR 15A.

Relay box

Attached behind the fuse box. The number of elements in it may differ and depends on the level of electrical equipment. The immobilizer module is located nearby.

Kia Spectra Relay Block

The photo

Kia spectrum relay

Here you can find such relays as: alarm and turn signal relay, signal relay, central locking relay, engine control relay, fog lamp relay, etc.

Engine compartment

It is located next to the battery and is covered by a protective cover.

Photo – an example of execution

Photo example of a block under the hood


Scheme 2


1IGN 1: 20A (Ignition switch)
2ABS: 30A (ABS)
3TNS: 30A (Automatic connection to secondary fuses TAIL 10A, TAIL 10A)
4IGN 2: 30A (Ignition switch, starter relay)
5START: 20A Starter
630A. Power supply for fuses 15 and 20
7COOL / FAN: 20A Vent. Radiator
8COND / FAN: 20A Vent. Air conditioner
9STARTER: 10 / 15A Starter
10BLOWER: 25A Heater fan
11SR / ACC: 10A Air Conditioner
12RR FOG: 10A Rear fog lamps
13HAZARD: 15A Hazard warning light
14D / LOCK: 25A Central door lock
15ABS: 30A ABS
16SUNROOF: 15A Люк
17P / W RH: 20A Right electric glass lifts
18P / W LH: 20A Left electric glass lifts
19RR WIPER: 15A Glass Wiper – Rear
20IGN 2: 20A Ignition switch, starter relay
21HEAD: 25A Headlights
22IG COIL: 15A Ignition Coil
23OBD – II: 10A Diagnostic connector
24DEFOG: 20A Glass heater
25OX SEN D: 10A Rear oxygen sensor
26OX SEN U: 10A Front oxygen sensor
27FUEL PUMP: 10A Fuel pump
28INJECTOR: 10A Injector
29A / CON: 10A Air conditioner
30BTN: 30A Brake lights, Hazard warning lights, Interior lighting, Central locking
3110A Auto light on
32FRT FOG: 15A Fog lights, front
33TAIL RH: 10A Side light – rear right
34TAIL LH: 10A Position Light – Rear Left
35HEAD LOW: 15A Headlight low
36HEAD HI: 15A Headlamp, far
37HORN: 15A Horn relay
41 45SPARES: 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A (spare)
50DEFOG Fog lights
51FUEL PUMP Fuel Pump
52HORN beep
53AIR COND air conditioner
54EGI MAINAMP Main Ignition Relay
55HEADLAMP Headlights, instrument and control lights
56TNS Carries out automatic connection to secondary fuses TAIL (LEV) 10A, TAIL (RIGHT) 10A
60P / WINDOWS Relay for electric glass lifts
61BLOWER Heating and air conditioning relay
63COOLING FAN Radiator fan relay
64CONDENSOR FAN Fan relay air conditioner
75FUSE PULLER – Tweezers

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