Mazda 6 gh fuse and relay

Mazda 6 gh (2nd generation) was produced in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 with sedan, station wagon and hatchback bodies with both gasoline and diesel engines. During this time, the model has been restyled. In some countries it is known as Mazda Atenza. In this material, we will consider in detail the designation of fuses and relays Mazda 6 gh with box diagrams and locations. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Mazda 6 gh

Check the assignment with your diagrams on the protective cover.

Passenger compartment fuse box

It is located at the bottom of the panel pillar, on the left near the driver’s foot.

Access to the unit in the salon


Block diagram in the cabin Mazda 6 gh


130А P. WIND IG – Power windows
210A AFS – Adaptive lighting system
330А D. LOCK – Central door lock
4SPARE – Reserve
57,5A ILLUMI – Instrument panel lighting
615А CIGAR – Cigarette lighter
75A MIRROR – Power side rear-view mirrors
815А OUTLET – Electrical socket
9SPARE – Reserve
10SPARE – Reserve
1115А ENGINE IG – Engine management system
1230А D. LOCK – Central door lock
1315A METER IG – Instrument panel
14SPARE – Reserve
1520А WIPER – Screen wiper and glass washer
1610A A / C – Air conditioning compressor
1710А R.WIP – Windscreen wiper and glass washer of a tailgate
1815А ROOM – Interior lighting lamps

Fuse number 6 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter, and for additional sockets number 8 at 15A.

Engine compartment fuse box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery.

Access to the unit under the hood Mazda 6 gh


Diagram from the block cover


Block diagram under the hood Mazda 6 gh


140A HEATER – Heater
240А PTC – Additional heater
330F P. WIND – Power windows
440A IGKEY2 – Engine starting system
540F BTN – Electrical circuit protection
660A ABS MOTOR – Anti lock system
730F FAN – Electro engine cooling fan
820A AUX HEATER – Autonomous heater
930A AD FAN – Electro fan of the engine cooling system
1050A PRECRASH – System pre. emergency safety
1140А DEFOG – Heated rear window
1240A P. SEAT – Electric seat adjustment
1310А А / С MAG – Air conditioning system
1415А OUTLET – Electrical socket
1715А SUN ROOF – Electric sunroof
1820А SEAT WARM – Heated seats
1915А TAIL – Control unit for interior equipment
2025A BOSE – Audio system
2120А H / CLEAN – Headlight washer
2215А FOG – Fog lights
2325А CLOSER – Electric door lock
265A STOP – Stop lights
2715А HORN – Sound signal
285A EGI – Engine management system
2910А HAZARD – Direction indicators and hazard warning lights
3110A STEERING LOCK – Electronic steering shaft locking system
3210A ENGINE + B – Engine management system
3440А IGKEY1 – Protection of electrical circuits
36GLOW SIG – Candles
387,5А M. DEF – Heated mirrors
3930A ABS SOL – Anti-lock braking system and stabilization system
4015А HEAD LOW R – Right lamp of low beam headlights
4115А HEAD LOW L – Left lamp of low beam headlights
4210A HEAD HIGH R – Right lamp of a high beam of headlights
4310A HEAD HIGH L – Left lamp of a high beam of headlights
4415A INJ – Injectors
4520А FUEL PCM – Fuel pump
46GLOW – Candles
4710A PCM – Engine Management System
4810A EGI INJ – Injectors


R1A / C RELAY – Air conditioning compressor relay
R3HEAD LOW RELAY – Low beam relay
R4STARTER RELAY – Starter relay
R5HORN RELAY – Horn relay
R6BACK RELAY – Tail light relay
R7EGI MAIN FUIL PUMP RELAY – Fuel pump relay
R8OUTLET RELAY – Relay for electrical outlet
R9FAN RELAY – Low speed fan relay for engine cooling system
R10AD FAN RELAY – Low speed fan relay for engine cooling system
R11HEAD HIGH RELAY – High beam relay
R12FAN # 2 RELAY – High speed fan relay for engine cooling system
R13AD FAN # 3 RELAY – Engine cooling fan high speed relay
R14DEFOG RELAY – Heated rear window relay
R15AT MAIN STARTER2 RELAY – Starter relay
R16FOG RELAY – Front fog lamp relay
R17DEICER RELAY – Glass heater relay
R18HEATER RELAY – Heater relay

Please note that under the hood there are also fuses and relays responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

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