Dodge Charger (LD) 7G fuse and relay

Dodge Charger LD introduces the 7th generation Charger. Years of issue 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. During this time, the model has been restyled and updated. We will show a description of Dodge Charger LD fuses and relays with box diagrams and their locations.

dodge charger

The design of the boxes may differ from that shown and depends on the year of manufacture and equipment of your car. Match the assignment with your diagrams on the box lid.

Engine compartment fuse box

The Front Power Distribution Center is located in the engine compartment. This module contains fuses and relays.





Diagram 1


1Fuse – Spare
240A Radiator Fan #1 – (Non 6.2L Supercharged)
350A Electric Power Steering #1 – If Equipped / Radiator Fan (6.2L Supercharged) – If Equipped
430A Starter
540A Anti Lock Brake
630A Anti Lock Brake
720A Police Ignition Run / ACC #1
820A Police Ignition Run / ACC # 2
920A All-Wheel Drive Module – If Equipped
1010A Intrusion MOD (300) – If Equipped / Under Hood Lamp – Police
1120A Horns
1210A Air Conditioning Clutch
13Fuse – Spare
14Fuse – Spare
1520A Left HID – If Equipped
1620A Right HID – If Equipped
1850A Radiator Fan – (Non 6.2L Supercharged)
1950A Electric Power Steering #2 – If Equipped / Radiator Fan #2 (6.2L Supercharged)
2030A Wiper Motor
2130A Headlamp Washers – If Equipped Police Bat Feed #2
2240A Engine Cooling Pump (6.2L Supercharged) / Police Bat Feed # 3
2320A Police Bat Feed # 1
2420A Police Ignition Run/ACC Feed # 3
28Fuse – Spare
2915A Transmission Control Module (Challenger/Charger Police) / Electronic Shift Module (Challenger)
30Fuse – Spare
3125A Engine Module
32Fuse – Spare
33Fuse – Spare
3425A Powertrain #1
3520A Powertrain #2
3610A Anti-Lock Brake Module
3710A Engine Controller / Rad Fan Relays (Charger/300) / Electric Power Steering Module (Charger/300) / 5-Speed TCM
3810A Airbag Module
3910A EPS (Challenger) / EHPS (Police) / AC Clutch Relay / Vacuum Pump Relay / Rad Fan Relays (Challenger)
4810A AWD Module/Front Axle Disconnect – If Equipped
49Fuse – Spare
50Fuse – Spare
5120A Vacuum Pump
525A Adaptive Cruise – If Equipped
53Fuse – Spare

Luggage compartment fuse box

There is also a power distribution center located in the trunk under the spare tire access panel. This center contains fuses and relays.

Location 3


Photo 12


Diagram 2


260A Front PDC Feed #1
3Fuse – Spare
460A Front PDC Feed #2
530A Sunroof/Dome Lamp – Police
640A Exterior Lighting #1
740A Exterior Lighting #2
830A Interior Lighting
940A Power Locks
1030A Driver Door Control Module
1130A Passenger Door Control Module
1220A Dual USB Center Console Rear/Cigar Lighter IP -If Equipped
1540A HVAC Blower
1620A Left Spot Lamp – Police
1720A Right Spot Lamp – Police
1830A Mod Network Interface – Police
19Fuse – Spare
20Fuse – Spare
2130A Fuel Pump (Non 6.2L SRT Demon)
225A Cyber Gateway Mod
2310A Fuel Door/ Diagnostic Port
2410A Integrated Center Stack
2510A Tire Pressure Monitor
2615A Cygnus Transmission Module (Charger/300) / Electronic Shift Module (Charger/300)
2725A Amplifier – If Equipped
3125A Power Seats – If Equipped
3215A HVAC Module/Cluster
3315A Ignition Switch/RF Hub Module/ Steering Column Lock (300) – If Equipped
3410A Steering Column Module/Clock (300)
355A Battery Sensor
3615A Electronic Exhaust Valve – If Equipped
3720A Radio
3820A Power Outlet Inside Arm Rest/Console Media Hub
4030A Fuel Pump (6.2L SRT Demon – If Equipped)
4130A Fuel Pump (6.2L SRT Demon – If Equipped)
4230A Rear Defrost
4320A Comfort Seat And Steering Wheel Module (Heated Steering Wheel/RR Heated Seats)
4410A Park Assist / Blind Spot / Rear View Camera
4515A Cluster / Rearview Mirror / Compass (Charger/300) / Humidity Sensor / Forward Facing Camera (Lane Departure) / Cyber Gateway
46Fuse – Spare
4710A Adaptive Front Lighting / Day Time Running Lamps -If Equipped
4820A Active Suspension – (6.4L / 6.2L)
49Fuse – Spare
50Fuse – Spare
5120A Front Heated / Vented Seats – If Equipped
5210A Heated Cupholders/Rear Heated Seat Switches -If Equipped
5310A HVAC Module/In Vehicle Temperature Sensor
54Fuse – Spare
55Fuse – Spare
56Fuse – Spare
57Fuse – Spare
5810A Airbag Module
5920A Adjustable Pedals – Police
60Fuse – Spare
61Fuse – Spare
62Fuse – Spare
63Fuse – Spare
6425A Rear Windows (Charger/300)
6510A Airbag Module
66Fuse – Spare
6710A Rain and Light Sensor / Sunroof / Inside RR View Mirror / Police Run Acc Relay
6810A Dual USB Power Outlet – R/A Sense (Charger/300) Rear Sunshade (Charger/300) RR USB Timer
69Fuse – Spare
70Fuse – Spare

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Dodge Charger are the fuses №12, 38 and 61

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