Honda Fit Jazz 3G (2014 – 2020) fuse and relay

The 3rd generation Honda Fit was produced in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 2018, 2019 and 2020 on the GK and GP (Hybrid) platforms. During this time, the model has been restyled. This model is also known as the Honda Jazz 3. In our article, we will present a description of the Honda Fit 3 (Jazz 3) fuses and relays with fuse box diagrams, their photographs and locations. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Honda Fit 3G

The purpose of the fuses and relays and their location may differ from those shown and depend on the year of manufacture, the level of electrical equipment and the region where your car was delivered.

Wrong generation or diagrams do not fit?

[Description of Honda Fit 1]
[Description of Honda Fit 2]

Passenger compartment

Two fuse and relay boxes can be installed in the cabin, they are located under the instrument panel on the driver’s side.

Location fuse box fit 3

Main box

Location fuse box 1

Photo – example


Label with designation



120A Door lock
310A Smart (Optional)
415A Driver side door unlock
515A Passenger side door unlock
610A Driver’s door unlock
710A Driver door lock
820A Driver’s power window
920A Passenger power window
1020A Rear left power window
1120A Rear right power window
1215A Door lock lock on the driver’s side
1315A Passenger’s door lock lock
1510A High beam right headlight
167.5A STS (optional)
1720A ACC connector (console) (optional)
1820A Moonroof (optional)
1920A Front seat heater (optional)
2215A Washer
2310A Rear wiper
247.5A Air conditioner
257.5A Daytime running lights
267.5A Starter Cut
277.5A ABS/VSA
2810A SRS
2910A High beam left headlight
3010A ACG
3110A Power window
3215A Fuel pump
337.5A SRS
347.5A Instruments
357.5A Mission SOL
3620A Front ACC connector
377.5A ACC
387.5A ACC key lock
3910A Option
4010A Rear wiper

Check the information with your diagrams.

Additional box

This fuse box is under the main one.

covery 1

To access, remove the protective cover.

Location fuse box 2




170A EPS
130A (with smart access system), 50 A (without smart access system) – IG Main
150A Main fuse box 2
140A ABS/VSA Motor
130A Main fuse box 1
140A Main fuse box 3
330A Heater
430A IG Main 2 (with intelligent entry system)
610A Deicer
910A Small light
1020A ACC connector (console) (optional)
1130A Rear heater
12Not used (with smart login system)
7.5A ACC key lock (without smart entry system)
1310A Heated mirrors (optional)
147.5A Air conditioning fan SW
15Not used (with smart login system)
30A Wiper (without smart entry system)

Engine compartment

Under the hood, in the engine compartment, on the left side, there are two fuse boxes.

Fuse and relay box

Location under the hood


Photo fuse box Honda fit 3G

An example of a circuit from the block cover

covery 3


Diagram 1


120A Headlight low beam main
230A CDC (optional)
310A Alarm / Hazard
415A DBW
530A Wiper
610A Stop
715A IGP
815A Ignition coil
910A ECP (optional)
1020A Injector
1230A Main fan
1330A Starter SW
147.5A MG Clutch
157.5A Battery sensor
177.5A Daytime running lights
1810A Signal / Horn
1915A Fog lights (optional)
2115A Back Up Main
227.5A Interior lighting
2330A Sub Fan
257.5A Smart Entry Auto Start (optional)
267.5A ST MG
2910A Reversing light
317.5A IGPS
3210A Right Headlight Low Beam
3310A Left Headlight Low Beam

Power fuse box

The main power block of high power fuses is mounted on the positive terminal of the battery, made in the form of high power fuse links.

Location under the hood power fuse box


Diagram 2


  • a – 100A Battery
  • b – 70A RB Main 1
  • c – 80A RB Main 2
  • d – 70A CAP Main

Additional elements

Under the hood, on the right side, there may also be a box with a relay.

Photo relay


relay a-c

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  • your additional elements shown above . what honda model do they represent please. I have an honda jazz 1.3 se 2017 reg and i am trying to find the location of the compressor clutch relay, i have a box under the bonnet that has 8 relays and none are listed what they are for on the box lid, the box is where yours with 4 relays is shown , can any please help

  • I have a 2018 Honda Fit Ex, I trying to find the ETCS control relay?

  • Which is the fuse for the 12V accessories power for an Honda Jazz 2016? I cannot find it in your description. Thank you.

  • Hi am looking for fuse and relay for hazard lights and indicator onmy honda jazz 2017
    None is working on my car indicator and hazard light both side
    Thanks kumar

  • Hi, the is the, Multiple purpose relay for a 2016 Jazzzz, can’t find it here

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