Mitsubishi Canter 6- fuse and relay

The 6th generation Mitsubishi Canter was produced in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 with various body and cab options (left-hand drive and right-hand drive). In this publication you will find a description of the Mitsubishi Canter 6 fuses with box diagrams and locations.mitsubisi kanter 6

The design of the units and the arrangement of individual elements may differ and depend on the level of equipment, year of manufacture and region of delivery. Check the designation with your diagrams on the protective cover.

Passenger compartment fuse box

Fuse box

Located behind a protective cover in the center panel. Location example for a right-hand drive model.

Cabin unit 1

Photo – example

Photo example of the execution of the fuse box


F110 / 15A Left headlight
F210 / 15A Right headlight
F310 / 15A Stop lights, horn, retarder control unit (reset codes)
F410 / 15A Direction indicators
F55A E / dv fuel cutoff
F610A Interior lighting
F710A Optional equipment
F825 / 30A Glass lifts, central locking
F925A Pneumatic suspension
F1015A Automatic transmission control unit (wiping codes)
F1125A Power steering
F1225A EZGO System
F1315A Cigarette lighter
F1410A Radio tape recorder
F1510A Optional equipment
F1610A Mirror drive
F175 / 10A Fuel cutoff relay (24V)
F1810 / 30A Starter
F1910A Reversing lights, exhaust gas recirculation control unit (reset codes) (4D33, 35)
F2010A Instrument cluster
F2110A Windshield wiper
F2210A Optional equipment
F2310A automatic transmission, EZGO system
F2410A automatic transmission
F2510A Exhaust gas recirculation system
F2610A Retarder
F2710A Exhaust brake
F2910А ABS
F3010A Automatic air conditioner
F3210A Air conditioner
F3325 / 30A Heater fan
F3415A Dimensions

The fuse for the cigarette lighter is 13 by 15A.

Separately, in the lower part there can be located: 2 – ASR fuse (10 A), 3 – ammeter fuse (1 A)

Relay box

Installed in the panel opposite the passenger seat.

Relay block diagram

The photo

Passenger compartment relay box

Relay assignment

  1. mirror drive relay (fold)
  2. mirror drive relay (operating position)
  3. central locking relay (blocking)
  4. central locking relay (unlocking)
  5. MU-TIC or MULAC unit
  6. turn signal interrupter relay (and turn signal lamp relay – modifications)
  7. table-signal relay (models with exhaust brake)
  8. thermostat relay (FE, FF, FG)
  9. size relay
  10. high beam relay
  11. low beam relay
  12. heater fan relay
  13. power take-off buzzer relay
  14. low speed wiper relay
  15. parking brake relay
  16. high speed wiper relay
  17. mountain brake relay (ABS / ASR)
  18. mountain brake relay (ABS)
  19. intensive engine warm-up system relay (FB, FD)
  20. low engine oil level indicator relay
  21. LAC block
  22. compressor relay (FF)
  23. compressor relay (FF)
  24. air suspension main relay
  25. retarder control unit
  26. transfer case shift relay (FG38)
  27. brake light sensor (CUSTOM)
  28. automatic transmission fluid cooler relay (FE)
  29. automatic transmission fluid cooler relay (FB)
  30. EZGO horn relay
  31. fuel cut-off relay
  32. 4WD mode enable relay
  33. PPS control unit (FE, FF); mirror drive control unit
  34. key lock control unit (models with automatic transmission)
  35. transfer case control unit (FG38)
  36. differential lock control unit (FG38)
  37. , 38, 39 – power take-off clutch relay. 40 – automatic transmission control unit.

Block near the battery

An additional fuse and relay box is located outside the vehicle next to the battery.

Block next to the battery

For example

Block near the battery photo


FH150A Fuses F1 … 4
FH250A Fuses F5 … 12
FH550A Output “B” of the ignition lock
FH6Fuses F31 … 34
FH7100A Generator
FH880A Second generator 50A Retarder

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  • This has helped me understand the lettering and numbers on the fuse cover and relay.i used to have difficulties in locating,where a problem is coming from.this will help me pin point the problem.

  • I have a 1994 mitsubishi canter had been driving around then
    I had parked up for month due to lock down went back to start no ignition tje previous owner said the batteries were quite old so I bought to 12 volt and still nothing any help appreciated

  • I have a 2011 model 4p10 engine mitsubishi canter has now pack for 7months now .it fails to start i had tried to replace ECU computer complete kit and diesel high pressure and injectors taken for tests found is showing on the dianosisis fault codes (1) 4009SPN fault code FMI 5. fuel flter fuel heater Relay which i have failed to locate a nd another fault code (2)2791SPN fault code FMI 31permanent at now i have brought a lot mechnicas to No know i am in kitwe Zambia. i just bought this canter from Japan SBT when i corrected it from Da era salam Tanzania it alread had an engine check but it was starting. Any one help me…

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