Toyota Aristo 1G (Lexus GS 300) fuse and relay

The 1st generation Toyota Aristo was produced in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. During this time, the model has been restyled. The most popular were the models in the bodies of 147 and 141. Lexus GS 300 with left-hand drive is made on the common base of Toyota Aristo 1. These cars have similar electrical circuits. In our publication you will find information on the location of electronic control units, a description of fuses and relays for Toyota Aristo 147 (Lexus gs300) with box diagrams and photo examples of their execution. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse. In conclusion, we offer complete electrical diagrams for download.

Toyota Aristo

The arrangement of the blocks and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from the one presented. Check the information with your diagrams on the box cover.

Passenger compartment





  1. Integrated relay
  2. Daytime running light relay
  3. Relay box
  4. Anti-theft control unit
  5. Fuse box
  6. Wiper relay
  7. Distribution block
  8. Air conditioner control unit
  9. Traction control control unit
  10. Air conditioner amplifier
  11. Anti-lock braking and traction control control unit
  12. Heater relay
  13. Engine control unit (M / T) / Engine and automatic transmission control unit (A / T)
  14. Selector lever lock control unit
  15. Central airbag unit
  16. Cruise control control unit
  17. PPS ECU
  18. Tilt and Power Telescopic ECU

Fuse box

It is located at the bottom of the dashboard on the steering side, behind the protective cover.

Type 1


Covery 1

Type 2




Covery 2


SEAT HTRHeated seats
STOPStop lamps, auxiliary brake light, gear selector lock, ABS, TRC, multiport fuel injection system / sequential multiport fuel injection system
GAUGEInstrument cluster, reversing lamps, heated rear window, heated mirrors, heater control unit, air conditioning, service indicators, warning buzzer, charging system, automatic transmission indicators, daytime running lights
ECU-IGGear selector lock, telephone, central locking, seat belts, ABS, TRC, power steering, cruise control, steering column tilt and height adjustment, aerial, cooling fan, instrument panel illumination, automatic lighting system, gear selector
CIGCigarette lighter (front / rear), clock, air conditioning, audio system, gear selector lock, SRS airbag system, central locking, power mirrors, aerial, anti-theft system
TURNDirection indicators
WIPERWindscreen wiper and washer, headlight cleaners
PANELAutomatic transmission indicators, heater control unit, hazard warning lights, glove box light, ashtray light, clock, cigarette lighter light, audio system, gear selector, instrument panel light, daytime running lights
SRSSRS airbag system
TAILSide light, license plate lighting
MIR HTRHeated mirrors
POWERPower windows, sunroof, power seats, central locking, steering column adjustment, power relay (POWER)
DEFOGHeated rear window, fuse: “MIR HTR”
DOOR Doors, central locking.

The fuse designated as CIG is responsible for the cigarette lighter.


A relay can be mounted on the back of the unit.


Relay Diagram


  • R1 Short pin
  • R2 Side light
  • R3 Heated rear window

Relay box


Relay Diagram 2

Circuits protected

R1Turn signal flasher
R2Daytime running light system №4
R3Fog light
R4Power main

Additional elements


additinal elements


  1. Moon Roof Control Relay
  2. Wireless Door Lock ECU
  3. Stereo Component Amplifier
  4. Auto Antenna Motor and Relay
  5. Fuel Pump ECU

Engine compartment



Location 2


  1. Fuse and Relay Box
  2. Headlight cleaner relay
  3. Traction solenoid relay

Fuse and relay box

Photo example

Diagram from the box cover

Covery 3




115A FOG – Fog light
27,5A DRL – Daytime running lights
310A TRAC – Traction Control
410A DOME – Interior lighting, sunroof, cruise control, open door indicator, personal lighting, luggage compartment lighting, door lighting, legroom lighting, ignition switch lighting, ABS clock, antenna, audio system, anti-theft system, wireless remote system management
57,5A ECU-B – Wireless Remote Control System, ABS, TRC, Cruise Control, Daytime Running Lights, Air Conditioning
67,5A ALT SENSING – Charging system
715A AM2 – Multiport fuel injection system / sequential multiport fuel injection system, SRS airbag system, battery charge indicator, ignition system, instrument cluster, service indicators, warning buzzer
815A TEL – Phone
920A HAZ. HORN – Emergency signaling, sound signal
1020A EFI – Automatic transmission control unit, multiport fuel injection system / sequential multiport fuel injection system
1125A RADIO NO. 1 – Audio system, antenna
1230A IG2 – Ignition system
137.5A OBD II – 1996-1997: Diagnostic connector
1415A HEAD RH – Right headlight
10A HEAD RH-UPR – High beam right
1515A HEAD LH – Left headlight
10A HEAD LH-UPR – High beam left
1610A HEAD RH-LWR – Low beam right
1710A HEAD LH-LWR – Low beam left
1830A RDI FAN – Cooling fan
2040A AM1 – Ignition switch, fuses: “ECU-IG”, “WIPER”, “GAUGE”, “TURN”, “SEAT-HTR”, “CIG”
2150A HEATER – Heater relay
2260A ABS – Cooling Fan Main Relay, Traction Control Relay, Antilock Brake System Relay, Fuses: “TRAC”
23100A ALT – Side light relay, alternator, fuses: “FOG”, “AM1”, “HEATER”, “DEFOG”, “ABS”, “STOP”, “SRS”, “POWER”
2450A MAIN – Headlight relay, daytime running light relay No. 2, starter relay
2540A ABS No.2 – Traction control motor, anti-lock brake system motor
R1Daytime running light system №3
R2Radiator fan
R3Daytime running light system №2
R5Short pin
R6Air conditioner compressor clutch
R8ABS motor
R9ABS solenoid
R10Radiator fan main
R11Ignition (IG2)
R13Traction motor

Wiring diagram

Need more information? Explore Lexus GS300 electrical component diagrams: “download“.

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