Buick LeSabre Park Avenue (1991 – 1999) fuse and relay

The 7th generation Buick LeSabre was produced in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999. During this time, the model underwent a facelift. In our material you will find a description of Buick LeSabre 7 fuses and relays with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of implementation. Note the cigarette lighter fuse. This information will also be useful to owners of Buick Park Avenue 1G, since these cars have similar electrical circuits.

lesabre 7

The purpose of fuses and relays may differ from those presented and depend on the engine size, year of manufacture and level of electrical equipment.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

Inside the car, the fuse box is located under the instrument panel, on the driver’s side.


Type 1




1Not Used
2Not Used
3Power Seats Circuit Breaker
4Not Used
5Not Used
3ANot Used
4ANot Used
5AUp-Level HVAC, ALM, Cruise Control, Cluster
6ACourtesy Lamps, Power Mirrors
7ANot Used
8APerimeter Lighting
9ANot Used
1BTurn Signal, Back-Up Lamps, BTSI
3BNot Used
4BNot Used
5BAnti-Lock Brake System, Computer Command Control
6BBrake and Hazard Lamps
7BNot Used
8BInterior Lighting
9BCigarette Lighter
1CAir Bag System
3CNot Used
4CNot Used
5CCooling Fans, Transaxle
6CParking Lamps, Interior Lamps
7CNot Used
8CParking Lamps
9CRadio, Cluster
1DTelltale, Chime, Cluster, RAC, LCM
3DHeated Mirrors
4DNot Used
5DBase NC
6DNot Used
9DNot Used
1ENot Used
2EAir Bag System, PASS-Key
3ENot Used
4ENot Used
5ERear Defog
6ENot Used
7EMiscellaneous Engine-Non OBD II
8EWipers, Washer
9ENot Used

Fuse 9B is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Type 2

Check the purpose of the elements with your diagrams on the back of the block cover.


Type 3




110A Supplemental restraint system (SRS)
Security system
330A Power windows
430A Memory seats
Electric mirror module
Central locking
Electric seats
Heated rear windscreen
Keyless entry receiver
615A Electric rear-view mirror
Memory seats
Electric mirror module
Instrument panel
Warning system
Supplemental restraint system (SRS)
710A Supplemental restraint system (SRS)
820A Exterior lights
910A Spare fuse
1015A Spare fuse
1115A Instrument panel
Interior lights
Warning system
Air conditioning
Bulb monitor
1220A Electronic level control
1320A Exterior lights
Traction control unit
1415A Headlights
Exterior lights
1515A Interior lights
Memory seats
Electric mirror module
Electric seats
Electric mirrors
Door lights
1610A Cooling fan(s)
Fuel injection
1725A Air conditioning
Cruise control unit
Heated rear windscreen
Electronic level control
1910A ABS
Traction control unit
2010A Bulb monitor
Instrument panel
2110A Interior lights
2220A Spare fuse
2325A Spare fuse
2410A Interior lights
2525A Windscreen wash/wipe system

Fuse and relay box

On the passenger side, at the bottom of the panel, there is a fuse and relay box.

fuse box 2

Type 1


Diagram 2-1


110А Air conditioning
315А Central locking
Keyless entry receiver
Interior lights
Electric antenna
Door lights
420А Horns
Luggage compartment closing
Keyless entry receiver
515А Fuel injection
Starter system
Charging system
Cruise control
Air conditioning
Electronic power steering
620А Fuel system control unit
Ignition system
710А Fuel system control unit
810А Security system
Fuel injection
Instrument panel
R1Central locking relay
R2Heated rear windscreen relay
R3Luggage compartment opening relay
R4Not used
R5Not used
R6Fuel pump relay
Additional relay, fuel pump
R7Electronic level control relay
R8Interior light(s) relay

Type 2


Diagram 2-2


DR LKS Fuse 120A Body Control Module (MALL), LH Front Door Lock Isolation Relay(with AU0)
RAC/TRUNK REL Fuse 215A Luggage Compartment Lid Release Relay, Power Antenna Relay, Remote Function Actuator (RFA) Module, RAP Relay
HORN Fuse 315A Horn Relay
MISC ENG(OBD II) Fuse 510A Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Canister Purge Valve, Evaporative (EVAP) Canister Vent Valve, Heated Oxygen Sensors
FUEL PUMP Fuse 620A Fuel Pump Relay, Ignition Control Module
INJECTOR Fuse 710A Fuel Injectors
PCM Fuse 810A Instrument Cluster, Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor, PCM, Transmission Position Decoder Module (Pontiac/ Oldsmobile with D55)
A/C FEEDBACK Fuse 1110A Heater and A/C Programmer
FOG LPS Relay A (Pontiac/Oldsmobile)Fog Lamps
PERIM LPS Relay A (Buick)Backup Lamps, Cornering Lamps
DRIVER DR UNLOCK Relay BDoor Lock Actuators, Fuel Door Lock Solenoid(Pontiac with AU0)
TRUNK REL Relay DRear Compartment Lid Release Actuator
ELC Relay EAutomatic Level Control Compressor
RR DEFOG Relay GRadio Antenna Module (Buick), Rear Window Defogger (Oldsmobile/Pontiac)
PWR WDO/SUNROOF Relay HPower Windows, Power Sunroof
HDLPS Relay JLamp Control Module (LCM)
PARK LPS Relay KExterior Lamps
FUEL PUMP Relay NFuel Tank Unit
Relay PNot Used

Engine compartment

Under the hood the fuse and relay box is on the right back side and is covered by a protective cover.

Location under the hood

Photo example

Location 3

Diagram Left Fuse Box

LH diagram


140A Antilock Brake/ Traction Control System
230A Antilock Brake/ Traction Control System
340A Air Conditioning, Electronic Level Control, Instru­ment Panel, Interior Lamps, Lamp Monitor, Radio, Theft Deterrent System, Warnings And Alarms.
440A Coolant Fans
550A Antilock Brake/ Traction Control System, Head­lamps, Exterior Lamps, Illuminated Entry, Interior Lamps, Power Mirrors, Power Seats
620A Headlamps, Exterior Lamps
760A Ignition
850A Power Door Locks, Power Seats, Rear Defogger

Diagram Right Fuse Box



130A Spare Fuse
260A Ignition
330A Air Conditioning
420A Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Power, Theft Deterrent System
520A Delco-Bose® Music System (with UQ4) Spare Fuse (without UQ4)
660A Spare Fuse
740/60A Horns. Illuminated Entry, Luggage Compart­ment Lid Pull-Down, Interior Lamps, Power Antenna, Power Door Locks, Remote Keyless Entry
820A Spare Fuse


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