Hyundai Sonata 8G (2019 – 2024) fuse and relay

The 8th generation Hyundai Sonata was produced in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 with the DN8 index (eighth generation). During this time, the model was updated. In our article you can find a designation of the fuses and relays of the Hyundai Sonata 8 with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of execution. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Sonata 8

The purpose of fuses and relays, as well as their number, may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

Inside the car, the fuse box is located in the lower left part of the instrument panel.


To gain access to the unit, you must remove the protective cover. On the reverse side of which is the current diagram.

Diagram from covery


diagram sonata 8


S/HEATER (FRT)25A Heated Front Seat Control Module, Front Ventilated Seat Control Module
TRUNK10A ICU Junction Block (Trunk Lid Relay)
DOOR LOCK20A ICU Connection Block (Door Lock Relay, Door Unlock Relay, Two Turn Unlock Relay)
MODULE17.5A Key Solenoid
MODULE310A Driver Door Module, Passenger Seat Relax Unit, Hazard Switch, Hazard Panel Switch (Up), Front Lamp Assembly, Start/Stop Button Switch, Driver/Passenger Smart Key External Handle
S/HEATER (RR)25A Rear seat heating control module
P/SEAT (PASS)30A Passenger Seat Manual Switch, Passenger Seat Relaxation Unit
MODULE610A Driver Door Module
SAFETY P/WINDOW (RH)30A Passenger Safety Power Window Module, Right Rear Power Window Switch
P/SEAT (DRV)30A Driver Seat Manual Switch, Driver IMS Module
IBU115A IBU, Driver/Passenger Door NFC Module, IAU, BLE Unit, Ignition Switch
AMP25A AMP DC/DC converter (AMP)
SAFETY P/WINDOW (LH)30A Driver Safety Power Window Module Rear Power Window Switch Left
BRAKE SWITCH10A IBU, brake light switch
SUNROOF220A Panoramic sunroof, data link connector
AIR BAG210A SRS control module
AIR BAG115A SRS control module, passenger detection sensor
E-SHIFTER110A SCU, electronic ATM shift lever
MEMORY10A Driver IMS Module, Security Indicator Light, A/C Switch, Driver/Passenger Power Outside Mirror, A/C Control Module, Instrument Cluster, Rain Sensor, Head-Up Display
MULTI MEDIA15A Audio, AV and Navigation Head Unit, DC/DC Converter (AMP/Audio)
SUNROOF120A Panoramic sunroof
MODULE710A Front Console Switch, Lane Keeping Assist Unit, IBU, Hazard Panel Switch (Up/Down), Avodance Parking Assist Unit, Intelligent Parking Assist Unit with Remote Control
MODULE510A Brake light switch
MODULE810A Front Heated Seat Control Module, Front Ventilated Seat Control Module, Passenger Seat Relaxation Module, Amplifier, Rear Seat Heat Control Module, Driver IMS Module, Audio, A/V and Navigation Head Unit
E-SHIFTER210A SCU, electronic ATM shift lever
MODULE210A IAU, Parking Anti-Collision Control Module, Cooling Fan Motor, Passenger Seat Relaxation Module, Rear Seat Heater Control Module
MDPS7.5A MDPS Department
A/C7.5A A/C Control Module, A/C Switch, E/R Junction Block (Fan Relay, PTC Heater Relay)
MODULE410A Front USB Charger, Rear USB Charger, AMP, IBU, IAU, Parking Collision Avoidance System, Audio System, DC/DC Converter (AMP/Audio), A/V & Navigation, Head Unit, Around View Monitor Unit
CLUSTER10A Instrument cluster, head-up display
WASHER15A Multifunction switch, Washer
START7.5A PCM/ECM, E/R Junction Block (Start Relay), ICU Junction Block (B/Alarm Relay)
POWER OUTLET20A Front socket, Cigarette lighter
A/BAG IND7.5A Instrument cluster, overhead console lamp (lamp)

The front cigarette lighter is controlled by a fuse marked POWER OUTLET.

Engine compartment

Under the hood in the engine compartment on the left side there is a main block with fuses and relays.

Photo – example

Location 2

Check the information with your diagrams on the block cover.


diagram 2 sonata 8


IG230A E/R connection block (start relay), PCB block (IG2 relay)
BLOWER40A E/R Junction Block (Fan Relay)
ABS140A ABS module
B+250A ICU Distribution Block (IPS4, IPS3, IPS1, Fuse – AMP, IBU1)
PTC HEATER50A E/R Junction Block (PTC Heater Relay)
B+350A ICU Connection Block (IPS5, IPS7, IPS9, IPS10, IPS8, IPS6)
OIL PUMP150A Electronic Oil Pump
COOLING FAN80A Cooling Fan Motor
MDPS80A MDPS Department
E/R connection block (E-CVVT relay)
IG140A PCB unit (IG1 relay, ACC relay)
REAR HEATED50A Connection block E/R (rear heating relay)
EPB60A ECU module
B+560A PCB Assembly (Engine Control Relay, Fuse – A/C1, WIPER1, TCU1, Horn, ECU2)
HEATED MIRROR10A Driver/Passenger Power Outside Mirror, A/C Switch, A/C Control Module, ECM
AMS10A Battery Sensor
FUEL PUMP 120A E/R Connection Block (Fuel Pump Relay)
A/C 210A Air Conditioning Control Module
B+460A ICU Junction Block (Ltd Load Latch Relay, Fuse – MODULE 3, AIR BAG 2, E-SHIFTER1, HUNCH 1, HOOK 2, S/HEATER (FRONT), TRUNK, BRAKE SWITCH, DOOR LOCK)


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